The Key To Abundance


Your values
Our underlying negative beliefs about money can cause us to unconsciously re-create experiences of not having enough. Some people, of course, are in circumstances that they truly can’t control, but most of us have more power over our income than we realize.

Flash back to your past for clues about your money beliefs and habits. Send those thoughts your love – and then, let them go. Decide to focus on creating positive ideas instead. Here’s how:

Daily affirmations
Write these sentences down in your own handwriting, and carry them around to look at often:

* I deserve money!
* I embrace the energy of managing money.
* I can create wealth by doing what I love.
* More money means having more fun.
* I know the right things to do with money.

Make a list
Track your spending for a few weeks, to see where your money goes. Observe your spending habits without judging them. Instead of making a standard budget, make spending categories based on what you use money for. If you take a friend to dinner for their birthday, for instance, that’s money spent on building relationships. If you spend the same amount on a client dinner, it’s a work-related expense.

Making this kind of list can help you see whether you’re spending money on the things you care about most. Once you know where your money is going, you can decide whether to spend it differently, earn more – or both. Becoming clear about what money you have helps you change your energy, so that you become magnetic to more money.

How to draw it in
Once your basic needs are met, and you have some savings, continue drawing money into your life by spending some of your income in ways that satisfy and inspire you. Finding a balance is important: hoarding money can block your financial flow, while overspending on things you don’t care about can do the same. As you spend in ways that bring meaning to your life, your energy becomes increasingly magnetic… to more money.

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