Talking to Heaven

It’s not uncommon for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one to sense the energy of those who have passed in their home or in their dreams. Unable to interpret the sights, sounds or signs they are getting from the other side, a Medium can help translate these messages, bringing closure to the unfinished business that death can leave behind.

Kara (not her real name) had been struggling with feelings of guilt and regret after the accidental death of her 18-year-old daughter, Anne. She would hear footsteps around the house when no one else was home and the little wind chime collection her daughter had hung over the patio would tinkle without a breeze, leaving Kara in tears and wondering what her daughter might be trying to say to her.

“I read your biography on the website and what it said… I guess I need to know… do you think you can communicate with my daughter? I looked at your picture and I just knew to pick you. I really need to speak to Anne. I can’t go on like this…” Kara, unsure of how to go on, stammered uncomfortably.

“A connection doesn’t happen every time. Let me ask. It comes from a higher source,” Elise ext. 9939 a Medium, Clairvoyant and Remote Viewer revealed to Kara sensitively, as she consciously moved herself into what she calls her sacred space. The psychic immediately felt a strikingly beautiful presence – she appeared to be radiantly happy. “As an Empath, I had tears for both mother and daughter,” she describes.

“May I have some proof, a sign, that it’s really Anne, before we do anything else,” Kara asked nervously.

“There’s a place where you left messages for each other… look there,” Elise understood even though it was years ago. The psychic was surprised at her own abilities.

Kara walked into the kitchen and looked up at bulletin board… it was as if a gentle breeze was blowing the tacked up notes here and there.

“There’s a secret about your daughter’s accident…” Elise continued, giving the information out as quickly as she was getting it from Anne. She’s showing me that you had a fight. She walked out of the house very, very angry… She’s been trying to tell you that the accident was not your fault, but you don’t seem to believe it.”

Kara began to cry, “Annie, it’s really you! Forgive me, if… I never thought… I love you so much…” she said sobbing.

Anne wanted her mother to know that she was fine, she was happy and that she would now be keeping watch over her and her younger brothers. “She loves you, but she wants you to let go,” Elise said passing on the messages.

“Thank you,” Kara responded, too emotional to continue.

A few days later, Elise got a call. “Hi Elise, may I speak to Anne?” Kara asked the Medium half-jokingly. “I’m doing so much better, but I really need to talk to her.”

“Your daughter’s not angry with you, but she wants you to let her go…” Elise understood as she began the reading.

“I just want to talk to her a little,” Kara responded.

“The best thing for her is if you mourn her without guilt.”

Before Elise could get out another word, her caller began to gossip about the funeral and other family going’s on to her daughter on the other side.

The next time Kara called jokingly asking to speak to her daughter, Elise could see that Anne came forward begrudgingly. “Anne wants you to let her go and give her peace. You have no idea how hard this is for her,” Elise interpreted the message between daughter and mother. “She needs you to have the courage to let her go.”

Kara tearfully announced her painful feelings out loud. “I’m messing up again. Please, tell her I’m so sorry.”

“She wants you to understand that you are not to blame for what happened. She is just fine. Let go,” was the message that Elise forwarded from daughter to mother.

“Please tell her I love her…”

“You can do that yourself. She hears you,” Elise assured her caller gently.

“I miss you terribly, Anne,” she whispered tearfully.

And with that Kara heard Anne’s wind chimes tinkling in the background and held the phone up for Elise to hear.

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