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(Customer Service Rep.)

Here at California Psychics when a new Psychic is introduced they quickly become, if for only a brief time, so to speak; the toast of the town … the new kid on the block … or the latest craze. I’ve seen it myself, customer care specialists scrambling to get a reading, that ever so excited “how was she?” or the old standby, “have you read with so and so yet?” Lately this has been happening regularly thanks to the Psychic Management department’s diligent and non-stop search for that perfect Psychic.

Perfection may be hard to find, but the evolution of Psychic Prinny at ext.5134 just might come close. For thirty years Prinny has been demonstrating the skills and sheer abilities synonymous with California Psychics standards, and I believe getting closer to excellence one reading at a time. I recently read with her, and it was not that easy considering the customers on the line ahead of me kept adding those extra ten minutes that are so vital to the experience. I waited patiently and finally sat down with my topics, pen and paper and quite frankly the symptoms of an enthusiastic customer.

Prinny answered the phone and instantly I knew I could not hold back with her, I had to be as forthcoming and open as I could ever be if I wanted to reap the benefits of her talents. Her personality is very strong and her tone is firm yet you know she is there to help. What amazed me was the fact that the elements of darkness, the things you don’t really want to hear, are pierced with rays of light. Prinny finds the positivity in between each message she is conveying and keeps the hard stuff grounded, tolerable and productive. Prinny was able to pick up an immense amount of characteristics, even down to the religion of people in my life. She took brief moments for each question to absorb the energy and her and I collectively charged the reading in a revealing, incredibly accurate way.

Prinny is like a work horse, she labors effortlessly and you can feel the work she is performing. Prinny works hard for you and it is very evident. She weaves through your situation like Rumpelstiltskin turning straw into gold, she toils over your troubles and does not show the strain. Her style is straightforward, but I found her to also be compassionate and inspirational.

If we could use another adjective to describe a psychic’s style on their bio, Prinny has now introduced humorous. I know I have described Psychic Prinny in many different ways, but that is the wonder of her versatility and accurate gifts. Unlike Rumpelstiltskin, there is no bargain with Prinny, she is an alchemist of energy and a real problem solver. My reading with Prinny is still resonating with me, and I have a feeling it will for a while to come…until my next reading with her of course!

10 thoughts on “Meet Prinny!

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500

    You have very smooth-flowing energy, grounded energy…..and I love this posting… said a mouthful….and so true.
    I’m due soon for my annual reading…I get one per year…kind of like a tune-up.
    I’ll make an appt with you soon….I’m looking forward to reading with you…. as I really like your energy.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500
    PS….I grew up in Chicago…I spent my summers in Arkansas when I was a child.

  2. Abigail Ext 9570

    Anthony is quite the writter excellent details with a sense of being there ….looks like a budding writter to me nice job!

  3. Phillip# 9485

    Jen, If I ever have the opportunity to get out to LA again, I will be happy to create that experience for you. Pay close attention to your dreams, especially recurring dreams. The very interesting thing about past lives is that many if not most of your important people in your present life have some connection to you from past incarnations. Karmic influences generally run pretty high with family members, both positive and stressful.

  4. Psychic Phillip 9485

    Quite a long time ago, my wife and her brother and I attended a class that was designed to enhance a person’s ability to dream while fully conscious. On the final day of the workshop we were encouraged to actually practice this new skill. I experienced a vision, and in this vision, I could see a rising sun. In the vision I was laying on the ground in a temple of some sort. I was with other men who were also positioned as I was. We were all positioned as in supplication. I could see sand dunes outside. For this reason, I believed I was envisioning a past life fragment located somewhere in the middle east. But I never really had any clear answers about this experience.
    Now, let’s move forward about 12 years. I was completing my advanced hypnosis training. There were only 4 people in my class. We broke up into pairs and I was hypnotized. My intention was to move into that vision of years ago to finally understand what it was, what it meant. I was successful. This is the story.
    I was a relatively high level priest in Japan. The time frame was the 1600s. The rising sun was in my original vision to symbolically represent Japan. The sands were Japan, not the middle east. The city was ruled, as all Japanese communities were by samurai. Out of ego, I said or did something that offended the samurai ruler of my district. In this vision, I was awaiting my fate for my transgression. All of this information poured into me as is typical during past life regression experiences. I started to sob as I sat in the chair, seeing everything before my eyes. I was terrified and ashamed. Then a samurai soldier entered the room and hacked me to pieces.
    At this point, our teacher was called in to take over the session. She calmed me down, and at one point asked me, “Do you know the person in this life who killed you?” I immediately knew who it was and I responded with,”It would not be appropriate for me to say this person’s name.” Immediately one of my fellow students, a Taiwanese Catholic nun, burst into tears, and exclaimed, It was me, I know it was me!” My teacher took me out of trance quickly, and sat the nun down and calmed her down and then put her into trance. She did some therapeutic work with the nun as I calmed down and observed. After it was all over, the nun apologized to me for killing me, a priest. She carried this guilt for over 300 years, and I carried the guilt for making her kill me. We both forgave each other, and we forgave ourselves. She gave me a Tibetan bell on a string that hangs from my door knob even today. Every time my door opens, I am reminded of that experience and how we were both healed. I continue to be in awe of the multi layered truth and beauty of life.

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    WAY TO GO PRINNY, You go girl !!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the great work !
    Blessed Be )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. browneyes

    I like the idea of this post Jen. I havent tried Prinny so far but I am going to read her bio and testimonials as soon as I write this. One of my favorites that is listed as new is Nina. I seemed to connect with her right away or she seemed to connect with me, lol. I have talked with her 3 times and from the first minute of the first reading she was describing things about the person I asked about with such accuracy. She describes me well also. I like her confidence and her advice that she gives me too. The last time we talked, she made me promise to do certain things for myself and also a few things for her. I was taken aback at the description of how I had been feeling about myself and the questions I had in my head that I had not voiced to her. Everyone must be getting fabulous readings with her as she is always fully booked now.
    I do have a question this morning. I know I have talked with many of the psychics and sometimes I do feel a connection and sometimes I dont. I am wondering if there is a certain something that makes that good connection. Sherri read for me a few nights ago and we started talking at first about one certain person but suddenly it all shifted to my late husband as he was starting to talk to Sherri. It was proven to me by a couple of things that she told me that she could not have possibly known. I hope someone can tell me just what it is that makes a good connection between caller and psychic that provides good, accurate information. Thank you Jen for starting this post. Cant wait to read about the other callers favorites.


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