DreamCast: A Nurse Who Can’t Heal

Kristin in Toledo, Ohio writes:

I keep having nightmares about witnessing horrific traffic accidents. I am a nurse by profession and in these dreams I am always first responder, but I wake up before I am able to provide help to any of the victims. Most recently, I was pulled over onto the shoulder of a highway and I witnessed a semi [huge truck] roll over multiple cars coming over a hill, landing at the foot of my vehicle. The truck was upside-down and I don’t know if the driver survived. These dreams feel shockingly realistic and I am left feeling very uneasy when I wake up. Please help.

Hello Kristin,

To state the obvious first, you may be having trouble disengaging from your job during your free time. If that’s what’s causing the dreams, taking some time for meditation or exercise when you get off work will help you “reboot” so you can leave work behind.

On a deeper level, however, because of the feeling of helplessness, the dreams could reflect your distress at being unable to help everyone who comes to you for healing. If that’s true, it might help to know that an illness will persist if a person is unable to release the negativity that produced the illness in the first place. Then the only thing you can do is detach emotionally from the situation and let their angels and guides take over.

In any case, I suspect you need a vacation, the ultimate reboot from job stress (and nightmares, too!).

Sweet dreams,

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