Guide to Astrology: Lunar Nodes

Over 10 years ago I stumbled across a book that dramatically shifted my perception of astrology. Astrology for the Soul was written by Jan Spiller and it deals solely with the Lunar Nodes. While there have been many books written on this particular configuration, none has touched on it with this depth and insight.

While it’s not important that you understand the definition of the Lunar Nodes (for a concise definition, refer to my blog on this subject), do bear in mind that when I initially view a person’s astrological chart, I usually go straight to their node placement to see in what sign and house it resides. An astrologer will view a myriad of configurations in a natal chart, but for me the node placements are critically significant — more so than any other influence.

The way Spiller presents it is like this: The South Node represents a habit pattern that was developed in other lifetimes. Though this quality in the personality may have served the individual’s soul in those past lives, it no longer has a spiritual benefit in the present. Like all habits, it is difficult to change, and since most of us resist change, we continue to repeat qualities that bring more misery. But the manifestation of the agreement that the soul made with Source between lives is relentless. Re-read that last line. The North Node placement clearly describes the agreement. All of the other factors in the natal chart will reveal how and when the many personality characteristics will manifest this primary agreement. It is not incorrect to view the nodal placement as a prime directive for the individual.

The universe will NOT support any decisions based on a repetition of the past habit pattern (South Node). We experience this resistance as MISERY. I often tell people, “If you push against this agreement, the universe pushes back.” However, once one commits to the North Node qualities, and it is difficult, the universe immediately responds. Why? Because one is now embracing their path, their destiny. All prosperity arises from this courageous decision. The universe has no problem letting us create more and more misery for ourselves until we CHOOSE to do it differently. My job, as I see it, is to assist others to do it differently — NOW!

Misery is very real and it damages the spirit. Happiness and prosperity is just a committed decision away. The magic of this single choice will astound you. I have been told that the truth is always simple. It does not get simpler than this.

Get Phillip’s insight on the importance of this concept.

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