Reality and Consciousness

Is Reality What it Seems?

Have you ever heard the question, “If an acorn falls in the forest and there is no ear to hear it, does it make a sound?” Modern quantum theory has pretty conclusively proven that the answer is NO. In fact, if there is no observer to witness the event, there is no sound, no acorn, no tree and no forest. Remember the line from the movie The Matrix? “There is no spoon” It is your consciousness that is bending. Decades ago a discovery was made concerning light and photons. If a single photon is shot through a slit, the observer witnesses the effect of this particle hitting the wall, But, if the event is not observed at all, there is no particle but a wave pattern. Thanks to classical science, we always were encouraged to view electrons like planets orbiting the Sun and that worked until the advent of quantum theory. Today we know that the electron field that surrounds a proton is nothing but a cloud of possibilities. So, one might ask, “What does any of this have to do with us?” The answer is that there is an observable connection between reality and consciousness.

There is a growing amount of evidence that reality is nothing more than a 3D projection, and since we are a part of that projection, we are also holographic. The simple definition of a hologram is “A hologram is a recorded interference pattern created by holography.” Two images are projected onto a photographic plate from different perspectives and the interference pattern between the two projections renders the image 3 dimensional rather than 2 dimensional. One of the really fascinating aspects of a holographic plate is that if you break up the plate into pieces, each piece contains the complete image, but with less detail. It just so happens that research has revealed that this is precisely how the brain functions. If a portion of the brain is damaged or removed, specific functions will be impaired but not entirely absent. But, once again, how are we impacted by this information?

Each of us is subject to a specific wave pattern of possibilities. This may be viewed as our individual mission in a particular incarnation. This “field of possibilities” may be read astrologically in an individual’s natal chart. Where this projection originates from is the point where science drifts into the mystical. Yet, more and more evidence points in this direction. So, each of us receives our mission statement which is imbued with all of the situations and dramas that we experience in a lifetime. That holograph is projected individually into each of us. Then our holographic brain interprets this information as reality, then projects our perspective of reality outward, thereby influencing that reality, even if in a minuscule fashion. These influences that are projected into us are akin to the electron field of possibilities or potential. After we interpret these influences and accept them as reality, the possibilities are now focused into particles, just like the observed light experiments. This is how all that is conscious turns 2 dimensional information into 3 dimensional holographic manifestation. This is why what we think and feel is usually what we end up creating, for good or ill.

There are now over 7 billion humans on this planet, with 7 billion different perspectives of reality. Everyone is correct, and everyone is wrong. Each of us is subjected to an information download designed specifically for us, based on past life performance. What we as individuals upload back into the grand hologram is truly our choice and is infinitely creative.

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4 thoughts on “Reality and Consciousness

  1. Danusia

    This is why I love Phillip. He is a “3D “man. I enjoy Phillip’s readings but having just conversation with Phillip is enspiring because he is so knowledgeable about different aspects of science and how it affects us as humans. He is an intelligent man who is always so informative and very interesting. Plus he has a great sense of humour. God bless you Phillip.

  2. Nag Sahay

    ” The answer is that there is an observable connection between reality and consciousness.” What if reality IS consciousness -no observable difference – or the other way about ? Both are defined as singular; both being singularities, in physical and mental realms. I cannot conceive of a reality other than myself though I may not be aware of it, in the sense of reality being the content of my awareness. Same with existence that can be equated to reality.

  3. EJ

    Thank you so much for such an awesome article! If I recall correctly, the observer influences the outcome of what’s being observed. In other words, our perception of life (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc) influence or create our reality because thoughts are energy. Although I do not know much about physics, I have an enormous appreciate for it. Thank you again


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