A New Year to Work With the Universe

Make 2012 Better Than 2011!

A new year means a new start, regardless of what we may have endured or experienced in the one that just ended. I think the beauty about being the master of it all is that each and every day we are given a brand new canvas, a clean slate to start all over if we so wish. We are never stuck or limited by the universe, only by our own choices.

So, given that all the doomsday crackers are going on about how we will all die this year, we might as well go out with a bang and live life to the fullest. (And when I say that, I do not mean for you to go and rob a bank or make some other muppet move that may end up hurting you or others, or may put you in jail.)

Living life to the fullest means that we can do the things that we have been putting off for whatever reason. We can maybe join this non-profit organization to volunteer our time or money to. We can sign up for a gym and get a workout routine going. We can start the diet we wanted to start and maybe make up with those we have gotten in fights with. It’s never too late to say “I’m sorry.” We can start reading more and watching less TV; talking less and listening more and helping those who need it. We can take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror and decide to be better people by being less selfish, less greedy, jealous and envious and more giving and forgiving.

The new year might as well be a gateway for a brand new you. Maybe you’re in a relationship or cultivating friendships that no longer serve you? Now is the time to “fix” it and find the support and strength to help you to move on. Because what exactly would we all do and how would we live our lives if we really did know when it ends? Would we still spend our time wasting our minds, bodies, spirits and hearts on the wrong people for the wrong reasons?

To me, each year brings me closer to my own mortality. I live life with the knowledge that tomorrow could be my last day. No, it isn’t a doomsday outlook I have at all, but I’m very well aware of my own mortality, and that allows me to recreate my life and/or reinvent myself as often as I see fit or find necessary. I fully understand that a life is a terrible thing to waste.

“My advice is to have an overall plan for the changes you want to make for new experiences and awakenings for the New Year.” – Quinn ext. 5484

Each and every one of us has been given the power to create. Unfortunately, we either don’t use this power at all, or we blatantly abuse it at times. This is a brand new year, and therefore a brand new opportunity to stop wasting what is so precious and what some would wish they’d have more of: time. The universe gives us infinite possibility and the ability to choose anew every day. So even if we have made the wrong choices all the way up to this point, we can now start making the right ones.

“When someone is wanting to make a positive resolution for the New Year, it is always a good sign!” – Jesse ext. 9027

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11 thoughts on “A New Year to Work With the Universe

  1. Veronissa

    Hello JoJoI have had phone readings & as a I have worekd via the phone. What you pay depends on where you live & which company or individual you use. Sadhara

  2. zee

    i totally agree with and enjoy ur article. i hope it does not end by reading only but putting it to action. thank so much

  3. misskrystal

    Carmen, your articles are always so awesome, just like fresh air.
    I always feel so refreshed when I am reading them.
    I just appreciate them so much. Keep them coming, PLEASE. 🙂
    Another great one, again. Hope your new year has had a wonderful start.
    Bless you. Many thanks, Miss Krystal

  4. Coreen

    I totally agree, Carmen! I finally switched jobs and started a new career this year and stepped our of my safety net and comfort zone full of ‘unopened’ doors and experiences waiting for me in a new year. I also started my ‘new life’ with sons grown and moving on with their new lives; appreciating the new freedom and seeing new adventures ahead. Instead of wasting ‘time’ missing the past, I’m looking at the New Year not wanting to waste any more time ‘living life’ as if it may end soon.

    Great post again, Carmen!!
    Hugs & Blessings,
    Coreen @ VOS

  5. Jeanpaul

    Well written truthful words. I myself never judge people nor am I envious of anyone but I’ve been accused of it by people that know me and should know better. I think sometimes we are too quick to take someone’s judgement of us. If we know the individual we may know them well enough to just let them rant because we know what other things are bedeviling them and we can’t fix them. Doesn’t mean we become their doormat, just back away for a few days, weeks or months. Whatever it takes.

  6. Denna Millard

    I really enjoyed reading “A New Year to Work With the Universe”. I will read it often hoping each time I will absorb more and understand myself as to where I am going.

  7. Debanjan

    Thanks for our prediction but ishall remain thankfull if U tell me about my howI can improvbe m y result better regarding a carrier of an Engineer ora Doctor or anyotherwhich U think will
    be better for me?
    Thanks&a happy Newyear-Debanjan.


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