Haunted Places?

Over the weekend, Gina Rose, Miss Krystal and I got into an interesting discussion about haunted places. Gina Rose shared a little about haunted New Orleans and Mississippi while Miss Krystal and I talked about creepy happenings here in Hollywood. I’m reposting the convo in the comments section.

Have you had any haunted experiences?!

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  1. shandel

    To Psychic Yemaya #5143: I found your entry on this blog after a google search on The Globe Hotel in Sierraville and ghosts. My sister and my three children, a 4 yr old, a 6 yr old and 5 mth old baby took a short getaway to Sierra Hot Springs. The main lodge was booked and we ended up in The Purple Room at the Globe Hotel. Big mistake! I’m guessing after reading your post and others that the Purple Room may have once been Rm 11. It’s the only room w/o a number on it and the only door painted purple. The decor is Victorian. (I’m wondering if the purple is supposed to deter spirits or something?) On the first night when alone outside by my car, I saw a strange light ‘dance’ for awhile reflected off of the house across the street from the Globe. Inside our room the lamp light flickered, the door wouldn’t close all the way unless bolted and I noticed the attic door cracked open. My sister slept on the futon directly under the attic entrance and in the middle of the night she was awoken by a sound above her of something opening and closing. (She hadn’t seen the attic door). She was too chicken to look up to investigate the noise. That night the Globe had been full of people. On our 2nd day there, we all fell into a strange afternoon nap, then went to the Main Lodge for a concert and returned to the Globe around 8pm to find it completely vacant except for us. All lights were off and we had to feel around for light switches in the hallways. The air was so thick and creepy I decided to take off that night. We packed our bags and all went down the hall to use the bathroom before our 2+ hr. drive home. Before I was able to touch the 1st bathroom door, it swung open for me, so I steered us all to the 2nd bathroom instead. I feel that my children protected us from further disturbances. Of course now I’m so curious! Do you have any information about the spirit or the story behind the ghost(s) there? I’m assuming that the little boy you mentioned was likely a child that lived in the brothel. Thank you again for your entry as it shed a bit of light on our experience and I’d like to know more.

  2. amyn

    I am a single mother and I work at narconon drug rehab and I would love to have the time to visit some haunted
    houses. Anyone have any advice?

  3. Psychic Yemaya #5143

    YIKES! I got Marin’s extension wrong! She is an amazing Paranormal Investigator, teacher, and psychic and her correct ext. is 5113!

  4. Psychic Yemaya #5143

    Hi Jen!
    I am not sure how to do that? I would like you to see it first, as I’m not sure about what titles, or names we’re allowed to include, or how long it should be. I wrote something on Word that I could forward to you to see if it’s what you want. I love to write.
    Yemaya ext 5143

  5. Psychic Yemaya #5143

    I don’t know about ya’ll but I would love to hear about Gina Rose’s experience at 10 years old? Please do tell us.

  6. Jen

    Hi Yemaya, I meant to write this to you sooner, but if you’re interested, please send me a post about your experiences as a “ghost hunter.” That sounds like something our readers and Psychics would enjoy.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great story, glad your daughter is OK,……
    I agree….he will not ever leave.
    Blessed Be )O( Gina Rose ext.9500
    … and Thank You for sharing your amazing story Morgan.

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Morgan,
    I would love to hear about it …. I’ve spent years researching this topic. Please post it for all of us….
    Gina Rose ext.9500 Blessed Be )O(

  9. Psychic Tippi, ext. 9593

    I’d like to share a story about a haunted ranch that I have visited twice during this past year. On my first visit the family showed an interesting hillside covered with large dips in the ground. As I sat there quietly for a moment I felt a “merging” of some sort with a native american woman. She was elderly and sitting where I was sitting, beading. I felt her face within my face. The family later told me they have often found beads in the nearby creekbed. But the sadest part of the story is that I could feel how this native american woman knew she was going to be killed. She and the people with her knew they were going to be hunted and killed. I also saw skins that were laying out on the hillside to dry. I found it interesting because they weren’t up on stick racks like in the movies. This land has been “cleansed” by other healers before me and I felt the hillside area was now OK. The family’s hauntings within the old ranch house are on-g oing yet nothing malicious has occured. They have a great-uncle who still hangs around. I’ve also sensed an old cranky nieghbor who passed. And a dog.

  10. Psychic Yemaya #5143

    This topic is one I live to explore. I am part of a group that investigates hauntings of all types, and my favorite place to ghost hunt is in Nevada City, California, which has a rich history (was once the capital of California!). Most of the buildings there were built in the 1860’s, and most have the echos of spirits that passed through. Psychic Marin #5122 and I have been on many adventures there. We keep track of local sitings and events, as well as visiting the graveyards to pursue proof. We had a bunch of “working girls” come and hang out with us when we were painting her shop, and they still do! We use Paranormal Investagation tools, and some Psychic tools as well, yet the strongest tool yet is our own Mediumship.
    I live in a cabin now that is haunted by the last tenet, as he died here when he fell in the bathtub (they repaired the wall, but you can see where his head hit) so naturally he hangs out in there, which tends to bother some folks…gee, I wonder why?
    I have stayed the night in certified “Haunted” places such as, Donieville River Inn (which was owned by a family member) in which there is a Vortex in room #3, and the basement laundry center has a very active poltergiest that pulls hair, and pushes! Room #1 is actually the most active (and my favorite) as it has a woman dressed early 1800’s pioneer clothing that will move your things, and type on the antique typewriter that is displayed in the room, and snuggle up next to single men who sleep in that room. The History of the place says that the original part of the Inn (of which room #1 would have been the master bedroom) was a farmhouse right there on the River, and that the owner of that farmhouse caught his wife “with a travelng saleman”. He ran him off then his wife had a mysterious “accident” and fell down the well and drowned. There is also an apparation that stands on the bridge of a mexican woman being hanged on some foggy and moonlite nights (and in fact, she WAS hanged there historically!)
    There is a Hotel in Sierraville, CA called “The Globe” which has a much darker energy. Room #10 is the only “comfortable” room for sleeping, it has a very maternal like quality to it, yet right next door is room #11. It has an attic access panel in the ceiling that opens in the night. And many have seen what appears to be a dark haired but VERY pale little boy looking out the attic window. A lot of people have loaded up and left that room in the middle of the night, saying that “IT” would not leave them alone, or let them sleep. Room #5 has small shadowy “beings” that are mischievous, and I personally had my keys and coin purse moved accross the room in that room. The down stairs room #1 & 2 are notorious for noises, and pinches, and the “sauna/shower” room feels as if you are being watched constantly while you shower. A huge wall mirror from that era is on a downstairs wall and the steam from the “sauna/shower” room creates the strangest “faces” in the reflection…that move The right lower corner of the mirror looks like it becomes a “room” where the paint has chipped away and if you look closely at it, it appears that there is movement in that “room”.
    I have been a part of special tours of historic sights with groups of Psychics; Winchester Mystery House (San Jose), Alcatraz Prison/park(now THAT is a dark one!), Mark Hopkins (both in San Francisco as is….) The Cliff House, Transamerica Building, and China Town (heavy haunting area), as well as many,many, more.
    Feel free to call if you are thinking of a “Haunted Vacation” as I have reports from many places in the United States (some first hand or a trusted Paranormal Investigator, and a few from abroad. I can tell you the simple everyday things that you can bring to use to record or experience a “Haunting”!

  11. Abigail Ext 9570

    Here’s my haunting since I have been in California. One of the facilites that I was in charge of when I first moved here was an old Mansion that was made into a Restaurant, bar and catering facility. One day I had a huge party and no Chef. My best friend who happens to be professional psychic, incredible chef abilites was visiting. So she and I jumped in the kitchen to cook. I wear crystals on a regular basis. I all of the sudden got this male voice from behind me saying things but I could not understand what on earth he was saying. I told my friend about it she said he’s upset tell him its ok so I did. Then all of a sudden I had 2 crystals blow off me they flew across the counnter the waiter had this look on his face as he got hit. I said he’s not happy so then she started chanting and speaking in togues the spirit left. Needless to say the kitchen staff all were totally freaked out because of what they just saw and witnessed. You see this mansion is listed and was on the show most haunted houses in the U.S. Come to find out I believe it was the previous manager who died suddenly at 40 that was speaking to me. The staff said he loved to cook and was always out back in the kitchen. He was trying to tell me something but I could’nt uderstand so he got upset. I have had that crystal blowing experience several times has anyone else ?

  12. Jen

    i live in the hollywood area too, and i have a friend who inherited his grandmother’s house which is this huge mansion that sits on a hill in Culver City (the original hotspot during Hollywood’s golden era). the house was massive with winding staircases and super old style furnishings (statues, cherubs etc). we were supposed to play hide and seek there just as a silly game. now i am definitely not psychic, but i just had this feeling of unease and this overwhelming urge to get out of there. i never found out the history but i just feel like something happened there.
    also, there is this really scary house just off sunset blvd behind the Whiskey A Go Go (where the Doors got their start). my friend and i were driving and got lost. we tried to turn around but ended up on this narrow drive way which we thought was a street. it led us to this massive house that had every light on but there was nothing in it, completely deserted and the garage door was open. then we saw what looked like people hanging from some sort of fixture on the patio. it was sooo scary and i must have done a 20 point turn to get out of there. funny thing, a year or two later we made that same mistake and ended up at the house…same thing happened!

  13. Gina Rose ext. 9500

    My friend in Hattiesburg, Mississippi bought an old Civil War manor about 14 years ago.She restores antique chandeliers and lamps , mainly for New Orleans hotels , etc… . using antique crystals . Anyway,she had to re-do the plumbing and alot of other things as this was an old house on the historical register and sat vacant for years. In fact ,the real estate agent said nobiody had even looked at it for over a year , before she bought it. She was drawn to it immediately and bought itfor a very low price. She gave up hiring contractors to do work after so many of them would leave in very much of a hurry, even leaving behind expensive tools in their rush to leave. The last plumber left behind an expensive big plumbing wrench and his tool belt he was in such a hurry.Many times contractors would feel somebody tap on their shoulder and whisper in their ear. Workers have been harassed and run off on the outside of this house as well as the inside. My friend would re-arrange furniture ( some of it antique original to the house), only to get up and find it had been moved back. That includes an oriental rug in the sitting parlor as well. Her children growing up saw 3 different spirits in the house on a regular basis. Knick-knacks will be moved, and the spirits can be very noisy at times.So much so, that my friend, on numerous occassions has ” asked ” the spirits to keep the noise down. Her dog will grin, and bark, and wag his tail at the spirits as if he can see them…same goes for the cat walking up to the spirits as if he is rubbing on them. **** And every single night, from the first night she moved in , she wakes up exactly at ten minutes to midnight….doesn’t matter how tired or well rested she is.And she did that before she bought the house and moved in. The spirits do not especially like strange MEN working on the house so my friend had to learn along the way and renovate the place herself. I told her to ask them for their approval before starting any new project and she has followed my advice. She put it back, antiques and all to its original state….the spirits seem pleased with her work.
    Paranormal researchers would LOVE this house!!!!
    After Hurricane Katrina, the spirits were much noisier than usual….because all of the 100 year old pecan trees had blown down….they seemed tocalm down about 6 weeks after the cleanup of the trees. These spirits are very active on a DAILY basis, but my friend ,( and I agree ),decided to leave them alone…. as her and her children feel ” secure ” living with them. She wants me to come visit and do walk thru sometime in the future…should be interesting and fun.
    Blessed Be )O(….Gina Rose ext.9500
    PS…Someday, when I get the time, I will post an experience I had at age 10 which still baffles me, I’ve replayed the incident in my mind thousands of times… but it’s just downright beyond weird….even by professional psychic standards.


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