Psychic Q&A: Was Leaving the Right Choice?

Psychic Q&A: Was Leaving the Right Choice? | California Psychics

Family Drama Causing a Rift

I have been with the same man for almost ten years, however the last five have been rocky because he has a lot of baby momma drama. He is an amazing father and sacrifices A LOT, but it affects our time together. I understand, as I too always put my son first; however, it’s about balance. I just don’t feel as though my feelings should always be sacrificed. I love this man dearly, but I also love myself and deserve respect. So I stepped back to concentrate on my needs. Is there any hope for us or was my decision to step back the right one?


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7 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Was Leaving the Right Choice?

  1. Tina Jones

    I been with my ex for almost 8yrs, I found out he was cheating, I left the relationship and moved out of town, I couldn’t take any more heartache and pain from that man, I been single for 2yrs, I’m currently in a new relationship his name is N’yere we both want the same things in life, I feel like he’s the one, I been scared to get into a relationship with anyone because I’m scared to go through what I have went through with me ex and I feel like I gave my all to the wrong man for so long that it’s hard to give my all to any man now, that I’m not good enough. Please tell me if N’yere the man for me? I don’t to get my feelings deep for this man and get my heart broken if he’s not the one for me.

    Thanks Tina

  2. Melody Furr

    I would like to know where my life is going in the past that’s going on why I’m going through so much Rocky stuff in my life right now will I find a job in a career and if my God is with me I keep seeing Angel numbers everywhere and if he is what is he trying to say

  3. Catrena Leavy

    Hello My Husband had an affair on me, did her really won’t to do it?? He said he couldn’t remember having relations with the young lady, until she told him she was pregnant. It that true? Did the young lady put a spell on my husband for him to do those things with her??

  4. Leva

    I love my life but iam just not happy. There things I want and need in my life. I just can’t get them. I would love to know if I will ever be happy and get what I need and want in life.

  5. Angela Gravelle

    I have been with my husband for 19 years, and I feel I can’t trust him anymore. He has done some things, and lied about it, and I cought him in the lie. So now we are separated, because he doesn’t want to talk about it. He just says, he doesn’t know why, he has done it. My heart wants to forgive him, but my mind says no way. This is the second time he has done this. Is moving on the right choice?

  6. Darrel Hunt

    Does my wife love me and will she ever get in the mood you know its been a while since she be in it and will it get any better? Should i start a new businees or adverture i need all this real fast knowtice and what should i do for a job should i stay and will i get a pay raise or do something else.


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