The Most Important Astrology Transits To Know

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Why Understanding Astrology Matters

Astrology is the study of how celestial movements and earthly life correlate with each other. It is both an art and a science, measuring the motions and positions of stars, planets, and the luminous sun and moon to help with understanding human beings and the world alike. It can predict and explain individual lives, collective experiences, and even weather and other natural events by giving us insight into the causes and effects of the world’s different happenings.

When used correctly, astrology is a great tool that can make it easier to get positive outcomes from complex situations. It forewarns people to be cautious and reflective in their dealings with the outer world. However, it can also be used to identify the best times to act on different issues, as detailed knowledge of astrological transits can help people move in sync with the energies of the Universe.

What Are Transits in Astrology?

Astrological transits relate to the movements of the planets, especially in relation to other transiting planets and your birth chart. There are several different types of transits, all of which can influence your life depending on where they impact your natal chart by sign and house.

Planets are in constant motion unless they’re stationing to change apparent direction. As they do so, they form aspects to the planets in your birth chart. These different aspects can imbue you with certain emotions or energies, with some feeling more beneficial and others being more challenging and difficult. The effects of a given astrological transit are determined by the conditions and natures of the involved planets, as well as the strength or debility of those planets’ placements in someone’s chart.

Are Some Transits More Important Than Others?

Yes. Slow-moving planets, such as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, have more impactful transits. This is because their effects last longer than the ones from the transits of fast-moving celestial bodies like the moon, Venus, and Mercury.

The moon’s transits can last a matter of hours, while the transits of Mercury and Venus can be as short as one day. However, even despite their brevity, significant developments can still take place depending on what part of your chart they’re aspecting. This is especially true if they aspect a sensitive point in your birth chart like a house cusp, a key natal planet, or a fixed star.

The Astrological Transits With the Strongest Effects

It’s difficult to say exactly which astrological transits will be most important to someone without first examining their birth chart, so consulting with an astrology expert who can analyze your specific placements is usually the best way to learn which transits will affect you the most.

That said, there are still a handful of influences that have a fairly strong impact on most people, so be sure to keep an eye out for these significant astrological transits:

Transiting sun conjuncting, trining, sextiling, squaring, or opposing the natal sun.

The transiting sun highlights people, as well as their achievements and individual traits, when it aspects your natal sun sign. The sun is the brightest star from the view here on Earth. As such, it is actually incredibly supportive when it trines, sextiles, or conjuncts your natal sun. In contrast, during a square or opposition, you may feel up-staged, drained, challenged, or confronted.

A strong natal placement (by sign and house) of the sun will allow this celestial body’s better qualities to manifest during this transit, while a “weak” placement (by sign or house) will usually feel less beneficial.

Jupiter conjuncting, trining, sextiling, opposing, or squaring any natal planet.

A “soft” Jupiter transit (trine or sextile) enhances your opportunities and capabilities, and if it involves your natal Venus, it may even bring money and love opportunities your way. In contrast, a “hard” aspect (opposition or square) between Jupiter and any natal planet will bring tension, overreach, and egotism to the forefront.

By using the optimism and expansive energy of Jupiter in an appropriate and spiritually conscious way, you can make the most of any Jupiter transit and maximize its potential for good luck.

Saturn conjuncting, trining, opposing, or squaring any natal planet.

Saturn tests and contracts whatever it aspects during its transits. If that aspect is a trine or sextile, it will solidify and reward those who have personal discipline. In particular, if Saturn trines your sun, ascendant, moon, or Venus signs during a transit, it will help you tighten up your procedures and habits so that you can get better results.

If Saturn squares or opposes any planet during its transit, though, the activities ruled by that planet will be challenged to improve. For example, if Saturn forms a hard aspect with Venus in your chart, you may find your romantic relationships put to the test. Saturn might, in this case, show its sterner face, bringing comeuppance for past neglect of partners or friends.

Saturn is a teacher, and it always brings experiences that increase your spiritual understanding and growth. Acknowledging where you can change and improve will help you make the most of Saturn’s transits.

Mercury Retrograde conjuncting, trining, opposing, or squaring any natal planet.

This is a commonly dreaded transit because of all the awful things that are said and written about it, and it is true that Mercury Retrograde can cause details and communications to go awry.

However, this transit doesn’t have to be all bad. If retrograde Mercury trines or sextiles a planet in your birth chart, it creates a wonderful opportunity to revisit and rework whatever area of your life that planet signifies. It can show you the friendlier face of Mercury Retrograde and give you a second chance to do something important!

On the other hand, if the aspect formed by a transiting Mercury Retrograde is difficult, like a square or opposition, you could find yourself stuck with the tricky task of sorting out bad decisions, sloppy reasoning, and poor communication.

Whether it ends up being easy or difficult, this transit is a chance to adjust and redo what isn’t working well in your life.

Pluto conjuncting, trining, sextiling, opposing, or squaring any natal planet

Pluto’s transits always bring about unstoppable transformational growth and change, either pleasantly or traumatically.

When Pluto makes a “soft” aspect to any natal planet, it becomes a harmonious force that supports people taking action to improve something or make a change for the better. However, when Pluto squares or opposes a planet, it will often force an issue one way or another. It is virtually impossible to ignore Pluto’s energy when a transit causes it to bring something to the table.

The important thing to keep in mind is that a transit from Pluto will ultimately be freeing, and your situation may be different by its end. It would be wise to flow with this transit’s energy and make the most of it, as it is a very powerful influence.

Using Astrological Transits To Your Benefit

So much of life requires good timing, and studying these significant astrological transits (and more) can help you identify the best times to act — as well as when you should hold on, fold up, leave, or do anything else important.

By knowing how and when to act in sync with the energies of the planets, you can plan your future carefully and with a better understanding of the odds. Ultimately, these important astrological transits give you the ability to make the most of your opportunities in harmony with both the Universe and your highest good.

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