DreamCast: Let Go of Your Ex

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Jessica in West Palm Beach, Florida writes:

I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend—we broke up five months ago. In the dream, we just had great sex and were both smiling and happy. Then suddenly, I found myself in his parents’ mansion, where they had a wake for his father. Every family member of my ex-boyfriend was there, except him. As I looked out into the spacious backyard, his father was being laid to rest in a huge mausoleum. There were hundreds of people waiting to see him. I looked everywhere for my ex, but never found him. What’s the meaning of us having a great intimate moment and then being at his father’s funeral, but he wasn’t part of it?

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Hello Jessica,

I think the dream reveals something significant about your former relationship. A funeral symbolizes an ending, which is what happened to your relationship, of course. But the father being the main focus suggests that your ex was too influenced by his family patterns, particularly those of his father, to succeed in a relationship with you. The mausoleum reinforces the importance of his father’s influence on him. You may be able to discern the emotional pattern in your ex, but he doesn’t seem to be aware of it, because he was absent from the funeral. So even though you felt true intimacy when you were first together, his emotional “programming” was one of the factors that derailed the relationship.

Still, you chose him for a reason; there is something inside you that attracted this lesson in love. If you can figure out what that emotional issue is, and resolve it, you’ll be able to attract someone with more potential for a long-term union.

Sweet dreams,


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5 thoughts on “DreamCast: Let Go of Your Ex

  1. Sue

    I had a dream my ex was young again, and I had taken my kids on a vacation, and everywhere we went, he tried to tag along and cause trouble or separate me from my kids. He had even brought his blood-sucking mother with him and she tried horning in on our fun. Finally, one of my sons told him to leave us alone. What is that all about?

  2. Emma

    I dreamt about my ex bf, in my dream he was marrying another girl and that he want me to hear, he was telling somebody about and he made sure that I heard it, what was the meaning of this?.thanks…


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