How to Banish Spirits From a Haunted House

How to Banish Spirits From a Haunted House

Do You Live With Spirits?

Ah, sweet October! This is the time of year when many people have their fancies focused on the paranormal. Are you one of them? For some people, ghosts are just the subjects of fictional movies and books. But for others, ghosts are very real—and they can make their presence known any time of year, day or night. Some people even believe they live with ghosts? Are you living in a haunted house?

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As someone who has been on countless paranormal pursuits, I have seen far more people who are haunted than haunted houses. Many times, people believe that their home is haunted, and every creak and pop made by a loose pipe or old staircase reinforces their beliefs. However, 90% of every alleged haunting has a logical, earthly cause. Still, 10% of hauntings are actually legitimate and if you think your experience falls into that category, he’s what you need to know.

The Signs of a Haunting

A genuine haunting is characterized by the following universal signs: lights that turn on and off (often in rapid succession), cold spots (at least 10 degrees colder than the rest of the room), items moved by unseen forces throughout the home, unexplained sounds, unusual behavior from pets, and the feeling of being watched when you are alone, just to name a few. However, before you jump to conclusions, know that each of these signs could have a logical explanation and you need to investigate them thoroughly before you can be certain you are living in a haunted house or not.

Evict or Coexist? You Decide!

Let’s say there is no logical explanation for why these signs are occurring. Now what? You may want to consider reaching out to an experienced and credible psychic who can communicate with who/what is haunting your home. California Psychics has several psychic mediums who can help. One of the first question to ask your psychic is whether the spirit haunting your house has good or not-so-good intentions. The answer will help you determine if you want to evict the spirit or coexist with them. I’ve lived in a haunted house before and learned to work around and with the energy that resided there. Coexisting was fine for me. However, you have to make your own choice.

If you want to leave things as they are, you don’t need to do anything at all. You and your ghost can get along fine. You can even acknowledge their presence if you choose—don’t be afraid to speak to them. However, if the idea of living in a haunted house does not appeal to you, you’ll need to know how to banish the spirit. A psychic medium can help you do that too, or you can go it alone.

The Eviction Process

To begin a banishment on your own, clear away all negative energies by smudging your home with sage and sweetgrass or some other powerful incense. Move through each room in the house, being certain to leave the windows and doors open as you walk around the property. Command the spirit(s) to leave your property and declare that you, and only you, have the right to welcome or banish any and all energies. Release the spirit(s) into the light with love and determination.

As you banish the unwanted entities, be sure to guide the smoke from your chosen incense out the window. By doing this, you are also helping the energies pass through other dimensions and find their new and rightful home. Next, close the windows and doors and seal the passages by applying a small amount of sea salt at each opening. You may have to repeat this process a few times to really master it.

The Tools of a Paranormal Investigator

If you want to pursue paranormal investigations like me, invest in a reputable EMF (electromagnetic field) meter. These wonderful machines can detect variations in electromagnetic energy fields in ways that were previously impossible. Make sure the brand you purchase has a multi-band frequency detector and a high rating. It may be more costly, but if it’s reliable, the extra money is well spent.

Dowsing rods or energy rods are also great tools. Be sure to practice using them before going out on an investigation. If you’re using them for your own haunted house, you will need to calibrate the rods away from your home. This is done so you will know what the baseline is for your rods. Dowsing rods can help pinpoint specific places where paranormal activity is particularly strong. Just keep your hands relaxed at all times and allow the energy rods to show you where to concentrate your efforts in your investigations.

Another vital tool for such investigations is a high-quality digital voice recorder. There are times when an investigator will get nothing but sounds. In such cases, EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) can be recorded, and then played back through a program specific to audio conversions. Sometimes you can even hear words. I have witnessed several EVPs that had full, clear sentences. One of those sentences was spoken in arcane Spanish!

Digital cameras with infrared vision and video capacity are very important on such investigations too. It may surprise you what these simple technological advances can capture in an investigation. Be sure to have spare batteries fully charged too.

Learn from the professionals. If you can locate a reputable paranormal investigation team, ask them to mentor you and maybe even accompany them on some of their haunted house investigations. Prepare yourself to do a lot of waiting. You’ll spend hours doing nothing until something, if anything, happens. Patience is a must!

Overall, the vast majority of haunted houses are simply the result of overactive imaginations. The few that have stood the test of time and debunking are the reasons paranormal investigators like me continue their searches.

Happy Hauntings!


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  1. Maurice Smook

    I was just reading the article if our house might be haunted. A month after we moved into this new residence. I woke up at 23:50 hours. i had this eerie feeling that someone was inside the hallway. I rose up from the bed and stood up on the floor and began to walk towards the hallway. As I got to the hallway I observed a woman standing right at the bathroom. She immediately turned and walked towards the kitchen. As I got to the kitchen and observed her walking through the kitchen door. A couple months later again. I ran into her. It felt that I ran into a brick wall. She was well built. Again I followed her to the kitchen. She just floated threw the kitchen door. It is difficult to explain. I seen this person on 2 more occasions. Later I spoke to our neighbors and the neighbor stated there was a murder that happened 20 years ago. It happened across the street from our place. But why is this lady have any dealings with us? We never knew the people. Why this woman is still remaining around our house. It is beyond me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Yes I was a skeptic at one time. Yes ghosts are real.


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