5 Things Successful People Want You To Know

Understanding Your Career Path

While there’s not one specific formula for success, there’s some great advice out there from people who’ve achieved plenty in their lifetime. Give these ideas some thought if you’re looking to improve your career success.

It’s Not a Sprint, it’s a Marathon

Putting in the work every day is what gets you closer to your goals. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the end goal, so set your sights on doing things one step at a time. You’ll burn yourself out if you push yourself too hard, too fast and then become discouraged.

Fake it Until You Make it

The thing about lofty goals is that you probably don’t have all the skills yet to achieve them. So, this is where you challenge yourself and exude confidence until you figure things out and work your way through it until you succeed! Everyone has to start at ground zero; it’s the passionate and disciplined ones that push through the challenges to get to the prize! Get the details of what will happen for you in 2013 with a career reading from astrologer Psychic Kennedy ext. 5519.

If You Can Laugh About it, You’ve Won

Life is full of struggles, hardships and disappointments, but how gracefully you handle these makes all the difference in the world. Laughing at challenges not only keeps you sane and releases endorphins (often during the most stressful moments), but it puts you in a position of power and confidence in yourself in relation to the situation and people around you. It says, no matter how hard things get, you won’t be defeated.

Adapt, Adapt, Adapt

While you may have your end goal carved in stone, the journey to get there should be more fluid! If a method isn’t working out, try a new approach. Don’t get stuck in stubborn mode by insisting that there’s only one way to do something—you’ll just hold yourself back from achieving what you want. Do you need clarity in your love life or career? Talk with Fallon ext. 5218 so she can tell you where you’re path is headed.

Make it a Habit to Go That Extra Mile

There’s a reason why “going that extra mile” is said to be such a lonely stretch of road. Because it means always putting in that extra work no matter how long your day has been or how tired you feel. It means rolling up your sleeves and doing what needs to be done, no matter how menial or unpleasant the chore may be. But the experience and respect you earn from this approach will always put you on top. Not sure what you should be doing in your life? Dylan ext. 5495 can help you see what opportunities are waiting for you.

15 thoughts on “5 Things Successful People Want You To Know

  1. Tracy

    Thanks for the advice. I love reading my horoscope and all the posts that you have on here. I think you can be successful and have a family, you just have to learn to balance your time between them both so neither suffer. You have to prioritize and organize your time if you want a career and family.

  2. arise

    Frank Payne: Funny thing is, astrologers know that the people with a horoscope chart full of “easy stars” often drift through life with little sense of purpose, because everything’s handed to them. Whereas, if you flip through a book of the charts of notable, accomplished people, you see chart after chart that looks like a nightmare. The challenges were what made them succeed! It’s all in how you play the hand you were dealt.

  3. Glenn Froment

    Boy you all ways tell me what going on in my life . Always right I love my scope. read all the time . Yes there is apt going on I bought a new business that starts in march .and this is all new to me big jop .must do real good to make it lots of payouts to do and work 16 hours a day 7 days a week for a long time and run the house hold to .so may I always get. Help from my reading. Thank you

  4. Ayn

    The problem with “going that extra mile” is that people get so caught up in putting in that extra work no mater how long their day or how tired they may feel that they have nothing left to take care of themselves, let alone families if they have one. This becomes a BAD HABIT and to whom is this a benefit? Certainly not for an evolved consciousness and way of being or the person becoming known as “give it to her/him, they’ll go that extra mile.” I also disagree that experience and respect is earned because one is always “going the extra mile.” This kind of thinking is so 1980’s. Respect is earned with boundaries.

  5. Randy

    I have had a great career really njoyed it but now that its over I”m glad. If I was 30 I would tell them to stop taking FICA out of my ck there never going to let o have SSI benefits. They’ll tell you it will be therewhen you retire but from 30 till 80 is 50yrs. You can make sure it will if you save If yu get disabled there not going to in anyway let you have it. Look for articles on the net about people who has tried one man had 7 brain surgeries 5 yrs. later still no good. I wish you all the world has to offer. The old Sag.

  6. Lilieth

    sometime we’re really intact in what we good at.the thing, that we good at we’re not using as a
    career. some people don’t get the chance to do what they love.

  7. ghulam-murtaza

    nice written,i liked but me was much anxious about my present job securecy and carrier please me much thankfull if u send me later about present job security.and next step coming in february or march please thanks regards murtaza uae,

  8. tina

    I would like to call & talk to see if / how it plays out, but i have a speach impediment, people have a hard time understanding me on the phone, but if i could call & have a reading with you, the only thing i would like to know about is my mother,


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