The Benefits of an I Ching Reading

The Benefits of an I Ching Reading

From Ancient to Modern

The I Ching, also known as the “Book of Changes,” is an ancient divination tool utilized by the Chinese for at least three or four thousand years, and an I Ching reading is just one of the many services I and other readers on the California Psychics network offer.

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I Ching began with reading turtle shell markings. That evolved into seers throwing yarrow sticks and interpreting how they landed. Today, the process has been simplified using three coins. The coins are thrown six times. Each toss creates a broken “line” and after the six lines are made, a “hexagram” is the result. The hexagram then references the interpretation—both contemporary and traditional. The interpretations have a way of being both practical, deeply esoteric, and spiritual at the same time. Often, the question we ask doesn’t receive a direct answer, but the answer that is relevant and necessary.

I Ching Readings are all About Change

The I Ching is all about change—the yin and yang, continuous flow, the masculine and feminine, and cycles within cycles. The I Ching defines these cycles by the use of 64 hexagrams. When a client asks for an I Ching reading, they can throw the coins or the psychic may do it. Then the reader finds the definition of the hexagram and the discussion can begin. The client may or may not wish to share the question with the psychic and that’s okay. All topics of inquiry can use this method of divination, such as relationship, work and career issues, and generally any personal situations that might be generating stress or confusion.

Addressing the Essence of an Issue

The advantage of this process is that there is no way to influence the interpretation because the coin tossing is seemingly random. This makes the reading totally objective, which can augment a somewhat subjective psychic reading. Personally, I have never found an I Ching reading to be irrelevant as they always address the essence of the issue at hand. The gift that the I Ching delivers to all who utilize its ancient wisdom is that it always appeals to our best qualities both personal and spiritual and it does so in a gentle, respectful manner.

Cutting Through the Inaccurate or the Contradictory

Sometimes, in an effort to find emotional safety or stability, people will gravitate to multiple psychics and this often results in conflicting readings and increased confusion. I have found that the I Ching is the perfect medium for cutting through the “veil” of information that is either inaccurate or contradictory.

The Return of a Partner

I once received a call from a woman who had been waiting for the return of a partner that was completely out of touch with her for over a year. All the psychics and there were many, did agree that he would be returning but their timetables had all come and gone with no positive result. I had never talked to this woman before and she seemed to be merely repeating a behavior that had not really worked for her in the past, so when I gave her a timetable she actually asked me why she should take me seriously when no other psychic had had the timing down. I couldn’t honestly answer that question to her satisfaction.

The Past Keeps You From Moving Forward

I then told her to get three coins. I asked her to toss them and give me the results—heads and tails. She repeated this five more times so I could get the hexagram. The primary message of the hexagram was this: “You wish to move on, but you are focusing on the past. You wish to cross the river but you do not want to get wet. So, you are stuck. The river represents Spirit. So take the risk and unstick yourself. Let the past go, let him go, and now embrace the present.” She got the message and it was only for her. We hung up.

She Got Her Wish

She called me back about two hours later and told me that within an hour of our talk, he actually contacted her and asked her how she was. Because of the I Ching reading she was able to say to him, “What do you want?” He was soon apologizing for his absence and the pain he was causing her. Her reading told her to let go, and the moment she did, she got her wish. It was never about him. It was all about her.

Using the I Ching over the years, I know to ask a question only once and abide by the results. I treat the method with respect and reverence. Confucius said that if he had another life to live he would devote it entirely to the I Ching.

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  1. phillip9485Phillip 9485

    Shantara, even though this may be difficult to hear, pay no attention to his words. only pay attention to his actions. Give yourself permission to walk away if he is creating misery for you. I know it is difficult to commit to withdrawing, but as soon as you do, the universe will support you as you manifest your strength and courage. You deserve happiness. Never settle again.

  2. Patricia Marie Whitten

    I am lost right now, more than ever. I have been in a somewhat crazy relationship with someone I have never met, but exchanged several text messages with over the past 4 months. I am in love with him and until a few days ago, he had also told me that he is in love with me. But he doesn’t want me anymore, he accuses me of not caring for him or his 2 little girls. There is so much he would not share with me. He is German and pretty set in his ways. There is a 16-17 year age difference, I’m older.
    But we didn’t let that stop us from falling in love. I had never been in love before this. Even though I have been married 4 times. My first husband chased women and had affairs with so many. #2 brought illegal drugs into my house and tried to molest my 5 yr. old daughter, #3 kept going to his ex-wife’s house, #4 together 33 yrs. and was hiding the truth from me and everyone about his desire for young girls and more. So I never really felt in love with any of them even though I loved them, they killed it the relationship. But I know that this is different feelings for this man, I am in love with him. But he had a cardiac arrest in Dec. on his way home from his work offshore. I never heard from him for days, then when I did, I was told by the Dr. that he told them that I was his wife and for them to call me. I hurt him when I told the Dr. that I wasn’t his wife. Neither of them revealed to me the name of the hospital, let alone where it is located. I still don’t know. I am struggling with this so much, I love him, have been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he says it is of no use. But he still loves me because he hasn’t blocked me from texting or calling his number. just this morning he told me that he wished that he could love someone else that will understand him. I understand him and he knows it, but he is denying it, and denying that I care about his girls too. I am struggling with this so much, I know that I will never let myself care for anyone else, and I don’t want to be alone anymore either. I don’t even have friends or family to be with. Everyone has their lives and don’t have ( should I say, Won’t) take the time for me. I have diabetes, RA, high blood pressure, and was told that I was at risk of a stroke or cardio event. and I was just told that December 21, 2017 and had shared that with him 2 days before he left from his job to return home for Christmas with his girls. I don’t see a future for me , I have no purpose anymore. The only thing I have at this point are my 2 little dogs that I don’t want to leave behind. They are both senior dogs, especially the one I am closest to. I can’t leave them and won’t put them down. They mean too much to me. I lost my car due to damage and I can’t buy another one because I don’t have money,

  3. shantara L evans

    Hi my name is shantara and I’ve been with a man which is now my ex for a nine and a half years and I can’t get him to be consistent with anything he lies to me constantly even tell me he loves me I don’t know what to believe anymore I feel like I’m at a standstill can you please help me?


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