Your Daily Focus: January 9 – 15

Your Daily Focus: January 9-15 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Since we’re now officially into 2021, I thought it would be a good time to pull some Tarot cards and look at the year ahead. The beginning of the solar cycle is a great time to try and divine what’s in store. I always do a twelve card pull for myself, to look at the overarching theme for each month in the year. This week, for this pull, I decided to draw seven cards. They correlate less to the specific days of the week, and instead offer a glimpse at some of the big, universal themes we will see as the year goes on. There are always infinite lessons to be learned in any given year, and our individual lives and journeys will vary, depending on our natal charts, and what we choose to do with our lives.

What I am looking at in this week’s Daily Focus is really communal in the sense that we, as a collective, will be facing these things together. This is less about what is happening in your home, and more about what is happening in your heart. The energy and themes present in this pull can be carried with you and examined all year long.

Saturday, January 9

“The Ace of Wands, like all Aces, is a gift.”

Aces are some of my favorite cards, because they are always a personal blessing. An Ace always represents something that we didn’t have before, but which is being given to us. The suit of wands is connected to the element of Fire, and contains all of the passionate, creative, and active energy of the Universe. The Ace of Wands is all about new projects, new passions, and new experiences. The world is changing and opening up in new and exciting ways. There are wonders mixed in with the horrors, and there will be opportunities for everyone to explore new roads and take creativity to the next level. This will be a great year for creative thinkers, and those who not only think outside the box, but leave the box behind altogether.

Sunday, January 10

“The Two of Coins is all about a working partnership, finding someone whose ideas and work ethic matches, or inspires, your own.”

Twos are always about partnership, and Coins, the suit of Earth, hard work, time, dedication, and perseverance. This suit often relates to work, career, money, and financial stability. The Two of Coins is all about connection, about finding someone who compliments your work. The Page may be looking for a mentor, but the Two is looking for a partner. This year will bring about so many new opportunities in multiple industries. This is a good time to be looking to your friends, family, and peers to see what they’re working on, and if there are ways to combine your skillsets.

Monday, January 11

“The Three of Cups is all about friendship, sorority, and supportive feminine circles.”

Threes are all about teamwork, connection, and networking. The Three of Cups is the suit of emotion, love, healing and connection. The Cups connect to the element of Water, and this card often reflects the soft, feminine nature of a support system. It doesn’t literally correlate to gender, as the Tarot itself is comprised of archetypes, and not true figures. Looking at this card and looking ahead at 2021, I believe it is a reminder to both lean on others when we need to, and to also offer a warm, supportive place for others to come to us when needed. We are healing as a nation, as a world, and that theme will be present all year.

Tuesday, January 12

“The Fours are sturdy, like the legs of a table, they bring a stable foundation. The Four of Swords is all about rest and recovery.”

Fours represent foundation, and stability. The suit of Swords is connected to the element of Air, to intellect, discovery, speaking, and learning. This suit houses some of the darkest cards in the deck, cards that can indicate betrayal, deception, and depression. The Four, however, is all about rest, recovery, and healing. It is a reminder to stop, sit down, and let our minds heal along with our bodies. Just because we can keep going, doesn’t always mean that we should.

Wednesday, January 13

“The Chariot has many meanings. On the surface, escape, and all that entails, but it also brings together light and dark, the self and the shadow self.”

The Chariot is one of my favorite cards. Sometimes it comes up when someone is desperate to get away, be that physically or in the realm of fantasy. Escape can often be books, movies, or music. We all need little ways to get away. The chariot also brings together the dual aspects of the self, light, and dark. It’s important to reconcile with your whole self, including the parts we don’t always want to deal with.

Thursday, January 14

“The Three of Swords has some of the most iconic imagery of the Tarot, the bleeding and bandaged heart pierced by three swords.”

The Three of Swords is about heartbreak and grief, which is apparent just from looking at it. There has been a lot of hurt in the last year, and part of healing is going to be acknowledging that. It’s okay to be upset, and hurt, and lost. The loss is real, but so is the healing. We are grieving together, and we are growing together.

Friday, January 15

“The Star is a light in the darkness, it is what has guided sailors and travelers for as long as man has walked the earth, and probably long before that too.”

The Star is a guiding light, literally and metaphorically. If everything around you feels dark, try to find the spot of light. We are in a time of great upheaval and change, but the path forward is waiting for us. Let’s walk it together.

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