Meet Our New Psychics!

When the spiritual world calls you to your destiny as a psychic guide, it’s important to have a strong desire to do good in the world – that’s a big component in the calling! Being a professional psychic is clearly an out-of-the-ordinary career. So it made perfect sense for these five intuitives, who were born with the gift of prophecy, to become the newest additions to California Psychics.

Several of our new psychics were born into families where sharpened psychic senses have been passed down for generations, yet all of them were aware of their unusual abilities, even as very young children. Some were frightened by what they could see and do, while others were fascinated. As they learned to call upon their abilities at will, they each found themselves compelled and passionate about using their abilities to do the thing they enjoy most in life – giving readings that matter. Read More!

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