All About Diamond: April Birthstone

An Engagement Ring Staple

It’s safe to say that you already know quite a bit about diamonds, aside from the old adage that they’re supposedly a girl’s best friend. The precious stone has been an engagement ring staple for almost a hundred years and has been used in jewelry for far longer. Expensive and beautiful, diamonds are touted as symbols of love—and wealth.

But they’re also the birthstone of those lucky enough to have entered the world in the month of April. More than just a pricey gem, a diamond has an interesting history and a number of healing properties. Here are some fascinating facts you should know about these gorgeous stones.

They’re Super Old

From what we know about diamonds, they were first found in India in the 4th century BC. But they were around long, long before this. Some estimates show that diamonds are anywhere from 900 million to 3 billion years old, forming deep in the Earth until they were discovered. Since people began mining them, diamonds have been used as adornments, tools, and sacred healing stones.

They Were Once Known as Miracle Stones

Going back to antiquity, diamonds have been touted as miracle stones, curing mental disorders, stomach pain, fear, hallucinations, anxiety, nightmares, and vertigo. The gems come up often in lore and fables: The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that diamonds were pieces of stars that had fallen to earth or the tears of the gods.

They Promote Inner and Outer Strength

Aside from being precious and sparkly, diamonds are known for being strong. The word “diamond” comes from two Greek words: “adamas,” which means unbreakable, and “diaphanus” which means transparent. It’s also the only stone that gets a perfect ten on the hardness scale. This strength translates to its healing stone properties too: A diamond promotes fearlessness and self-love, meaning that it can foster both outward and inward fortitude.

They Activate the Crown Chakra

In addition to their strengthening properties, diamonds vibrate with high-frequency energy. Because of this, the gems are thought to activate the Crown Chakra and help encourage people to be more open-minded, imaginative and creative. Since this Chakra is our connection with the universe, this makes diamonds a spiritual stone for relating to the divine and the other-worldly, too.

They Can Be Used Psychically

Because of its mind-opening properties, diamonds can be used for telepathy, clairvoyance and remote viewing. When placed on the Third Eye, diamonds are known to increase psychic development and power. Using them in your psychic practice can yield new possibilities and connections with the beyond.

They Have Different Properties Depending on Their Color

While diamonds are best known for their colorless brilliance, they do come in other colors, all of which have their own properties and abilities as healing or spiritual stones. Black diamonds are thought to help us look inward with clarity, while blue diamonds inspire better lifestyle habits and a focus on health. Yellow diamonds encourage consideration and thoughtfulness, fitting since the color yellow is often associated with friendship. Finally, pink diamonds are typically used to foster creativity.

They’re Incredibly Rare

Because of their popularity as engagement rings, there are not too many diamonds left in the world, at least within the places we typically find them. Less than two percent of the diamonds found today are considered “investment diamonds” (as in, the ones you’d propose with). It also takes quite a lot of effort to get one of those gems: More than 250 tons of ore needs to be mined to get just a single one-carat, jewelry-quality diamond.

All About Diamond Birthstone Infographic | California Psychics

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