Manifestation Meditation: Techniques to Attract Wealth

Manifestation Meditation: Techniques to Attract Wealth | California Psychics

The Laws of Attraction and Manifestation

The law of attraction is straightforward: Your thoughts and feelings have their own energy. When you have a positive attitude and regulate your emotions, the theory is that you will attract positive things to you. The law of attraction can be applied to everything in life: relationships, your career, and even finances. In the case of money manifestation, positive energy acts as a magnet to attract money and financial security to yourself and your family, and creates a healthy relationship with money and the rest of the world. Sound complicated? Not really! There are many things you can do to align yourself with the law of attraction and achieve the financial security that you deserve.

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If you are wondering how to attract money into your life, know that some of the easiest manifestation techniques require no special tools or equipment. Positive affirmation and meditation can enhance and heighten the energies that you produce, attracting wealth, prosperity, and abundance into your life.

Positive affirmation is a form of self-talk that encourages self-respect, self-care, and self-awareness. When you affirm who you are and what you want, you change your emotions, your body, and your spirit. 

Here are some examples of positive abundance affirmations that encourage financial prosperity:

  • When you wake up in the morning, say out loud “I have a new day to work toward my dreams and goals.”
  • When you make a purchase, count how many hours you had to work to earn the money to pay for the product or service. Hold the product in your hand (or visualize the service you received) and say to yourself: “I helped create this through X hours of my work.” Awareness of work and spending can help you understand and appreciate how your own efforts draw the things you want to you.
  • If you are unhappy with yourself because you have overspent money or miscalculated your finances, don’t fall into the trap of abusing yourself. This only leads to the creation and charging of negative energy that repels financial abundance. Instead, say: “I have learned something about myself today that I can carry with me as I move forward in my own growth.”

A Meditation

Manifestation meditation is another way to bring prosperity into your life. There are many different types of meditation techniques that you can use. One is to visualize the kind of prosperity that you’d like to have: Think of where you would live, what you would look like, and how you and the people you love are able to spend your days. 

Hold these visualizations in your thoughts for as long as possible. You may start to notice negative and resistant thoughts creeping in. Notice, but do not pay much attention to them; these thoughts represent barriers to your success. As you move through your day, work to observe and quickly banish these barriers as new challenges and opportunities arise. 

Crystals and Gemstones

Other options for money manifestation include the use of crystals and gemstones. Historically, there are many crystals and gemstones that are associated with attracting money. Fortunately, these money gemstones are usually quite affordable and can easily be purchased at rock shops, metaphysical stores, and fairs where gemstones are sold. Some of the best crystals for money and abundance are:

  • Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Green Jade
  • Malachite
  • Citrine

Knowing what the most powerful stone to attract money is will depend on your situation and how you plan to manifest your financial abundance. Citrine is associated with attracting money through a business venture, while pyrite inspires grit and determination in those who wear or carry it.

How you use these stones and crystals in your money attraction work is up to you. Many people choose to wear jewelry that has been created with these stones while others opt to carry the stones in small bags throughout their days. Another option is to create a crystal grid which you can place in your home.

I-Ching Coins

If you need some guidance in determining the best methods of attracting prosperity, consider I-Ching divination. I-Ching is an ancient Chinese divination practice that uses coins or sticks to provide guidance on right conduct, which is especially appropriate for situations in which you want to improve your finances through the law of attraction. Coins are the simpler method and may even be more appropriate because they actively represent money.

While it is possible to learn the I-Ching for yourself, this process can take a long time. Expert I-Ching readers are available and waiting to provide you with the guidance you need.

I-Ching Coins in Feng Shui

You can also use I-Ching coins for feng shui cures to attract more money, wealth, and abundance into your life. This is done by tying 3, 6, or 9 coins together with a red string. The coins can be tied in a straight row or in a flower design.

If you’d like to learn how to make your own 3 coin I-Ching hang, watch the video below.

Where to Place Your I-Ching Coins

Your coins should be placed somewhere you access often, preferably daily. Some places to hang I-Ching coins are:

  • In your wallet or purse
  • In your cash register or safe
  • With your client files
  • With your bank/investment records
  • On your front door (note: this represents money coming into your home. Do not hang on your back door, as this symbolizes money leaving.)
  • Near your office phone
  • Near your computer

Bringing it All Together: Abundance Rituals

Now that you have some understanding of the techniques and principles behind the law of attraction and financial prosperity, consider bringing them together in the form of rituals. These may include mediation, the use of crystals, gemstones, candles, as well as spoken affirmations for yourself, your ongoing development, and your increasing prosperity.

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