Your Weekend Forecast for January 18 – 20, 2013

It’s a Good Weekend

We’re waving goodbye to the Capricorn Sun and welcoming the spiritual, creative vibration of Aquarius. With this Fixed Air sign, we can count on stability and mindful thinking. The Taurus Moon adds charm and an emotionally grounded vibration to the mix. This is a good weekend.


Being more assertive than usual, you begin the weekend with a fine dining experience on Friday night where your taste buds get to comment on the food. This is a special night, and the people involved are happy to be there. The chef is very impressed with your appetite for the finer things in this realm and invites your back as his guest.


What a great weekend for that talk about taking a relationship to the next level. Emotionally you’re as grounded as can be, and your heart is open to ideas and freethinking. Get through this window of opportunity because the timing is perfect.


The vibrations from the Aquarius Sun light the way to better communications. Both you and your partner set out for a deep study session with others of like mind. This will open new doors for your work and spark ideas that will move you into a financially secure future.


Feeling enamored keeps you happy. Your new love interest is meeting all you heart’s desires, and you’re a happy Cancer. This weekend you get straight to the point and ask if your lover would like to move in with you. Big move, but good move.


Not having any big plans for this weekend allows you freedom to roam about, landing wherever you may. Wherever you go, you are welcomed. A game of billiards, darts or a good sit-down with friends for a game of cards make this a fun weekend without the complications of plans.


Working this weekend will actually cheer you up. Your keen, intuitive nature propels you to a new and divine level of consciousness. You amaze yourself with new-found energy and find working this weekend will be just what you needed.


Fanning the flames of love and happiness is what you set out to do. Your energy is working, and the person you have your eye on is once again at the same place you like to hang out at on the weekends. The sparks fly, and it looks like you are on the way to a happily ever after.


You get comfortable in your big reclining chair and have a wonderful time watching all the movies you recorded. A few friends stop over to say hello and end up staying to watch movies with you. The best part is you order in food for the gang and end the evening playing video games, and you win.


All your plans are on target. The people from out of town confirmed with you, and you’ll be picking them up at the airport. The traffic will be light, and you even get a moment to stop for lunch on the way home. The fast pace of the weekend is sure to leave you feeling tired, but pleased.


Taking a short trip this weekend gets you out of the house with purpose. You get to see people you have not seen in a while, and it feels really good. The trip home gives you time to think about life and offers a peaceful vibration to your soul.

Aquarius: Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

Music takes center stage this weekend. If you are making it or listening to it, this turns out to be one heck of a couple of days. There is a surprise waiting for you when you get home. The new puppy has been good all day, and you reward your pet with a long walk and a few treats.


You got that loving feeling, and you want to share it with someone. This weekend you get dressed up and take to the clubs with your pals. Meeting someone new is in the stars for you, and all the time you spent getting ready pays off.

6 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for January 18 – 20, 2013

  1. quinn ext. 5484

    dear Calvalita –
    with all that leo in ya, the world is your stage, i am surprised you are not in another country. i feel such a charm about you. smart too!
    find your place, this should be a good year – even if you have to move again.
    many blessings,

  2. quinn ext. 5484

    dear wendy,
    im so sorry you are so unhappy with in your marriage. what is most important is that you tried to make things good. sounds like he takes you for granted.
    if you enjoy cooking, cleaning and smiling than you had a good time preparing your special weekend for him. sometimes we just have to live in the moment and enjoy the acts of kindness and creative causes we make. when we do things out of pure pleasure it really does not matter if anyone likes what was done.
    might sound selfish, but at this point unless you are ready to walk or give him his walking papers, find the joy in your own actions.
    i sure hope it gets better for you. he’s missing out..
    with metta,

  3. Calvalita Browning

    I am a quadruple LEO with an ARIES rising. A single senior/ writes allot of poetry/ my intersts are religious rather than political/ I am currnetly not dating AND furthermore am not the kind of woman who woulld i=enter a bar and be accepted, applauded and embraced by those within… It’s a lonely world for me here in the frigid, socially paranoid NORTHWEST and I’d just as soon as return to my origins in the Southwest where people are friendlier and open. I came here to sing/perform and write music BUT instead I have been humiliated, spoken harshly to and mistreated (they await a response from the insulted Lioness). My response is to head for the hills. I am a lovong, outspoken person NOT a violent beast of a woman. Nice sentiments and suggestions. But I don’t drink or use drugs and don’t sleep around. LONELY INDEED and PITIFUL for me here…MEOW, drip, drip…)

  4. wendy

    Boy, you could not have been more off on this one. I am an Aries, born March 24th. Husband Picies, born Feb 21. We have had a fight this evening over nothing. I made a nice dinner. We fought. He went to bed without saying goodnight. He was grumpy, beligerent, unimpressed with my efforts at the meal, clean house and happy smile. Picked on me, yelled at me, went to bed. Nice? Yeah, it’s pretty much routine. why do I expect anything else. I don’t know. Wendy

  5. quinn ext. 5484

    hi phyllis,
    you need to get your chart done – the time of birth and location you were born determines what sign you are.
    being born on a cusp is not a bad thing or an odd ball thing.
    you do have a sun sign.
    so we would need your date of birth including the year, time and location in order to tell what sign you are.

    have a great weekend 🙂

  6. Phyllis

    want to knowwhat sign i am born on the cusp confussed may 21 i am a odd ball 2 signs everyone gives me a different sign help what am i bull or twin also re born on sept 1 i died that day thery brough me basck does that change me help answer my question please phyllis


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