Ghost Sighting Spike

Who you gunna call? Sadly, not the Ghostbusters, because well, they don’t exist — but should they? It was brought to my attention that Britain is literally crawling with ghosts and other types of spirits, based on facts and statistics from this fascinating article on The article reports that in the last 25 years there have almost 1,000 reports of ghostly activity — with the most reports coming from Yorkshire. The last time reports were this high was in medieval times. Clearly, the population has grown exponentially, and as the article states, the more people in a town, the more sightings that will be reported.

However, could there be a different reason behind the rise in spiritual sightings? Psychics, have you noticed any spikes in spiritual encounters personally or an increase in questions regarding ghost sightings?

Bloggers, have you ever seen a ghost?

10 thoughts on “Ghost Sighting Spike

  1. Tommy

    The difference beteewn bravery and foolishness is braver is doing something with thought and making the right decision when doing something.difference beteewn foolishnees is foolishnees is doing something without thought, or doing something for fun but have no idea what it is, or what are you doing.bravery and foolishness can be the same.

  2. lucy

    Abigail – I also love your new pic – absolutely another wonderful view of your being – so many facets to your spirit – and they all glow. love ya’

  3. balancedesires

    With all the latest television shows like Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, etc I am not surprised that more people are experiencing this phenomena now. People seem to be more accepting of the spiritual world! Have any of the CP psychics seen a spike in calls I wonder as well!

  4. Pam

    I was born, raised and educated in London, UK.

    I went to a private school in Wales (a convent). It was said to have been one the homes belonging to Henry VIII. It was also said to have been one of the most haunted places in the area.

    The front of the building there were 2 massive sets of stairs going up either side to a landing, to which used to be the main door of the building.

    Now for instance every Christmas Eve just in time for Midnight Mass, you could hear the horses hoofs pulling the carriages on the cobbled drive. They would stop and the passengers disembark, the giggling of the ladies could be heard. They would come up the stairs and knock on the door (which was then the Chapel) that was that and then nothing.

    At the same school at the the end of the hallway from the girl’s dormitories was a massive door which the nums used to use and they kept locked from their side. Some of the girls have said that when they had to get up in the night for the washroom they would something brush them, the would turn and just see a light slide under this door and pitch dark again.

    IF anyone is interested I can tell you other haunting TRUE stories which affected my mother and grandfather also from my father when he grew up in Ireland.

  5. sedona extension 5272

    Dear Justine,
    Thanks for this great article. I hadn’t heard about the increase in ghost sitings, however, I have noticed the burgeoning number of TV programs around this subject and the rising interest in mediumship and past lives.

    And thank you for sharing your knowledge and understanding, Jacqueline. I’ve been teaching intuition and spiritual awareness classes for many years and this year saw the number of participants double. It’s also interesting to note that those attending the classes now are mostly mainstream business people who feel called to include spiritual principles in their daily lives and business.


  6. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Justine,

    Love reading your informative articles,

    Well you all have heard the whole 2012, 5th hoop, the new dimension that is coming, this process has already began, during this time it is a thinning of the dimensions creating one, it is also causing the veil into the other worlds to become very thin, this is the reason why many ghost siting are becoming more prominent, and will become more and more evident.

    During this time it is heightening spiritual awareness, as this occurs it is also causing those that are awakening to there gifts to be able to see those who have passed on….. so, in a nut shell, be prepared to see many more, for a real treat talk with them, they always have a message, many times once they share there message they will move on.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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