6 Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

6 Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

Bonds That Defy Time and Space

Your deceased loved ones are never far from you. In fact, they drop by to check on you more often than you think! And you can tell when they’re around you if you know what to look out for. Here are six signs from deceased loved ones who are trying to make contact.

Your departed loved ones have messages from the other side. Find out what they are during a reading with a psychic medium!

1. You Feel Their Presence
Have you ever felt like someone is watching you but when you turn to look there’s no one there? You feel like you’re not alone because you aren’t alone, and if you’re lucky you may even be able to tell who’s keeping you company. If you like that feeling and if it brings you comfort, don’t be afraid to acknowledge it. Greet the spirit and tell it you love it. Invite it to stay and stop by whenever it wants to. However, you also need to set up boundaries and let the spirit know when you don’t want to be disturbed. This is one of the most amazing signs from deceased loved ones.

2. They Use the Senses
Another one of the important signs from deceased loved ones is their ability to tap into your senses. They may contact you through touch, smell, hearing or even sight. For example, you may feel a pat on the head or a gentle hand on your back. You may smell their perfume or hear their voice calling your name. You may even catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye. The sense your departed loved one uses depends on what they think you’d be most receptive to. Please know that manifesting in full form is very difficult for a spirit, and while it seems like the most obvious of the signs from deceased loves, it’s also the most complicated for them.

3. They Give You Coins and Other Small Objects
Coins and other tiny objects, like buttons, stones, and even feathers, can be signs from your departed loved ones. They may leave it where you can see it, like on your dresser, along your morning commute, or anywhere else you’re bound to notice it. Dimes and pennies are very common signs. Perhaps you’re cleaning your floors one day and find a coin in a spot you’ve already gone over. You’ve just had a visit from someone with a sense of humor.

4. They Use Electrical Energy
As mentioned earlier, it takes a great deal of energy for your deceased loved ones to appear in full, as-you-knew-them form. However, they may use the electrical energy around you to communicate. Flickering lights, a television that turns off or on, and a phone that rings with no one on the line are all signs from deceased loved ones. It’s their way of telling you, “I’m still here.” You don’t have to be afraid.

5. They Send Animal Messengers
Your loved ones may use animals to send you messaged after they’ve crossed over. Do you recall seeing butterflies or dragonflies more frequently after they died? How about ladybugs or the same bird over and over? If you see an insect or small animals acting out of character, chances are it’s one of the signs from deceased loved ones.

6. They Speak Through Other People
Have you ever had a conversation with someone and suddenly they say something your deceased loved one used to say? Maybe it’s a reference to an inside joke or a common interest you shared while they were living. They could even use your nickname! This is probably one of the more shocking signs from deceased loved ones but it indicates that they’re still with you.

Whenever and Wherever

Your deceased loved ones can reach out to you in many ways, and they love doing it; they love when you notice and respond. And though it’s sad to lose someone in the physical world, you can take comfort in knowing that when someone crosses over, you can still visit with them and chat with them whenever you like. If you think a deceased loved has been reaching out to you, and you’d like confirmation and to hear their message, consider a reading with a psychic medium.

Death is not the end of your strongest bonds. A psychic medium can connect you to those who have crossed over. During a psychic medium reading, you can share messages, get closure, and so much more.

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29 thoughts on “6 Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

  1. Judith

    I gave birth to a dsughter who was born with a veil over her face. The nurses and doctor were astonished and one nurse said she saw this only one time my daughter at that point never cried she would wake u up if she needed something i went directly to it and came to her one of the docors asked if he could buy my baby. I couldnt beleve it even put a dollar amount on it. And all expenses. I told him that my husband was standing outside. In the hall where he was not suspose to be waiting. But no one could keep him out my daughter c section and has always known what path to take now i have had a medical issue for two years and does not want me to have another operation i am concerned not sure if this operation is going in the right way. Do u have a comment oh by the way my mothers are always around. My dad my uncles grandmother. And loving friends. Also my husband who has passed. Coments on my health anyone

  2. Garrett

    years ago, I found the body of someone who had taken his own life in the forest. Now that I went back to the tree where I found him- I could feel his presence somewhere in that forest and also I felt very comfortable at that location even though, years ago that location was the worst one for me years ago.

  3. VSS

    They can call you on your cell phone! And leave messages. So people should be aware that they might do that. And maybe people shouldn’t be so quick to delete those voice mails.
    Yes. Valentine’s day this last year that happened with my phone. It was a pretty strange situation.
    I know several people who have gotten calls on their cell phones after their love ones have pasted.

  4. De

    Thanks for this information. I had to read it for myself. Ever since my mother passed away(2 years ago) I have been finding dimes. I have told others but they don’t seem to believe me. For the longest I believed it was my mother but for some reason I am certain it is my sister. My sister had a necklace that had a dime encased in a gold metal charm. Lately, a lot of quarters and dimes have been coming to me. My father passed last year. He was the jokester in the family. I have the feeling it is all three of them. I just smile every time I find one.

    1. Isabel

      I fine quarter’s all the time when my dad died I went to Reno played his favorite machine who a big jackpot. I came home to the funeral and put lots of quarter’s in his casket. Im always finding quarter’s.

  5. lorraine

    I have had many signs of spirits around me. The pennies all the time for years. Everyday from 5 oclock to 5:30 someone in my kitchen rattling something. Ive seen spirts sitting on my couch. Someone sittin g a yhe end of my bed and tickled me. I have ideas who they are.

  6. Scarlet

    I’m wondering if a knocking sound could be a sign that a deceased love one wants to connect? I ask because twice recently (it’s coming up on the 4th anniversary of my mother’s death), I’ve been jolted awake just after falling asleep by three loud knocks on the outside north wall of my third floor bedroom, followed about five minutes later by a single knock on the outside east wall of the bedroom, against which the head of my bed is, just above my head as I lay in the bed.

  7. LJ

    Dear Seren: Thank you so much for liking the article, and for sharing your connection story with us all. The more we talk about “signs” from our loved ones, the more we’ll be able to see them as they come our way. In your case, it brought comfort and validation to your client and it was also a gift to you – the gift of connection that you give people every day. What a lovely story. Thanks!

  8. LJ

    Dear Mary Gonzalez: That is a beautiful story and a comforting one. The ones we love don’t abandon us. That’s why I wrote this so that people would see those type of signs, recognize them as a message and to feel comforted by them. Love it!

  9. LJ

    Dear Lanie: Not to worry. When you need him most, he’ll always be there. But if we had our way, they would be with us continually, which is not always possible. For one, they have things to do on the other side, so they can’t spend all of their time here and they know that if they did, we would not go on living life on our own paths and our own journey. You have a purpose, as we all do. Sometimes their absence is a form of tough love forcing us to move forward in life. But trust me, they still know what’s going on with you – they’ll be there (together) watching you and occasionally visiting. Remain strong, remain comforted by the fact that they’re watching over you (as your spirit guides and angels do as well) – so you have lots of support – and live your life to the fullest – life is a gift. They want to see you making the most of it. Stay present, stay focused on your life and make them proud.

  10. LJ

    Dear Karen: Smelling someone’s perfume is a common sign of connection. My mom comes to me in the same way, but it’s not her only way. I’m sure that your mom is with you often if not always, but perhaps the times when you smelled her perfume was a time when you needed her most or she wanted to let you know that she was there with you. You have spirit guides and angels to help you with your life goals, but that doesn’t mean mom is no longer around providing love and support. Just speak to her and ask her for a sign.

  11. LJ

    Dear Lisa: Don’t doubt that you’re special. We are all special to our loved ones, just as they are to us. When someone passes it is only the physical body that dies – the energy they are and the energies of love and joy and compassion are endless energies. They do not disappear and our loved ones still look out for us because they still care. Why not contact a medium and get confirmation – I bet if you did, you wouldn’t doubt that you are special in the eyes of your loved ones.

  12. LJ

    Dear Kiwi:
    You have experienced the magic of connection from the other side. I’m sure our loved ones get a real kick out of being able to connect with us and they’re always looking for ways to send us messages and to let us know that they’re always around.

  13. Mary Gonzalez

    My sister just passed two months ago and she was my best friend. One morning, I was woke up so distressed and began to cry loud. I felt like I couldn’t face the day. Her picture with us on it fell from the mantle. I couldn’t believe the feeling I felt, but picked it up and kissed it. All of a sudden, I had a tremendous strength and knew I could face the day.

  14. lanie

    Hi! My father passed away 2 years ago.It had been days since i visited him because i was so depressed.I remember dreaming about him but i can’t remember the details.Sometimes i would see a butterfly,on my daughter’s bday i heard his cane as if he is walking.During bdays or impt occasions i would remember him bec he is always the 1st to greet me.Lat night while i was writing names of those who passed to be prayed upon andincluded in al soul’s day. The spoon in he kitchen fell,i remembered him.Then this year i had a relationship to a man who seems to be like him(good looking,funny,talker,loves travel,have lots of friends) even the way they talk they are the same.I thought this would be for a long haul as everything was ok(no arguments &fights)But he suddenly stopped communicating.I’ve been meaning to ask my dad to help me now that he is in heaven .He knows that he fell short as a dad to me.So i hope now is the time for him to help me out.No matter how he has disappointed me,how he forgot his responsibility as a father to me.I still love him and i felt ,my wings got broken.My strength is gone because i lost him.Dad wherever you are together with my brother and my daughter.Please help me.I’ve been wanting to hear from you.

  15. Kristin

    Thank you so much for that. My late sweetheart was an electrical parts salesman. He has visited me many times, by “changing the air” around me, turning lights off and on, and birds. Herons, crows and ravens. He visits me at our favourite beach, where once a heron dropped down onto a forest path just feet away from me. A few months ago, as I was leaving my house for work, I drove around a corner and there was a heron in the middle of the road. A psychic also told me he slips into bed with me at night. The most recent sign was the morning I was nervous, starting a new job. There was a feather on the stairs to the door of my new office. I knew it was him, telling me everything would work out fine. I will love him forever!

  16. Charlene

    A few months ago I kept finding dimes everywhere. I don’t know who was communicating with me though. How do you figure that out?

  17. LJ

    Thanks Psychic Quinn. What a wonderful story of connection and how it can help to heal someone’s spirit and let them know their loved ones are still around looking after them.

  18. Mary L

    After my husband died a very sweet thing happened. As I went to bed, a card fell at my feet. It
    was a lovely card he had given me and had lovely thoughts in it. Another time I missed my earring and when I went to get into my car I found the earring on the floor of the garage. He seems to be close many times and I know he is doing well in a place that is called Heaven. I feel blessed to have him close to me unexpectedly.

  19. Adrianna

    What an absolutely great post! I love the way you outlined the different ways that loved ones communicate and how natural and loving it truly is.
    Thanks for this article!

  20. Meg Miller

    I had not been in contact with my parents for several yrs so had no idea my Aunt had passed till i had a experience i have no wish to repeat. I was heavily pregnant with my second child and i woke up feeling thirsty so made my way to the hallway which led to the kitchen , i got halfway along the hallway when all of a sudden i could not breath or move , as i struggled for breath i realized i was slowly passing out and it was then that images began to flash across my minds eye very quickly , images of a cemetery and a small grey stone building , inside that building on a granite platform was a closed coffin and i knew my aunt was inside that coffin even though i could not see her, all around the waled ledges of the building were vases and vases of Gladiolis i was losing my sight too now as well as my ability to feel my body, in desperation i inched my hand slowly up the wall till i could touch the light switch , as light flooded the hallway i realized i was now sitting on the floor in a pool of water with both my legs stuck out straight in front of me , i had sweated so much i was ringing wet and so were my night clothes and the floor too, i felt exhausted. The next day i called my Mom, and i told her what i had seen , she was shocked and began to cry , she told me my Aunt had been hit by a cement mixing truck and it had knocked her from one side of the rd clear to the other side , she was taken to Hospital and while there they did not know she suffered from Asthma so they lay her flat as she had many internal injuries , she could not breath due to the asthma and could not tell them , she lasted 3 days then died . The cemetery i saw was where she was laid to rest and the granite building was where they held her over till the funeral began , the Gladiolis were what she had at her funeral , masses of them. I knew this was her way of showing me what she had felt like and what had happened to her , but it scared me almost to death,

  21. Karen

    I lost my mother 34 years ago I was only 7. I always wondered if she could see me also see the woman I have grown to be. I use to smell her perfume for years but I don’t now, wondering why I don’t anymore. Could there be other signs that I missing.

  22. Brenda Edwards

    my son passed away Dec 6th 2011, I had and still have a very hard time with this. the one thing a parent always worries about is if your child is happy. I was watering the plants one day and I missed the plant and dumped water all over and as plain as day I heard my son say way to go mom I turned laughing expecting to see him but he was not there but I did say your right I did. But, I still worried if he was happy and I did not want him to hang around because he was so protective of me. I had spoken out loud to him several times telling him that I would miss him but I need him to move on to finish what ever work god had for him. I knew he could come and visit. I prayed to hear from him again because I stilled worried if he was happy. One day I did, he said don’t worry mom, i’m happy, i’m in heaven. What more could a parent ask for.

    I am blessed, I know he still looks out for me

  23. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    Loved this article, LJ, and especially your common sense approach to what is for many a very scary subject. It is so very important to remember that our beloved dead wish us no harm and will manifest in the manner they feel we are most able to process both mentally and emotionally.

    I am a big fan of science and particularly appreciate the law of physics that states that energy is neither created nor destroyed but simply passes from one form to another, so it makes sense that this law holds true for our life forces, which are nothing more than energy in the purest form.

    One of my most fulfilling experiences as a psychic occurred some years back and proved this point to me beyond doubt. A caller was considering a career change and he was not sure he was undertaking the right path for him. In the course of answering his question, I kept seeing the country of Belgium and hearing the message that “Belgium is here and approves,” which made no sense to me at all but the message was so insistent that I interrupted my read of his question to ask him if Belgium had any special meaning to him and explained why I was asking. He got very chocked up but replied that Belgium was not prominent in his life but that his lifelong best friend had recently passed. His name was Belgie.

    This confirmation from a departed loved one that he had trusted his entire life, coupled with my reassurance that his considered change was in his best interest, made him feel much more confident about setting out on a new path. We continued to ask questions about how making the changes we discussed would affect his life and were able to formulate an effective plan for his success.

    It was indeed a very special and blessed event for all three of us.

    Brightest Blessings,

  24. lisa

    i believe in mediums very much i just had a reading last saturday as a group reading and i gor what i needed but still have the question ,i was always told by my grandmother that i am very special and that our family is well protected as my grandmother and her mother were very special also.why am i special and who is protecting our family

  25. Kiwi

    Hi LJ,
    A week after my dad passed away, I went to another town’s co-op to buy a few items. When I got home, my father’s name was printed at the bottom of my invoice as the recipient of the reward points. I had given them my member’s number which I don’t have the same family name and my father was not a member of the co-op. I find comfort in thinking that he was sending a message to remind us that he was watching over us…

  26. Quinn ext.5484-Quinn Psychic ext 5484

    Hi Lj,
    Wonderful information. So many look for confirmation and often are not sure if they are getting it. These examples of connection open the mind to the possibilities of knowing that loved ones are indeed visiting us.
    In the practice of Kabala it is said that when someone passes it is as if they are just around the corner.

    The other day I went to my (new) favorite breakfast place and the owner is a very cool gal who sat down with me to eat breakfast together. I asked her about her ring which I could tell was very old. It belonged to her grandmother who had passed away. I asked her if her name had an L in it as I was picking up a Lee – her name was ShirLEY 🙂 then the messages started to come through, over coffee and pancakes the tears of joy streamed down her face as I gave her confirmation via grandma Shirley that her choices were spot on and to relax, life is good…
    The owner told me she really needed to hear what I had to say that day… it was before the Super Moon and the alignment of the 3 planets.

    Buddha Bless ~


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