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Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about what your life would be if only…? Have you ever looked longingly at someone else’s life and wanted it to be your life? What if there was a way for you to make your perfect “dream” moment become a reality?

You can, yet it will require some soul searching and time alone. It begins by plotting the course from your dream to your reality and discovering what your life can be once you remove any fears or obstacles. The majority of my clients who did the exercise have said they were shocked to find how far off course they had allowed their lives to become. Is your life heading toward the destiny you dream of? Here’s how to find out.

You’ll need an oversized tablet of paper and a very comfortable pen, (you are going to do a substantial amount of writing – or drawing if that’s your thing). Now find a quiet time when you can turn off the phone and turn away from all the demands placed on you – even if it’s only for one hour. This is where your new life begins to be heard, and you need to really listen.

What is your perfect day?
Clear your mind and then imagine your perfect day. Not one that has passed, but one without any restrictions of any kind. No worries about time or money or obligations. A day that belongs solely to you is going to be created by your energy and at your hand. Do not short change yourself or underestimate the power of possibilities.

Begin at the first moment your eyes would open on your perfect day. What kind of sheets are you sleeping on… or are you camping in the woods? Remember, this is your day and no one else has any influence on how it is going to be spent.

Begin to describe where you are, what you are doing, what you will be eating, what you will be wearing, etc. If your perfect day involves sharing some time with another person, do not list a specific person. Instead, write it as “someone who makes me feel…” or “someone who has done ….” Keep other people in this as mere sketches. Remember, this is all about you!

Imagine every little thing
As you start your perfect day, what do you look like? Have you lost or gained weight? Have you done something different to your hair? What kind of clothes are you wearing and where do you live? Follow yourself into every detail and every nuance of the most perfect day you can imagine. Even write out the kind of weather that will make your perfect day.

As your perfect day progresses, what are you doing to entertain yourself? Are you going skiing? Are you swimming in the tropics? What kind of activities are laced throughout your day? Be sure to write down even the tiniest detail because not one word that is being written will be insignificant in the final analysis. What kind of lunch are you having? What kind of transportation are you using to get from one place to the next? Remember, there are no limits to your perfect day. No restraints of money, time, responsibilities… no obstacles at all!

Evening is approaching to your perfect day and it is time to close out this magical time. What do you do as the sun sets? Where will you spend the night? What does the room look like in which you will succumb to the arms of Morpheus and sleep the slumber of one who has been totally fulfilled? Write everything about the evening, your meal, your companions (if you so desire), your attire… do not leave out a single detail.

Details, details, details
Many clients who have done this exercise report to have written anywhere from 10-14 pages describing their perfect day. Don’t think you have written too much or too little. As long as great effort has gone into searching your heart as to what would be the most perfect day you could imagine living, you have written all you need.

Now… read over your day. What does this tell you about yourself? If this had been written by someone you didn’t know, what would it reveal about that person? Write down a few words about who that person seems to be. Now, compare all this to the way you view your life today. Is there a great difference? If so, why? What areas in your present life are blocking the flow of the perfect day? Again, write it down.

Meditate on discoveries
Give yourself a few minutes to mediate on what you have discovered and what you have seen. There will be many interesting facts that have come to the surface about how you are spending your life now and where you really want it to be.

Place the pad with your perfect day someplace safe. Remember it is your treasure map to your truest treasure – the fulfillment of your destiny! From time to time, take it out and re-read it. Over the next few months, ask yourself if anything is beginning to change. If so, what? If not, why? Do not allow the influence of others to keep you from jumping out and claiming what is your divine gift. Fear can paralyze us and often does. Do not be afraid to make much needed changes in your life.

If each time you read your perfect day, your desires still ring true, you are on the right track. If something you have written doesn’t feel like it “fits” you anymore, re-write the map.

This is your life. No excuses. You can look everywhere and find people who have overcome incredible odds, life threatening odds, to become everything they had ever dreamed of being. There is no difference between what these people have done and what you can do. Not one single difference!

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