Your Daily Focus: August 28 – September 3

Your Daily Focus: August 28-September 3 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Virgo Season is upon us! I am one of four kids, and I have both a Virgo brother and a Virgo sister. I have a lot of Virgo friends as well and as an Earth sign myself, I really connect with other Earth signs. I enjoy being around people who have a grounding presence.

There are, however, many things about Virgos that drive me nuts. My least favorite Virgo quality is how they always think they know better. Even if it’s true, it can’t hurt to just try, can it? Sorry, maybe this is getting personal. Like I said, multiple Virgo siblings! That stubbornness is also what makes them such loyal, steadfast companions.

As we shift out of crazy, sparkly Leo season and transition into grounded, nesting Virgo season, there are a handful of things we can focus on in this week’s Daily Focus. While under this sign, we will all feel the pull of The Empress, the goddess, the loyal, pragmatic mother, Virgo.

Saturday, August 28

“Virgos are great organizers; they always have a system for things. Be it shopping or networking, they know how they’re going to go about it.”

If you have a project you’ve been putting off, now is the time to break it out again. Virgo season coincides with the beginning of fall, which means nesting and preparing for winter, and Virgos are well equipped to handle the task. This transitional period is their stomping ground, and we can harness some of that organized, go-getter energy as we begin to transition out of summer and into fall.

Sunday, August 29

“Virgos are great caregivers. The sign itself is associated with motherhood.”

You may find yourself more open to listening, growing, and engaging with others this Virgo season, as long as those you’re engaging with are worthy of the time and effort, of course. Virgos want to problem solve, so if there are unresolved issues weighing you down, this is a great time to face them head-on.

Monday, August 30

“Virgos are easy to trust, as they tend to stick to their word and follow through.”

You may find it’s easier to pick a route and stick to it this month. This is a great time to tackle anything that fell by the wayside while you were soaking up the sun poolside. Leo season brought adventure and carelessness, and Virgo season crashes back to real life with alarming speed. The best way to get ahead is to get started.

Tuesday, August 31 

“If you have truly won the favor of a Virgo, they will stay loyal to you forever.”

Virgos see their friends as family, so if you’ve made the cut, you’re in forever. This is a great time to reach out to old friends you haven’t talked to in a while. They may need a shoulder to lean on more than you know, and you might be surprised to find that they have something you have been looking for as well.

Wednesday, September 1

“Virgos don’t let just anyone in, however. They’re always thinking long-term, and if they don’t like your vibe, they don’t want you to hang around. If they can’t fit you into forever, it’s not worth their time.”

After the wild fun of the last few months, you may be finding yourself burnt out and bored with superficial friends. It’s easy to get caught up in social activities when the weather is nice, and we can all spend time outside and exploring. As we begin to bend toward fall, this is a good time to think about who you want to keep in your inner circle, and who you want to keep hanging out with solely for use of their boat.

Thursday, September 2

“Virgos are very romantic, and they make excellent, intimate lovers.”

Summer flings are fun, but Virgo wants something deeper. As we enter Virgo season, the fun, fling vibes of summer begin to burn off, and it’s time to start thinking about whether or not you want something more substantial for winter.

Friday, September 3

“Virgos are pragmatic, you can count on them to know the best way to get from point A to point B, with ten minutes to spare.”

Virgos aren’t wasteful. This is a great time to get thrifty alongside getting organized. Setting up a plan for the future that you can follow through with will make a big difference in the coming weeks. After all, this is the time to transition smoothly from the wilds of summer into the pragmatism and comfort of fall.

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