DreamCast: How to Interpret Your Dreams

Dream symbols are highly personal to the dreamer. Learn how to interpret your own dreams successfully with few simple questions.

Cheryl, in Thousand Oaks, California, is a friend of mine whom I’ve known since I was two years old. She sent me the following dream, which I helped her interpret with a few simple questions. This is a technique you can use when analyzing your own dreams.

I dreamed that my cousin Sam, you, your mom and I were at the church you attended when we were young. There was a ’40s- or ’50s-style mansion next door where we were staying. My bedroom didn’t have an attached bathroom, so I asked Sam where it was. He showed me, and while I was on the toilet, he attached a hook to me and suddenly I was flying over the house. I finally came down at the church, unhooked myself and saw that President Obama was there speaking at your church! What on earth does that mean?

Dream symbols are highly personal to the dreamer. With that in mind, I asked Cheryl, “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your cousin Sam?”

“He was always the mischievous one,” she replied. “One time when we were kids, we were jumping off a bridge into a river and he held onto my swimsuit string. I dropped 30 feet with no top on. I could have killed him!”

Next, I asked, “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about my childhood church?”

“Serenity and peace,” she said.

Thinking of the mansion in the dream, I asked how she feels about the time periods of the ’40s and ’50s. She said that she loved the décor and wished she were back in simpler times.

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Finally, I asked how she feels about President Obama. “I love and admire him,” she replied.

Putting it all together, I told Cheryl that the dream reveals her desire for serenity and peace through a simpler lifestyle. The childhood elements (me, my mom, the church) indicate getting back to her spiritual roots. But first she would need to eliminate/deal with (bathroom) any embarrassment (Sam) she may feel if others criticize her beliefs or choices.

After reading my interpretation, Cheryl remarked, “Yes, that sounds exactly right! I’m finding that I want to start going to places to meet new people, like the Democratic Club or a spiritual book club. I also want to volunteer at the homeless shelter. And we are having a fundraising for Marine and Navy vets and their families on the 4th of July.”

Sounds like Cheryl is on the right track!


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7 thoughts on “DreamCast: How to Interpret Your Dreams

  1. Linda Snyder

    I am a person who very seldom dreams . I will go for 1 -2 years without dreaming. So when I have 4 dreams in less than a month that is quite an event. Dream 1 I was standing in the living room looking at the box with the new kittens in it, mama was there also . Normaly you could not see inside the box, the sides were to high . But I could see all 4 kittens and the mother. I just stood there looking.
    Dream 2 My daughter used to drive semi trucks and so did I. The dream- My daughter and I and another person, I believe he was to be trained by me, went to the truck yard and she droped me and this other person off. We were to get into a truck and hook upto a trailer and make the delivery. But, we could not find the truck or trailer. In the end we stood in front of the trucks and said what now.
    p-[;'[7Dream 3 I was walking a snow covered road and came yo a cabin where I borrowed a horse. The snow was up to the horses knees. i ROAD THE HORSE TO MY DESTINATION WHERE i PICKED UP A YOUNG GIRL. wE ROAD BACK TO THE FIRST CABIN AND WENT INSIDE . wE WERE THERE ONLY ABOUT 5 MINUTES. wE CAME BACK OUTSIDE AND THE HORSE WAS GONE. i STOODON THE PORCH AND HELD MY ARMS OUT AND SAID “WHAT NOW”?
    That is it can you help ? no one I talkto has any info for me. re Dream 4. My cat walked across the keys.

  2. Lovie W.

    On Oct. 8th I dream that I was walking and talking with President Obama. Like he took me out to lunch and he was giving me some good advise about life, it seemed like the people that was around was jealous that he was walking and talking with me. And it seemed as if I were so happy , he gave me hug and left. It’s somewhat like my dream about the President I’m wondering what that’s all about being with the President.

  3. Capricorn1974

    I dreamed a I was surrounded by angels whose floating in the in the sky and suddenly there was a unicorn came out and flying around me.The unicorn was so white in color but in the middle of the chest is the heart shape deep red in color.What is that meant?

  4. Marc from the UK

    Arise, what a lovely response and unexpected, thank you! I do keep a diary and write to Erin when I can, I have told her how I met her mum, how things were, how she came about, and all the details I remember about her and her brothers and sisters, I have now got to the point of talking about my past with her in my diary so she has a thread of identity with me 🙂 I have also kept all the photos that I have, I cannot impress enough how much connected I feel with her, you just know its your own flesh and blood, she was meant to be that I do know but why? I was put in care by my mum when i was young and went through hell, it took years to heal and understand, maybe this is the lesson to learn that parents can be estranged for one reason or another from there children and this is karmas way of helping me understand my fate, after all I believe life owes us nothing. We just get on with it. I have got past being angry with her mother, I am just now trying to understand her and forgive her, in the belief that the past does not matteras they are just roads we drove along wich like all roads mean different things to different people! just healing and forgiving seems to be my path now, albeit I am human and have good and bad thoughts!!! I wish we could reconcile and discuss like adults and let past love be that but respected. I think the raw emotions were the catalyst for poor decisions, however Erins mum can be immature and spiteful which is a shame, maybe she has changed? I did try the legal path here in the UK, cost thousands first time round and created nothing but angst and upset with all parties involved except for the legal people who seem to so easily detatch themselve’s from the turmoil whilst creating wealth for themselve’s! How do these people sleep? Why do they seem to be happy and succesful at the cost of emotional suffering and financial hardships to others, where is Karma there??? I think about Erin everyday and wish so hard for a chance meeting, by accident that I know her mum then could not prevent, but thats just a dream. Anyway I could go on but I am finding comfort and fantastic knowledge with learning by being part of this site, I thank you all for your wisdom and good work. I will take on board your positive lessons and advice. 🙂

  5. arise

    Mark, don’t you have some legal rights regarding your daughter? My ex went through this, and it was very hard to watch. He did reconnect with his kids later in life, but never had the closeness again.

    She is at too vulnerable an age and ten years is too long to wait. Research has shown this is unhealthy for a child – maybe if you put together information on the effects and send to your ex – you can appeal to her reason.

    Use what legal remedies are available, to show your daughter you care enough to fight for her. At the very least write her weekly, positive messages, what’s happening in your world, what you would tell her if you could, that you love her and miss her – get these to her through a third party if possible, if not keep them until you can give them to her personally. I’m saying do whatever you can to create a visible history of your devotion to her.

    Lastly, use spiritual energy to right the situation. You’re right, it’s not fair, so the universe will be on the side of bringing it back in balance. It sounds as if you’re punishing yourself a bit for the way things started with her mother, so first in meditation or prayer forgive her and yourself for that. Then imagine the ideal resolution and put it in the hands of divine will to make it happen. God bless you all.

  6. marc from the uk

    I constantky dream that I or my estranged daughter who is seven soon, is lost and looking for me or we are together as a father daughter playing and having fun but we are both fearfull of her mum finding out and keep looking over our shoulders as she will stop us being togther. ( I should add at this point that she has stopped access and been difficult as we are no longer together and this in my mind is her way of punishing me for ending our relationship) We met through an affair we had whilst we were both still married, I cannot begin to express my hurt, or trauma this causes me, my dreams seem like messages but are hurtful as I feel i’m living the hurt again, more so as my parents put me in care as achild so they could go away abroad and be alone, the traumatic experiences that caused took years to reconcile and I have dealt with that, however my ex affair lady knows that I promised I would never seperate from my children or fail them in any way, to this day I still support my step children on all levels, however she is holding my own flesh and blood back, I understand the trauma this must cause my real daughter who must be bewildered and lost emotionally this is so unfair to her and me. Do hese dreams mean I need to be ready for a new beginning with my daughter? or my resting mind re living the nightmare? either way it upsets my day. i often wonder if my daughter thinks or dreams about me, I have seen a Clairvouyant who tells me that when my daughter is older and able to stand her ground we will be reunited and the past will be forgotten, but why? why must we endure these times, and why is life allowing her mother to hold the trump card and hurt us both? How will Karma deal with my ex girlfriend. This is not fair.


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