Healing Through Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese alternative healing technique whereby healing energy or “ki” is delivered through the palms of the practitioner to the client. In the west, it is sometimes referred to as a “laying on of hands.” The health benefits of Reiki are numerous. Here are a just a few:

  • Balances and clears the chakras, which are one of the store houses of all our gifts, traumas and memories. This can bring to light issues we have not or do not want to deal with. In so doing, issues are squarely faced, understood, felt, processed, released in a complete way, and emotional blocks are removed. This awakens and heightens our awareness of our natural gifts and talents, some of which we may have never known we had.
  • Assists in physical healing, including broken bones, sprains, migraines, PMS/PMDD and all sorts of injuries. PLEASE NOTE that Reiki is complimentary to and at the discretion of a supervising physician’s treatment for any serious injury.
  • Reiki opens us up to “The Great Spirit” that underlies everything — that holds everything together and is nothing but pure love and light. I like to think of it as “The Force” from Star Wars. When we EXPERIENCE Spirit, even for a moment, we have a paradigm shift in consciousness. This experience may be felt as pure love, compassion, expansion, timelessness or a profound awareness of your connection to all that exists. Reiki accomplishes this because the energy is directly from spirit itself! Remember that your connection to spirit is not intellectual, but experiential.
  • Creative blocks for writers, actors, directors and all artists for that matter can be swept away in a single session. Creative blocks are caused partly by ourselves and by having our “creative well” depleted and in need of time to recover. Reiki helps to quickly refill that well and remove the self-imposed blocks we have created, not to mention the forceful, struggling energy that goes along with it.
  • Old emotional wounds, resentments and current feelings of negativity can be healed through Reiki. The energy calms and relaxes the client to such a state that a great sense of safety (often unconsciousness) occurs — this allows the client to explore and understand their feelings with greater awareness. Memories may arise, and a shift in perception often occurs, clearing a path to self-acknowledgment, to pure feeling, and taking greater responsibility.
  • The list of Reiki benefits could go on and on, and will continue expanding as more and more people experience the practice for themselves.

    12 thoughts on “Healing Through Reiki

    1. Brooke x5685

      Not sure how I missed this post before. But as a Reiki Master, I love when it is shared and explained to others to help people on their journey of becoming aligned Body, Mind and Spirit. Reiki is such a wonderful tool for Humanity. I have seen from my own clients how it has helped them with pain, speed healing, let go of past ghosts. and so much more. When you are blocked, it is so difficult for you to move forward. You tend to think you are in a hold pattern. And sometimes, you are. Through Reiki it can help you become clearer and open doors that were closed.

      I like to think of Reiki as a Spiritual Massage and Balancing. Because you get the same benefits plus a lot more through Reiki versus Massage. Plus the benefits of Reiki last a lot longer than a massage session does. It can be life changing.

      Brooke x5685

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    5. adoni05

      Becoming a Reiki Master is not something to be taken lightly. First, you must ask yourself, “Why?’ If it’s ego, another profession would suit you much better.
      It can take up to a year (if the teacher is worth their salt) to receive your Master level. But even after completion, the Master’s journey is a journey for the rest of your life and is a commitment to the universe to heal the world and be of service to all. In the end, it’s not about the piece of paper saying “you are now a master”, it’s what’s in your heart; it’s in your intentions; your commitment to the journey.

    6. adoni05

      To become certified as a Reiki practitioner, the first step is finding a master teacher and not just any master teacher. You must feel a connection and comfortable with them, much like you would if you were seeking a therapist. You can begin by first doing some research and reading of your own. A great book to start with is Reiki for the Heart & Soul by Rowland. Good Luck!

    7. vigneshwar raj

      thank you for sending reiki healing for which i am happy today. I thank Masters of universe Grand Master’s Masters &all the Reiki healers.

      I wish This reiki healing will be recived by all.

    8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

      Clinical medicine is finally starting to understand the concept of mind, body, & spirit working in harmony together and is ever so slowly moving towards integration of both . It’s about time. East meets West is a beautiful thing to behold.

      Blessed Be )O(
      Gina Rose ext.9500

    9. balancedesires

      Hooray! I loved reading this & how appropriate! I was just attuned & have performed energy therapy for clients with cancer! It really is a wonderful therapy for both client & practitioner! Thank you so much for posting this!

    10. sbaran

      I can attest to that! I had Reiki performed for PMDD by a man very close to my heart. He helped me relax, focus, and the pain diminished.


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