Psychic Answers: Flying Spirits

Kristina from Cagayan de Oro asks:

I see three colors blurring my vision every time I pray the rosary with my family. They all seem to do their best to catch my attention, and one tries to destroy the other… like a comet-shaped blue trying to get near my face, and the green one trying to block it while the orange just bounces around. Green is stronger than blue, but the orange is quite uncatchable, though the green tries to destroy her. My question is – is there a possibility that they are my spirit guides? My uncle sees such things too.

What you are “seeing” is the energetic color vibrations, or auras, from the spirits that surround you. Spirits can appear and make themselves “visible” by adopting a variety of forms. Since the color blurs are a form that you have seen, and consistently recognize, they will continue to appear in this same pattern and draw your attention. Additionally, you state that your Uncle sees spirits in this same fashion, which gives you a feeling that you are not alone in holding this gift. It makes it easier for you to accept and understand that what you see is “real” if it is happening to someone else – notably, a family member.

As you continue to see these colors and shapes, ask them if they have a name that they would like to be identified by, or name them yourself so that you can decipher the different personalities and spirits. You may also ask if they can show you their faces, or step forward and make themselves more visible to you.

When you have a line-up of spirits wishing to get your attention, as you do, develop a system where they line up, or take a number so that you have an opportunity to work with each spirit individually. They will be patient until it is their turn, knowing that they have your attention, and that there will be continued contact as your relationship with them unfolds! Consider yourself lucky!


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2 thoughts on “Psychic Answers: Flying Spirits

  1. mickie

    I have had this experience twice in the last 6 months. One was a bluish purple and the other green. I am always in bed in the complete dark. The first time, the purple spirit was present, my line of vision was impacted. I could not see anything much beyond the purple. Then it would move elsewhere in the room and off and on get back into my line of vision, almost blinding me. I was frightened but decided it could be my deceased mother. I spoke to it but it didn’t stay more than a few minutes.
    Last night I was on the phone in the dark–no lights on anywhere, blinds and curtains drawn. I started seeing the green again in my vision–leaving me the ability to see very little else. I did not bring immediate attention to the person I was speaking to on the phone as I wanted to watch what was happening. It would move about the room (no real form) and often come back to my face/line of vision.
    Sometimes I feel a chill associated. I wasn’t sure how to react as it was a different color than the previous and again it sort of frightened me as my son was laying in bed asleep with me. I eventually got up to get off the phone and it disappeared.
    What should I do? Are these two different spirits?

  2. sgreene4

    Are you stronger with a partner or weaker? Should relationships be something you avoid or move toward. Does it cause more oppurtunity to cause confusion or can it help you with your strength? How do you know if the person you are dating is for real?


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