Psychic Amanda: When is Love Real?

A True Psychic Story

The following is a true story that unfolded over the past few months with one of my regular callers. I have her permission to retell the story in my own words, with the intention of relating the message about when love is real. Our imaginations are so powerful and so beautiful that we have the potential to create anything from nothing.

About four months ago I took the advice I was giving to a close friend and put myself on a dating site. I spent some time writing up my profile and uploaded a recent photo and felt that I was about as good to go at this as anything else I’ve attempted in life.

Now, this was my first time on this site, and I had tinkered around before, only never subscribed. After a day or so, I attracted the winks of a few local cowboys and as charming as it was, I am a city girl, temporarily living in a rural and very remote community of a few hundred people and thought “Oops, this is not going to work for me,” so I switched my zip code to my son’s Manhattan zip code and to my chagrin, within a minute or so there were eleven winks and multiple “online chat” requests popping up at the same time on my screen. My head was whirling. I didn’t know who to write to first or even what to say. If another man asked me “How you doing?” and I thought of Snookie from Jersey Shore, I would delete this zipcode and head back to the cowboys! Oh, my judgments, that I’ve been working so hard to overcome, were sneaky and there! I consoled myself with the thought that at least I was aware of them. I found myself distracted by the attention I was receiving and decided that this wasn’t going to be the route for me, after all. I hid my profile for nearly the remainder of the subscription period, and then, two nights, prior to my subscription expiring, I un-hid my profile. I was surprised to see that within a few hours, someone had actually “written” to me. Not, the usual “wink.” He actually took the time and effort to write; even if it was a short sentence. I was intrigued. I clicked on his profile and enjoyed reading the “about him” section on the site, and so I emailed him back. The next day, there was another email from him, and I enjoyed what I read. I responded, using the dating site’s “safe email” correspondence venue. The next day, I received a notification from the dating site that my membership subscription had ended and that it was time to renew my membership. I had no intentions of doing so and then there it was, another email from this “nice” man that I was now unable to read because I was no longer a member.

I sat in front of my computer screen deliberating whether I wanted to invest another one month subscription to read what this guy wrote, or to just leave the whole thing and go back to meeting people naturally. I went “internal” and began to use the intuitive tools I’ve been learning and utilizing since speaking with “Amanda.” I did a short muscle test on “to renew or not,” and the answer was “yes.” I did a quick “intuitive heart” meditation, and the answer came back, “yes.” I asked myself, “Self, is there a lightness to this or a heaviness?” There was a lightness. So, after checking that the moon was not void, I renewed my subscription.

We are four weeks into our Internet “friendship,” and I really like this man. I’ve only spoken to him on the phone once, and that didn’t go so well, even though I really loved his accent and his voice. I had this fear put into me prior to his call by a male friend of mine, who I believe just might have been a little jealous that I was now going to be speaking to another guy, other than him. Anyways, if I could have hit the edit tab, I would have, only there is no going back when words are spoken, and only a meek apology would have to do.

Fortunately, he was gracious and generous enough to accept my apology, and we began to communicate via email. His emails provided me with insight into his character, and as I learned more, I began to see what I truly valued in my own life. His openness became an invitation to me to engage in not only his life, but in what was and is important to me in my own life. I saw my values, my wishes, my unspoken desires and dreams revealed to an anonymous person—someone who lived on the other end of the computer screen. I began to get excited each morning that I would hear from him, and disappointed when I didn’t. Over the course of time, I began to notice that his emails were beginning to get shorter and shorter and had that sudden realization that he had probably met a real human to engage with, and not a phantom woman 2,400 miles away. Still, I like this man. I think he’s funny and smart. I see that he is analytical and that he ponders things and takes things to heart. I see that he is easy going and I bet he’d be fun to be with.

I’m still dreaming that I will meet him some day. I’ve been dreaming of spending some time with him, hearing him laugh, seeing him smile, and listening to his wonderful, melodic voice.

And, here is the unfinished story… I don’t know if he will ever call me or choose to meet with me in person. I think it would be such great fun. There have been days when I’ve spent much time thinking about this man, whose name I don’t even know.

13 thoughts on “Psychic Amanda: When is Love Real?

  1. Tee

    I met my love on a dating site…. We have been living together since December and it’s wonderful. I got lucky, first guy I ever decided to meet.

  2. Angela

    Well, I can say a lot on the subject of on-line dating. I met my sweetie on -line and it has been almost a year since meeting each other. I am very proud to say that I enjoy each and every moment we are together and I hope I can say that as time goes with us. Hoping one day to take it to the next level as a proposal and then as man and wife. I truly look forward to that day seeing him everyday. I hope he would say the same.

  3. Miranda

    I can relate to the story of this woman. On-line dating is really hard. All you have is a brief description of how that person see’s themselves…and the same with you. Is this a true and valid representation of that person? I’ve been doing the on-line chating since March of this year. As with the one’s that you finally feel comfortable meeting, (letting close, family members know the name, and where this person is from. Where you will be meeting this person, having the local police on speed dial, and mace, incase this person is a phycho, calling in with the family/friends, for your safety, and thier peace of mind). And as you are getting to know one another, feeling comfortable after a few dates. Then liking this person, how do you know if it’s right to take it further?
    Everytime u log into the site, they are logged on to the dating site…but then again so am I. Knowing that I like this person, and “maybe” ready to move to the next step. What do you do? How do you know? Are they still looking, (but I’m guilty of the same thing)?

  4. Henry Reed

    Such an interesting experience, it reminds me of going fishing and the surprising response nature often has for us. Lots of fisherfolks (I’m not one of them) simply throw them back, as they are not interested in keeping them, letting them go on with their lives. Such encounters reminds us of what is possible to experience, to know ourselves in a new way. Thanks for sharing.

  5. marc from the uk

    I think this lady should enjoy the moment and experience, if it is meant to be then focus on contact and contact will surely follow, always leave the door half open but never close your options. Learn from the experience if anything be gratefull for the moment.

  6. Michelle

    How awesome is that! I have been on a couple of dating sites and the last experience Ihad was awful! A guy that I had been emailing through the site sent a picture of his penis! Seriously! Like that was supposed to impress me. And I never made any sexual innuendos or said let’s hook up or anything. I am not sure what I did but it has turned me off again from wanting to go on those sites.

  7. Shun

    I understand were u comin frm.I graduate wit dis guy and he had da biggest crush on me in highschool I seen him him abt 2mos ago @a funeral we jst spoke and dat was it.Then I chat wit him on fb abt aweek ago we connected really gud so we went out on a dat I enjoy myself and he said da same thing so we spented da nite together no type of sexual plays went on but dat was fine wit me I jst enjoyed him layin nxt to me .So da nxt day I spent da nit again it was so wonderful we talked abt our pass etc.he kept a smile on my face and made me feel like I was his queen even though we had jst spented time together for a weekend I feel like he is da one we have gud connection together we both wanted the same things in life.i dont know if im movin to fast are what are we are truly meant to be together he tell his bestfriend abt me and she really do want to meet me So is it wrong for me to feel da way I do is dis da man I been waitin on all my 34yrs I need to no or should I take oneday at a time or go wit da flow in enjoy life.

  8. arise

    The first attraction after a long dry spell is very often like this. He came into her life to open her heart. She could open up to him because he was at a safe distance, there was no chance of making it real. She can now move forward with gratitude, trusting her intuition.

  9. Jennifer

    Wow Amanda! This is a lovely story. I really admire your client for bearing her heart. I hope she does not give up hope and does meet this man someday. If not, I hope she does not give up hope. Anything can happen.


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