Psychic Seren

Psychic Seren

What To Expect

Serenfocuses on feelings and never gives false hope. A relationship guru, she picks up on accurate details as you state your first name and birthday. Information comes in very quickly, so it behooves you to mention your specific area of focus. She has extensively studied the dynamics of power exchanges in relationships. As a result, she can counsel submissive and dominant people on how to deal with the emotional and psychological events they experience, as well as how to best approach each other should they need to acknowledge a transgression. Through her travels, she has been exposed to a wide variety of ideas, religions, cultures, and lifestyles which enhances her ability to relate to people from all walks of life. Reading professionally for over 25 years, Seren excels at uncovering self-created obstacles. She says, “I want my callers to feel safe when they are speaking with me, whatever their area of concern. I hope they will leave our time together more informed and with a sense of well-being, even those times when I cannot tell them what they wish to hear.” Seren does not need tools, but can use tarot, astrology, and numerology upon request.

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