What Do Men Really Want?

Understanding One of Life’s Greatest Mysteries…

Men are motivated by many factors in life, including sex, attention, and praise. What lies beneath these more obvious needs are less obvious ones, which include risk, competition and social acceptance. If you have ever wanted to know what was rooted deep inside the prehistoric male psyche, today we’re going to look at a few popular theories. Keep in mind, not all men resemble these. However, I think if you really observe your guy, you will see that many of these tendencies do exist.

Men Prefer Rejected Women

While men tend to like the same types of beautiful women, they don’t necessary want a woman who is popular with the majority of men. This is unlike women, who often rate their own guy by the opinions of other women. This is known as choice copying. This may be why women who sow their oats are often chastised by men. The root of this feeling comes from the added uncertainty a man may have when he has sex with a woman who’s desired by many men. A woman who has been rejected is the safer bet to ensuring offspring will be his.

Men Are Motivated by Risk-Taking Behaviors

There have been a number of studies over the years that suggest men prefer risk over safety. Men engage in riskier behavior because they actually stand to gain the most from it. In society, men are split into different classes, but what I’m really getting at is that there are men on top of the pyramid and men on the bottom. The men on the top are those who have attained success (money, recognition, fame) and are more likely to attract women, procreate and spread their genes. The men on the bottom, if they never took risks (including asking a girl on a date, or cheating), they would be minimally successful with women. After all, it is the women who are picky. These guys have one shot to gain entrance into the top echelon, and as history would show, they are willing to do just about anything to get there.

Men Need the Approval of Other Men

Where do you think the expression “Be a man” comes from? It most likely came from a man, letting other men know that there are certain expectations he must follow, in order to be considered part of the “man” club. Young men will often have respect withheld from them in their groups, until they can prove they are deserving of it.

Men Want to Combine and Conquer

Unlike women, who are driven by close, intimate groups, men are drawn to larger ones. A woman may be confused why a man would choose his friends over her, and this is because it is these large groups where he stands the best chance to combine his efforts and become successful. This includes leaving behind a legacy of other men in his group who will continue what he started should anything happen to him. Studies suggest that men are drawn to these groups, because, deep down, he considers himself to be expendable. Why? This is because his manhood is fundamentally less important. In other words, it may take ten women to have ten healthy babies in one year (barring any unforeseen miracle (twins) or accident), but only one man to get the job done.

Men Need Competition to Feel Important

Men are more likely to be workaholics, spending a majority of their lives trying to make a name for themselves. Women, on the other hand, are content with making a name for themselves within their own intimate connections with family and friends. Equality to a man, is that he who works the hardest, should also reap the most reward. Men think their greatest accomplishment is to maintain power over their group. Being a sensitive and loving husband/dad is often perceived as less satisfying.

“The best man, of course, is a guy who is responsible enough to be grounded, bold enough to take risks, and try something new.” – Cameron ext. 5412

Men Want Their Cake, But Settle for Watching Someone Else Eat it On the Internet

Men are more physical in their definition of cheating. Sexual intercourse with another woman may be forbidden in marriage. However, fantasizing about doing it within his mind, is not. This is different from women, who consider the emotions involved in an affair, more than the actual physical action.

Of course, many of these theories come from men and women who have never had children or experienced marriage, so I invite you to give us your own theories about what men really want.

And when in doubt… “Bake him cookies.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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17 thoughts on “What Do Men Really Want?

  1. DaddysNGNL2

    Hard to bake him cookies when he loves Oreos…. You say men like compliments, how come when you compliment some of them the wig out, dont tell you that something you always did bothers them, until they wig out? & this from a man who was married (now divorced) for over 20yrs, did je forget tat communication was needed or is that the reason for their split?

    They’re confusing as hell. I can understand & read other species, better than any man, lol

  2. Cem

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  4. patricia

    what do men have in their minds when going out with other women and coming back and asking their real women for sex?

  5. ugyen

    i am a married women – and yes men are irrational, overtly sensitive, need constant flattery, too emotional, JEEZZ am i describing a 16 year old female – whateva !!! – well what men really want is …. a MOTHER – well females welcome to the married world.

  6. Jessica Grant

    Why bake him cookies? And do guys really find love through sex? I read that on an internet blog awhile back…

  7. -quinn ext. 5484

    hi angel. my point was when in doubt “bake him cookies” the rest was not me talking. actually i am very visual. i love the form of a beautiful body, male or female.
    beauty is beauty and a turn on imho for both men and women.

    but men do love their cookies 🙂

  8. cece

    In order for men to get what they want, they must respect themselves and others. If they are in a relationship they need to respect their women in order to get praise, sex and attention. As far as fantising about haveing sex with someone else, women do it too! But heres a bit of info….women want praise, sex, attention and to be top of the pile too. It just might be a different pile than that of men. We’re really not that different, Men-Women.

  9. Kris

    I think, for the most part, the hub of the wheel of what men want and what makes them feel important enough to stick around, is indeed the very first set of things mentioned….that of sex, attention and praise. I think the other things are spokes of the wheel of what’s important (although there are obviously exceptions with some men, depending on various dynamics in their lives).

    I always say men are like eggs: They appear solid, but in actuality are super-fragile and can easily break. Men want to feel like they’re #1, no differently than anybody. However, because men are wired to “make it to the top,” feeling like #1 is even more crucial. More specifically, a man wants to feel like the woman truly has interest in all the little things a guy gets into. He wants to be praised for all the components that make him–him.

    In my opinion, praise is the single biggest component in keeping a guy happy.

  10. pjatgv

    “Men think their greatest accomplishment is to maintain power over their group.” the biggest nonsense i’ve ever heard of… Do you really know what men want? lol

  11. Angel

    Quinn ext 5484, this is true with couples who have children too. We have been together 13 years, and he feel like fantasizing about other women or looking at them compimenting them is not a form of affair, but it is the lust of the mind that is the affair which causes the problem.


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