Your Weekend Forecast for April 27-29, 2012

The Cancer Moon Brings Sprinkles and Sun

Arbor Day starts the weekend off – it is a day that trees take center stage as we honor them with care and the planting of new ones. How wonderful this day is for the soil and the trees as the Moon in Cancer gives the earth a nice sprinkling of water. Saturday afternoon the Moon moves into Leo, spending all day Sunday giving us warmth and pleasure.


Emotionally you feel drained. Try to do something that involves an activity to rev up your energy, or just go sit and read under your favorite tree, relax and recharge.


“Breaking new ground” is your mantra for the whole weekend. It might not be exactly as you wish but you will discover a part of you that has been dormant for many years. I see the love in your heart just wanting a chance to share. Go for it!


Busy is an understatement. Get a grip – it’s all going to be fine. You will get the help you need to finish a task you started a while ago. Keep your words mindful as you lead the way to accomplishment.


Be as mobile as much as you can – your energy will help to keep things flowing. This weekend will be very emotional, in a positive way. Feeling drained, you will want to go out for dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday, making it easier to cope.


You are in a happy, playful place where no one can upset your emotional balance. Before you plug into your new ideas, take as much into consideration as you can. A successful conclusion is your goal.


Feeling stuck in the mud and picking things apart do not make for a good two days off. Reconsidering your plans and putting more focus on outside events that are taking place in your area could be exactly what you need to change the haunting feeling of negativity.


Loving, getting and sharing make a happy weekend for the lovely Libra. Saturday you are feeling a little let down. Your mind needs to rest a bit before Sunday, which will be a comfortable day all around.


You are a little more intense than usual with your thought process. Putting your ideas to work will leave you feeling good on one level and tired on another. Sunday is a day to get active with some fun.


As straight forward as you are this weekend, your arrow points downward. Give yourself a break, oh mighty protector, and allow others to take the lead so that you can regain your energy. By Sunday, you are fit as a fiddle and moving in a new direction that paves the way for happiness.


All the love in your heart seems to be seeping over with joy. This is a very emotional weekend with lots of time to think about how you are going to move forward with a relationship or friendship in the kindest of ways. The emotions are strong, yet balanced.


Finding that you need to say things more than once frustrates your artist’s nature. There is humor in this situation, so laugh at yourself and feel the appreciation for your time and energy.


Keeping to yourself sometimes brings you inspiration from the depth of your spiritual nature. Try to be still and absorb the beauty around you. There will be a call to put out an emotional fire that only you can do.

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