Your Daily Focus: May 21-27

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A Fiery Week Ahead

This week, we can expect a lot of fiery energy. Aries season is a few weeks behind us since the sun has moved through Taurus and into Gemini. However, both the moon and Mercury will be in Aries together this week, and a few other key placements will also influence things. Though this energy will be lightened by the Gemini Sun, it will do so in the way that hydrogen is lighter than oxygen — which is to say, it’s highly combustible.

Aries is quick to action, and Gemini is quick to answers. Things may take on double meanings this week, or it may feel like unnecessary conflict arises over petty problems or past issues. It’s a good idea to head into this week with a fan to move the fog. Try to see through some of these surface emotions and focus on what really matters.

Saturday, May 21

“The sun in Gemini conjuncts Mercury in Gemini, making this a time for spilling secrets, sharing facts, and opening up difficult dialogues.”

This is a great day to have a hard conversation that you’ve been putting off. Mercury in Gemini allows for honest communication that isn’t weighed down by feelings and ego. It’s a period when we can look at things objectively and make choices that benefit us without worrying about the emotional toll for the time being.

Sunday, May 22

“The moon enters Pisces, bringing a sharp contrast to the laid-back energy of the Aquarius Moon.”

Moon changes always bring mood changes, and moving from carefree Aquarius into deeply caring Pisces can feel like a bit of an extreme shift. If you find yourself unable to get out of your own head today, try catering to your soul. It’s a good day for listening to loud music, making art, or eating your favorite treats.

Monday, May 23

“Mercury in Taurus forms a sextile with Mars in Pisces, loosening up stubborn tendencies and creating a path to move through blockages by expressing intense emotions.”

Mercury in Taurus can be stubborn and unwilling to bend, but this aspect creates harmony between Mercury and Mars, whose fiery energy is currently tempered by wise, watery Pisces. This means what would usually be stubbornness is now potentially tenacity, a determination to make a difference and be heard. Where Mars might otherwise be abrasive, it is tender and willing to compromise under Pisces’ touch.

Tuesday, May 24

“Mars enters Aries, its ruling sign, creating a fiery energy that can be used to fuel passion projects, innovation, and action.”

Mars moves out of watery Pisces and into its natal sign of Aries. While undoubtedly combustive, there is also harmony with this placement. While it may seem callous to people on the outside, people with strong Aries placements will feel more at peace with their own audacity.

Wednesday, May 25

“The moon in Aries conjuncts Chiron in Aries, bringing out old grudges or forgotten feelings of anger. This might be a time that old wounds resurface.”

Chiron, the wounded healer, is locked in Aries today. This is a placement that speaks to internal discord, early childhood wounds, and our sense of self. Furthermore, this placement is twinned in many ways by the moon in Aries, which asks us to reflect on our own desires and shortcomings. Try to avoid taking this combination of energies too personally, and remember that things may seem more serious than they really are today.

Thursday, May 26

“The moon in Aries conjuncts Mars in Aries, making small hurts feel even bigger than they otherwise might. Things that are not personal may feel personal today.”

The moon is still in Aries today, and it’s conjuncting Mars while it’s there. Both planets are in Aries, and the fiery energy of one is rubbing off on the other. Mars rules our passions, and the moon is all about our internal desires, hopes, and dreams. At its best, this conjunction can allow us to take creative control over projects, letting our ideas come to life.

Friday, May 27

“The moon enters Taurus, bringing a sense of calm, introversion, and long-term planning to our lives. This is in bright contrast to the last few days, where the Aries Moon created impulsivity and big feelings.”

Things will feel a bit calmer today, but they may also seem more creatively stunted. The logistics of all the ideas you came up with while the moon was in Aries don’t seem so practical under Taurus, who wants to spend more time planning and working out the kinks. Try to find a middle ground while you’re still benefitting from Mars in Aries, and use the energy of your passion to push through while using Taurus’ earthy energy to plan for success.

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