Channeling Chat: A Live Paranormal Conversation with Psychic Kerrigan

Channeling Chat: A Live Paranormal Conversation with Psychic Kerrigan | California Psychics

Connecting with the Other Side

Do you have an interest in the paranormal? Have you tried communicating with those on the Other Side? Would you like to speak to your loved ones who have passed on again? If yes, then this event is right up your alley!

Psychic Kerrigan, a Psychic Medium here at California Psychics, joined us for a live conversation all about the spiritual world and paranormal investigation. Psychic Kerrigan has devoted a great deal of her life to studying the paranormal, speaking with ghosts, and connecting with spirits on the Other Side. This endeavor is helped along by the fact that she happens to own a very haunted house and led the discussion from the séance room from that haunted location.

Recap of what Psychic Kerrigan discusses:

  • Explanation about the history of the haunted house and the spirits who reside there
  • Tips and warnings for people that want to get into paranormal investigation
  • Different tools she uses with her Mediumship and paranormal investigation (REM Pod, pendulum, jewelry box, Hack Shack, and a mystery tool called a Portal)
  • And more!

Watch the recording now!

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