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I am often asked about spirit. Many of the questions I receive are from those who have recently been bereaved. They ask questions like “How do they know?” “Do they watch over me?” and “Why do I not feel them around me?” It is often only after our whole world has been turned upside down that we start to question our own physical existence and the world around us. It is only when physical death touches us that we sit up and take notice. Until this point, we all think we are going to be “here” for ever. I know this was the case for me when I was young because I believed I was immortal.

Something interesting happened in two private readings I carried out recently. As I worked away, each of the ladies were visited by their fathers. As is the norm, I gave as much information as possible about their fathers, including information about their lives, their passings and their reasons for coming through that night. At the end of the evening, I asked the ladies if they would be willing to share some of the details of the readings. It is not a medium’s job to understand any information or messages but simply to deliver what spirit has intended.

Whilst chatting, one lady introduced me to the other saying that they were sisters. I was shocked and I asked them if they had different fathers. They replied that they didn’t. I told them that when I did their readings, I didn’t feel like I was reading the same man. For one woman, the father seemed distant, while for the other woman, he was quite chatty. This was why he came through as two different people to me. The sisters explained that he was like a different man with both of them and they had very different memories of him. They also explained that he had come through that night acting towards them as he had while he was still in this world.

This father had also wanted to bring specific messages to each of his daughters. One daughter could not be with him while he was ill, while the other daughter had nursed him throughout his illness. He wanted to reassure his daughters that he was “healthy” again.

The lesson from spirit here is that the deceased don’t go anywhere. They just exist on another vibration. Although the daughters are still coming to terms with their father’s passing, as a medium I was able to offer some consolation.

I have sat for groups of relatives where spirit has let me know I was dealing with relatives and occasionally spirit brings through the same memories as evidence but also brings through individual memories as evidence for each relative. In the case of these sisters, their Dad wanted to let his daughters know everything was okay and he tailored his messages to suit the relationships he had with each daughter while he was alive. This resulted in each daughter receiving the comfort they needed at the time.

The next time you receive a message from spirit, just remember that spirit puts a lot of work into delivering that message via the medium. Also, don’t forget that spirit might remember an incident slightly different from you. But you don’t have to wait until spirit sends you a message. You may ask your loved ones while they are physically still here how they remember certain things. Is it exactly the same as your version of events or is it different?

21 thoughts on “Connecting to Spirit Guides

  1. Thurayya

    Mommy… God took you. He is so much stronger than any of us. We tried so hard, yet no matter how much we tried, I wish we tried harder.

    To God we all return and I will try my best to be the best I can so I can see you in Heaven.

    Mommy, my soul must still be with me as I am still alive but all I want is to see you again and never leave your side. I’d give up life in a heartbeat just to see you again.

    This life was never fair to you and you deserve heaven and God’s protection. Life never did you justice but you blessed everyone around you.

    You are everything to me and I am desperately sorry for any hurt or pain I have caused you. I love you more than I can ever communicate and I tried my best though my best was never enough to stop the misery coming your way.

    Dear God, please protect my mother and have mercy on her. She never deserved this. Noone does.

  2. Sharon Ramirez

    I have a brother and sister, who were twins, but died A YEAR BEFORE I was born, yet I always feel them watching over me. I feel my grandpa Louie and step dad watching over me, but not so much my grandma Milly…..and she was the one I was close too. I feel that she spends most of the time watching over my sister’s son who is disabled due to autism and mercury poisoning. I am so glad about this. I’m just always wondering if what I’m feeling is right.

  3. Kathy

    My darling loved ones, I miss you all so much and I had that dream where all of us were at a party,I woke up in tears, but you already know!! Mom please tell me what happened to you we all believe you were murdered yet they did not have enough evidence to pursue the investigation. Mom you were 46 when you went with Jesus I am 53 and still I am in search of answers as is John and Joanne you have dad and your 2 oldest sons with you; God I miss and love you all I wish I could dream more and remember!! I know God is good and pray the suffering is over for all of you.Help me with Andre and Tanisha, and her children. Love,with lots of hugs and kisses!


    ~~~~REST IN PARADISE~~~~

  5. Crystal

    Mom, I miss you so much, however, I know you are with me always. I also know you have benn trying to get a message to me. I don’t know what it is you want me to know, I would give the world to be able to spend time with you again if only for a moment it would be the best moment of my life. I love you mom and I can’t wait to see you again. Forever in my heart, crystal

  6. teri tracy

    i lost my wonderful energetic son almost 7 years ago,we were hit head on on a highway and he was careflighted,intabated wrong,and became brain dead from loss of oxygen to his brain,he was on life support,and my husband had him removed from all the tubes and machines,he died a few hours later,i wasnt with him,bc i was in another hospital,i regret never being with him,he and i were so very close and at then end,i feel everyone else was there but me,the one he needed the very most,he was a beautiful child who would have graduated last week,from high school,i miss him more than words can say,i feel guilty for being the one who lived,he has so much to liive for……he was an avid baseball and on a select soccer team,he loved his classmates,and his school,he was handsome,and loved living,i am so empty without him,some days i dont feel like going on…..i want him so badly…i dont think anyone really knows the extent of my depression,i have learned to hide it,bc socially people just dont want to hear it! i hope,that heaven is real and he is so happy that i dont have to worry about that,oh the emptiness,i love you so dear son,forever and ever, and forgive me for not stopping that train, i just couldnt,i always told him growing up,that i would stop any train,that tried to hit him,i didnt,i failed! forgive me for everything,i miss you and would give up my life if it could be turned around,my love, mom

  7. Kelly

    My mom passed away in 1971 when I was 8 I miss her and my dream was always to have a daughter I had my daughter at 36 years old and she is my angel from above. I miss my Mom and I will see her in heaven one day. I know she is watching over me everyday. She is my guardian angel along with many other family members that have left this world.

  8. Judy

    I lost my dad, my baby brother, and his son, all of them in 17 days. I often wonder why they all had to leave togethe4r

  9. Utonnaya

    Papa, I love you and I miss you so much, I think of you all the time. I wish I had a chance to see before you left us. I’m so sorry I didn’t come home, I was sick in the hospital at the same time as you. I tell my 2 beautiful daughters about you all the time and we all miss you so much. Papa, thank you so much for being the best father any one can ask of, and continuing to be a great father in the after life. I get all the messages you send me in my dreams. I’m keeping all my promises to you. Everyone is doing fine, mama is getting better as you know and I’m sure you are with your lovely son, my darling brother Dee Malachy and antie Nkeiru.
    Dee Malachy, I love you and I miss you so much. Thoughts of you make me cry, I wish you had a child, it breaks my heart all the time when I remember the suffering you went thru your last 5 years. I’m so sorry you had to experience such pain, I know you are in a better place now. We love you and we miss you and papa so much. Dee Nkeiru….we miss you so much, you children are doing ok now. Ada is so big now, she has been staying with me. She misses you so much, antie, please (biko) reach her in her dreams and give her a word of advise about life. She’s having difficulties coping with life’s decisions. It has not been easy for her since you left so early. I’m sorry antie I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, I didn’t know you were severely ill. We love you and miss you much.

    I lost my father August 10th 2008 and my brother August 11th 2009 and my Aunt May 1st 2010. May your souls rest in Foever Peace. Enjoy the endless joy of heaven until the day we meet again. Love always
    xoxo Mimi

  10. hdaville

    This is for my baby sinister Hillary who died at the age of only 3yrs. Old and to my 4 sons who never really got to enter this world. Well my latest son that past actually past at 1hr. Old his name was baby Ronnie Lee kotrla ( named after his paternal grandfather who is deceased also) I imagine they r together like we always wished our kids could be with grandpa. I would give anything, I mean anything to see my baby sister again we were just starting to get really close it made my world come tumbling down Dr. After she passed my mother became really distant & because I was so and full of ignorance I blamed her for Hillary’s death. I vowed at the age of 7&1/2 yrs. That if & when I have a daughter I was to name HER Hillary after her aunt. Hahaha my first pregnancy ever was for a girl and she is now almost 10yrs. And her name is Hillary Blair H. She has so many traits and characteristics that my lil sister had its funny. Anyways back to my mothers ordeal, Thinking if she had not let her leave , then Hillary would have never died. Which now I know isn’t HOW it works but all the hatred I had held onto FOR so many years lingered for years after I knew better it was just too hard to break the habbit of disrespecting her , being as I moved out at the age of 7&1/2 yrs. Old it’s was still very hard to fill that emptiness I felt that used to be hatred for her , with a mother-daughter bond “yeah right” she was still there for me financially and she made vague attempts to bond but as like me she was too far away from ever feeling like she was my mother as I wasn’t feeling like her daughter. I love my mother and she loves me but we forgive n try to forget she has lived w me several times as she is now getting in my Damn nerves every flippin’ day but oh well she is trying to make up for lost time n love with my kids. So she is a spectacular grandmother and I couldn’t ask for anymore or any less . Though it’s too late for us to ever get closer than we are now I can now appreciate her attempts, as she does mine. We get together every year for my lil sisters birthday “Valentine’s Day” and write letters t o her and tie them to red balloons and say happy birthday n happy Valentine’s Day & we love you to Hillary n we let the go. So maybe they will reach her in heaven lol. my baby boy Ronnie MOMMY loves you, you are gorgeous and I am so very happy to know you are feeling no pain n suffering. Of course mommy, daddy, Hillary, & your little brother Matthew jr. ( our miracle baby ) would love to be able to grow older everyday with you but we accept and are very happy for your sake that you are shining down on us from heaven and with the rest of our friends and family up above. We love all of you who have past on and can’t wait til the day comes when we can hold you in our arms again so close like we hold you in our hearts now

  11. Teresa

    Sister Tammy … I miss you so very much … I did what I could doing the best that I could. After all these years I ‘m sorry for the way things are going I’m hoping they’ll turn around. Help me if your able… Just know thatyou’re the best sister ever and I love you so much ….. You were an exceptional good, sweet, loveable, honest, sincere, loyal, good character, dignitified and strong … you accomplished everything a person would want … You built your spirit … thank you for being my sister …. I know you past in peace and are now at home with the creator ~

  12. Tricia

    Daddy, I need for you to know that I didn’t mean to not come over to your apartment that weekend you needed my help. Being pregnant, there are certain smells you can and absolutely cannot handle. You know what smell I am talking about. Please, Daddy, please forgive me for that. I need you to. I want you to know that regardless of what ANYONE thinks, you were my best friend, Dad. I will miss you every God-given day for the rest of my life.

  13. mandy

    JAY i miss u and i dont know why u took your life why u left without saying goodbye yet we were so close but u couldnt reach out to me ,u left so many questions but no answers

  14. Randy

    My dearest Joy you don’t know how my life was changed with our relationship, I miss you still 34 yrs. later but I just don’t till this day know how to get you to understand how I loved you and never was given the chance to spend my life without you has been misrebel to say the least. I hold on to the thought now your nolonger here how you maybe waiting for me and how you might ave wished hings were different. Either way I can’t stop my haert from loving you and never new real love outside of me and you. I have early dementia now and it just holds off short term memory. Our memories are still fresh as theday it all was fine. I really love and hope you are doing well and I will just say I am going to get me a couple of smalll dogs and keep going to church with Danny and his wife. Life alone is better than being with someone else and not having you anyway.

  15. Chrissi

    I’ll never stop loving you Bahadur, and look forward to the day we can be together again always yours in my heart even though we were parted in this life whilst in the flesh mere pyare

  16. susieq

    I will never forget my bestfriend who i have missed these past nine years. it took a hospital vacation and I am finally at peace that he is watching over me I loved him with all mt heart and soul and will never forget him. 6:28 am ilov ya moo moo and will join u later in this life I am God’s child and he is my savior i can’t wait to see u again. thank u God 4 the 22 yrs. we shared together.I will be cremated and put with ur !st Mother.till then peace and Love to u

  17. jackieprue

    Iwould like to know why my comon law husband of 45 yrs. then mine married husanbd on Nov.23 and one month later he dies onDec.17 and buried on Dec.23hy he felt he could not say good bye as Ireally did love Ricky sure we had our promblems buteveryone does, now with him gone Ido not know how to get on with mylife and Iam really scared, any more.Ijust know why he felt he had to leave without saying good bye Ilove you but it is my time to leave,oh Ricky Ihurt so munch and want it to stop cause Ifeel Ilooked after you really what did Ido wrond that Ihave to be punished love you Jackie

  18. Heather Johnson- Raeburn

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, my sister had died and her spirit uses to come and talk to me. I was told about an affair my husband was having at the time. When I told him about it he got really mad and treated me badly and still do to this day!Even my mother’s spirit came to me in a dream one time to go and try returning my younger brother home when he left. When we were near she stop at a crossing and told me to go bring him home the place he was in he should not be there, the sun was going down she said and she will not be able to go the rest of the way.

  19. C.Wright.Thru.U.

    Infinite and Eternal Divine Blessings to Spirit, always and forever (I Love You Mom!)

    Infinite and Eternal Divine Gratitude, Appreciation, Joy, Love, Peace, Wellness, Wealth, Freedom, Healing, Light, to all mediums, always.



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