Knowing When the Relationship Is Over and Acting On It

Sometimes you know in your heart and mind that the relationship is over, but you hesitate on making the decision to leave. Learn how to get past that!

Know When It’s Time to Move On

There are some lovers that you just can’t let go. Every time you leave, there’s something pulling you back to them. It’s as if your mind and body are no longer your own, and you constantly go back to the person knowing it’s not good for you. So either you’re insane, a glutton for punishment or you stopped listening to your guides (or perhaps all three!). It’s time to step outside of our relationship and take a look at it—like you’re seeing it for the first time.

Listen to Your Guides

Psychic Tatiana ext. 5189 says it so clearly in her video. Her comment caught me: “When you’re not ready to admit the relationship is over, I think that your guides tell you. But you tend to not listen to them so much, because you want to hold on to the relationship.” Tatiana couldn’t be more right! I can think back to my previous relationships and remember when my body, heart and mind all screamed the relationship is over, but I didn’t listen. My guides flashed memories of when things were awful. They showed me when his actions were inconsistent with creating a loving relationship. The longer I didn’t listen, the more I physically and mentally suffered. But when it ended… I felt released. It was like I stepped out of a cage and found a new freedom. I didn’t hate or despise my ex-lover, but the relationship was dead and I mourned that loss.

Your Own Free Will

A friend of mine once told me that she had problems following her guides. She said that when she didn’t follow them, she made bad choices and things went badly. When she followed their guidance, she made good choices and things went well. She was afraid that she was losing her free will if she listened to her guides. My response: Think of guides like your own personal friends who are with you every moment of every day. They are there to give you advice, guidance and insight. It is up to you to follow their advice or not. When it comes to a dying relationship, your guides can be a great insight. They have been with you and your partner every step of the journey and know you better than anyone else.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Especially in marriages! There is this bond—legal, magical or otherwise—that folks think can’t or shouldn’t be broken. It’s like you’ve contracted out your soul and you no longer have power or free will over it. As much as losing someone or a relationship would hurt, it hurts more to stay in something that no long serves you.

It’s like Tatiana said in the video: When you force a broken relationship along, you end up becoming someone different—someone you don’t recognize. When this has happened to me, I feel oppressed, like someone is standing on my chest. I’m angry all the time. I’m irritable. I snap. I’m not me. I lost myself in trying to save something that is dead. And then the good old doctor’s voice from Star Trek rings in my ears as I stand over my dead relationship, “It’s dead, Jim.”

Mourn the relationship, break the contract (rip it up if you have to!) and let it go. Talk to a psychic, like Tatiana, to find the new things that await you when do you let this go. Because, believe me, nothing else is going to move your life along until you let the relationship go. You’ll keep repeating the same pattern over and over again, expecting different results (and we both know that’s the definition of insanity).

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28 thoughts on “Knowing When the Relationship Is Over and Acting On It

  1. Galina

    There is a lot of pain in a broken relationship – marriage or not. There is even more pain in stagnation, feeling trapped and unable to move on – whatever the reasons. For most people it is children’s welfare, financial stuff or other type of dependency on circumstances. If we accept this kind of captivity, then we start dying on the inside, slowly, every day. This creates even more misery for all – ourselves, our partners, children. There are few things worse than feeling trapped by a bad marriage. However, it is just a feeling. We all have free will, and whatever choices we make, they are our choices – nobody can force us to stay in such a marriage, unless they use physical force and intimidation, which in this case should dealt with by the police.

    So it is up to us to make the choices which are good for our spiritual growth, and our children’s happiness. Children cannot be fooled by pretence and lies – their perception of situations are much more acute, and they suffer with us when we are miserable in a bad relationship. We are stopped by fear of the unknown. It is this fear that we need to acknowledge, and recognise that it may not be serving us well in our situation.

    And another thing – recognising our own value. When our beloved has cooled down on us, the best thing is to just let go. It is painful, but all comes to an end sometime. Best to suffer the pain once, then keep coming to it again and again, trying to rekindle a dead relatiosnhip. This is truly self-harming, deprives us of our self-esteem and prevents any growth. The Universe gives us what is good for us when we are truly ready for it, not when we want it. If we want to be loved, we need to learn to value, appreciate and love ourselves first. And feel comfortable on our own. It will vibrate the right frequencies to the ones we want to attract. I have been through a lot too, broken heart, bad marriage, you name it. But life goes on, and I know that if I am to get what I want, I need to change myself first.

    Love to all.

  2. Shameka butts

    I broke it off with my soul mate couple months ago threw my insecurities an finacial problem but truly love her im a capricorn an shes an aquarias we had a instant connection an was compatible in every way even tho she thinks I didnt love her much,i did from day one didnt want to show it but im hard to get an she got it we met by accident while our going threw emotinal an financial hardship been two months an,shes with someone an the other person a scorpio an dont want to let go I no she wants me more but scared im might hurt her what cab I do to win my soulmate back ps where lesbians


    its now five years since i separated from my first wife who has my two kids we got some missunderstandings then i had to marry another wife who recently passed away and left me with two kids also but to my suprise of recent that x wife showed me alot of interest and love i never saw before and even she tells me that is ready to stay with me please readers adivice. am i safe

  4. Roselise Victor

    If someone said to you that he or she do not love you , it is true at least he or she has the courage to let u know. Therefore should let that relationship go. Set yourself free and if it back it is yours and true love.

  5. Tina

    Thankyou so much for this info. I have been in the same relationship/marriage for 31 yrs now. My husband and I have not slept in the same bed for 12 yrs, yeh I know silly, the love has gone. I stayed for our daughters sake and then being on a farm I stayed for all the animals cos I know he would have shot them. I accidently met a man on a music site 2 yrs ago and after 6 months fell crazy in love with him and he with me so I thought. I travelled to him many times and such a long drive, 15 hrs as he had lost his license. He was crazy bout me as much as I was him, I was preparing to sell the farm and slowly find the remaining animals a home, but after 7 months with this other I got a call from his mate sayn he wasnt into committment etc but he had prior asked me to marry him twice? He did not like the situation I was in and with alot of interference with 3rd party trouble makers I did my cool on the phone and he cut me cold. How can he love me one minute and not the next? I am a beautiful woman inside n out n one of his mates said he had never seen him so happy and all they heard was my name over. I suggessted I buy a home closer to him n see where it took us but he said it wuldn be a good idea. I thought I found the ONE my soulmate as everything felt perfect, where did I go wrong, I would love to know as 10 months on and I am still mourning for him, I never once felt this way for my husband. I am 47 and dont wanna be racing around the country not knowing if he truely wants me. When I had been back to see him 3 times since he was all over me, but when I leave there is no contact. dunno?

  6. QCarter

    I would just like to comment on the marriage.
    Marriage is something very special between two people everyone just needs to have Christ in their life to make it work.

  7. du

    Theres nothing more then wanting to b with the person tht u have basivally grown up woth..and most of all strted a family with as well..but i know deep down insidd tht the relationship is neither healthy for our child nor takeing the first step in acknoedi g tht its time to gbreak ths cycle of pain

  8. Mark Taylor UK

    Hello Neriza, PLEASE LISTEN! I was in a long term relationship that was an unhappy one towards the end, the children will remain also unhappy as they sense you are too, plan your way forward and kep the childrens interest paramount, sometimes the lesson to learn is making that step, taking those tough decisions, feeling the fear, and moving forward. I waited too long, when I did do the change then I realised straight away how much happier I felt instant feeling. we are here to learn and to learn we need to endure, we cannot develope spiritually or emotionally until we progress forward. NOTHING IS PERMANENT! Look forwards by going forwards. Life is atrain journey, some people get on the carriage the same time as you, some stay on, some get off at different stops, the lesson is, the ones that you think will stay are often the ones that leave, they to have there spiritual journey and need change. I know it’s tough, but its just tougher staying still. Life is telling you something, also making the move may just make your partner realsie they need to change or do! GOOD LUCK.

  9. Lovers

    I’m LEO,while my Fiancee is a gemini. We have been dating since our university days and do get along very well cos’ we love each other. We now got a job in different part of the country. Since then, things have drastically change between us.We get along well when we are together.But the moment we are back to our station things get crazy between us. She lied alot and I hate being deceived and she knows that,we always quarrel on phone.I’ve tried several times broken up the relationship,but i kept accepting her back when ever she comes apologising for her actions. The only problem she has, it’s the LIE she do tell. I’ve tried every means to help her to stop it but all went down the drain. Please can someone advise me on what to do.

  10. Babs

    This describes my marriage to a T. The man I thought I knew has turned out to be a total stranger. I have been w/him for 13 yrs and the issues we had then and throughout have never been resolved. He believes he’s not at fault even when presented w/proof. I believe him to be unfaithful and he refuses to explain his actions. Whenever I ask a question or attempt to hold a conversation with, he yells, curses and gets loud w/me. At times he just leaves. I supported this man and i had 5 kids at the time he went to school while I worked and paid bills. Now he tells me I need to be independent and get a job. He’s always on me about a job and he makes a good living and receives disability. He gives freely to his mom and his son, to me he may hand me a 20 once every 2-3 mths. Maybe. He takes me nowhere and when home, he’s still not here. He has refused to accept blame or work on the marriage, he lies about everything even if you catch him dead to right. We aren’t speaking now and just existing under the same roof. What makes this man Evil is that he still begs for and expects sex. He is a user in my opinion, if I had a job/family I would have been gone. I deserve better, I married beneath myself and I tried for 13 yrs alone to fix this relationship to no avail. I learned it takes more than one person to work a relationship or a marriage no matter how hard you try or how much you may love them. If they don’t join in its doomed like mine is now.

  11. Megan Willis

    i feel the same too when i lost my soulmate a couple months ago. I should of frought hard for him instead of listeing to everyone who got in our way. But worst things come that I am so miserable without him. I miss him every day and every night. I really hope he isn’t angry at me at all.

  12. Gena

    I am interested,attracted and care very much for a man in a dead marriage. I also believe he feels the same towards me and would like to spend the rest of his life with me. He’s afraid to move towards happiness. She is not physically well. How can I help him with this major change?

  13. neriza

    feel trap in a relationship been married for 20 years. The only thing bonding us together is our 2 boys. We haven’t slept together in 2 years. We could’nt even hold hands together or have a descent converstion. Our kids our 9 and 12. I am afraid if I file for divorce their life will be ruined. should I wait till they are 16 and driving or leave now while I am still young and have a chance of starting a new relationship. I am 42 year old financially stable.

  14. yahra

    I married A Virgo and I am Saggittarius. He rushed into this marriage and I gave in. He has four kids 2 in Jamaica and 2 here in America. When we first started out We shared many things in common. We would go out to nice parks, talk and share our secrets.

    His family gets involved in everything we do. He at times live with his sister and his mother because he is not working. I feel burdened in this relationship and feel that I am the one doing more to keep it together. Also my Spirit does not agree with one of his children and I don’t know why. I told him about it and he didn’t understand. His family also feels he is always right about everything even if he is wrong. He is bypolar and everytime he does something wrong I tell him about it and his family seems to think I am the wrong one. He never had any luck with any woman. I should have known.

    What to do?

  15. Suz

    I do believe in seeing if it can work though. I met this great man who has taken a piece of my heart. He has some trust issues but, we are starting out as real good friends first. I feel myself getting anxious cause i want things to work so badly.

  16. Nancy

    kind of where I am right now….I believe in marriage and don’t want another failure, but this is tough….I’ve moved into a place of my own as I was verbally kicked out….he has anger issues which he is working on, but I am so uncertain….

  17. Jese

    I know my relationship is over but don’t know how to end it. I have two kids with this man, but since we started our relaitonship he has given me nothing but debt, except for our two gorgeous kids. He is selfish in every way and we have not been intimate or even shared a bed in a year. He says it’s because of security. He sleeps in the lounge since there was a prowler in our yard once. Everytime I try to talk to him he gets defensive and goes out with his friends. We have not had a date in four years, he doesn’t kiss me anymore and we always argue. I feel guilty because I feel like the kids need their father and if i end the relationship they will hate me. I am so torn, and depressed. I have gained weight because of this, my sister said it’s because I am comfort eating and trying to make myself look gross, as to avoid sex. What must I do?

  18. chrissy

    This is fit me to the T and i hate it. I hate this part of my life , an it makes me angry when i go back to it, an it’s always a disaster. thanks for the rereminder..i want to move forward an away from it. chrissy

  19. Mark Taylor UK

    Just to add to my comment left earlier, my biggest fear was lonliness! the Irony is, I have a healthy relationship with the kids, my ex wife and I are friends, which I think the kids and old friends and family appreciate as it puts them at ease with us all, my ex parents in law are friends! Fear is a learned behaviour, we hold on to what we have as we believe it to be the only vessel that floats in our stormy seas! It is not, Now this does not mean it has been easy, far from it, I have had days of sadness, tears, despair, fear, BUT a strong belief in moving and growing forward! the old shackles many I had made without realising, were broken, and to a degree it has been exciting feeling the fresh air of change, I know I still have a long way to go, but at least I have left a stagnant and terrible past where it belongs PAST! Empower yourself, fate alone requires you to take the driving seat in any situation. Good luck!

  20. cecelia

    please l want that my close relationship was very close last time ago but he engaged me thats why l am very hurted cause l am honest inour relations please advice me thanks.

  21. Mark Taylor UK

    Interesting article, welldone! This reinforces an experience I have been through, I was in a long term marriage, but realised that the whole dynamics had changed, the children grew up, left home, I had developed as an adult so had my wife, we were falling out all the time over money, jobs etc. the lesson here was that nothing is permanent, my biggest fear was lonliness, being isolated, maybe losing the family, the irony all along was I was getting what I wanted and secretly hoped for, that was a new love, new lifestyle a new me! I had done my job in the relationship, we were inseperable at one point, and now at eachother all the time, it was fates way of saying it’s time to accept change, new starts, new CHALLENGES! I highlight challenges because that is the new path to take to develop spiritually and soulfully! NOTHING SHOULD BE PERMANENT! I have made sacrifices, I have suffered for years, now it’s my time to grow in spirit and happiness by learning new lessons and new ventures, yearning to remain in the good ol days, is a fantasy, no more achievable than wishing your children were still sweet and innocent, they to had learned to move on, so do relationships, accept the situation, thank the universe for all the positives it brought you in the past, Love, romance, happy home, kid’s, new friends, but remember, it was never permanent. If you strive to sit still you are not feeding your soul new life! I hope this all makes sense, I am that person who feared change, now I embrace it! Be happy.

  22. ilya

    I’m having a horrible moment of my life nw,the person I Love care and want to marry now his saying “I don’t have any Love feeling towards you anymore” he said he have no mood to hold my hand,to hugs me or even kiss me anymore,He also said he feel moody whenever he came to meet me..

    In the beginning He use to be a very very loving person that willing to do anything for me but now,his speech are much more similar to a dead person.

    He feel uncomfortable with me,What the hell I should do? I don’t want to loose him in my life..

    This situation ruin my life and makes me depress…

    Help me please…..


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