Embrace Your Unlucky Days

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You Are Not Alone

There are days when it seems absolutely nothing goes right. In fact, it seems like every single thing is going wrong. It can become so overwhelming that you might start to feel downright unlucky. Take comfort in knowing that every person on the planet has days like that. And those days never last. But when they do happen, you can make them instantly better by embracing your unluckiest days.

Thinking of embracing an unlucky day might surprise you, but that is one way you can instantly change the energy to something better. For example, when you begin to feel like you’re having a bad day, embrace it by noticing the thought, sitting with it for a moment, and then releasing it. Whatever you do, please don’t decide that your whole day will go bad. That’s self-sabotage. And avoid any thought that the Universe might be dealing out some kind of punishment. Look those fears in the eye and say, “Nope!”

Decide that you will have a better day from that moment forward. It might surprise you to see that your so-called unlucky day improves.

Know It’s Ok When Doors Close

Another way to take something good away from what feels like an unlucky day or event, is to know that when a door closes, a relationship ends, or something good falls apart, you are being protected by the Divine.

Think back in your life when you wanted something so bad you could taste it, but it did not come into being the way you thought it should. How often have you realized it was a blessing that those prayers were not answered the way you hoped? What seemed like a complete loss, and even betrayal by the Universe itself, ultimately set you on a better path that filled your heart with joyful contentment?

That person you wanted to marry who turned out to be very different from who you first thought they were, and instead revealed themselves to be abusive or a cheater or a narcissist?  And when you later find a mate who fills your life with real love and happiness? Or that job you felt your life would depend on that wasn’t given to you, but you got something so much better?

If you had received the thing you thought you wanted, you might have missed receiving the thing that you truly needed.

The Silver Lining Ahead

You’ve probably heard the phrases: “Always look for the silver lining” or “Behind the clouds the sun is still shining.” It is true for nature that even after the most brutal storm, the sun comes out, and it is also true for you.

Keep in mind that even during the most unfortunate times and events, you have angels protecting you. When something or someone is no longer good for you, and perhaps turns toxic, angels have a way of removing them from you in divine timing. You might not realize you are being taken care of by the Divine at the time, but eventually, you will recognize it.

If you experience something bad, it can help to reframe it into a big picture. Imagine this what-if scenario: What if your car broke down and came to a dead stop in the middle of the freeway during the evening rush hour, but no other car crashed into you or your car, and you walked away unscathed?

While it would most likely be a pretty scary thing, try to avoid dwelling on the negative, and reframe the experience. Instead of thinking of it as just more awful, terrible, rotten bad luck, think of how much worse it could have been. It can always be worse. Think of how lucky you were that you weren’t injured or killed, nobody else got hurt, and even your car survived to be repaired later. Remind yourself that your angels were working extra hard to protect you.

The Power to Change Is In Your Hands

While it’s not always easy to overcome that miserable feeling when nothing seems to work out right, never allow yourself to fall into the trap of deciding you’re just unlucky. Oh, what a miserable self-fulfilling prophecy that would be. Remember that you have the power to change these dreadful feelings and the fears they evoke.

Depending on how deep these fears and anxieties might be, it will probably take some determined work and dogged persistence to train your mind to see the good. But even if your life appears to be falling apart, decide that you are a lucky person, no matter what, and you will begin to see how your life starts coming together again and in better ways than you could have imagined.

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