The Synchronicity of Family Connections

It’s been said that we don’t meet our true family at birth, but rather on the road of life. Make no mistake; the most powerfully karmic relationships that we can experience are those with parents and siblings, but that doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily positive relationships. Why does a parent treat one child differently than another, even when the children are twins? It’s because our relationships have their roots in other lifetimes. These connections show up astrologically, and the use of this powerful tool can assist family members in not only understanding family dynamics, but also assisting in the improvement of stressful relationships.

I’m often asked by a client to focus on the issues of their children. I thoroughly enjoy these readings because parents know their children well, and they usually have an accurate birth time. The karmic association between the parent and child is often pronounced, and if the relationship is a stressful one, it is often quite simple to correct. It might help to present an example.

A friend presented the birth data of her daughter, husband and granddaughter. My friend is a very gifted and experienced psychic. Astrologically, her daughter has some of her mother’s gifts, but she came in to this life to work on some more mundane issues, thus she is not as clear a channel as her mother. My focus is on the granddaughter.

The granddaughter is only three years old. The parents are now in a position where they have to leave her with baby sitters. She seems to be experiencing extreme stress when left in the company of strangers, almost to the point of panic. Apparently the little girl does well with other children, even during disputes she plays the diplomat and peacemaker. The problem shows up when left with strange adults. She is a precocious child; very intelligent and already learning to read. This is what I discovered.

The granddaughter is a Crystal Child, a very old soul. She is a natural clairvoyant and a natural telepath. She is also clairaudient. It is safe to assume, even at such a tender age, that she is receiving a tremendous amount of information that she has no ability to handle emotionally. Thus, the child and my friend have a karmic link, not only of blood, but of spiritual support. My friend is in a perfect position to coach her own daughter in order to relieve the emotional stress of the child. No one but an experienced psychic could fulfill this role.

Granted, this is an unusual relationship, yet be assured; there are no coincidences when it comes to individual destinies. Family members are together for a reason. Understanding those reasons through astrological analysis reveals a purpose, followed by an action plan that usually alleviates the stress, once and for all.

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6 thoughts on “The Synchronicity of Family Connections

  1. Desmond Maree

    Hi Karen Atkinson Garrison, if you want to know more on this subject do yourself a favor and read Micheal Newtons book “Journeys of the soul”. You can search for it on It will relief some of the frustration you are feeling.

    Hope that helps


  2. Karen Atkinson Garrison

    I don’t know…I agree that this subject is fascinating and having Phillip do my chart with a look to any number of my family members might be wonderful.
    But this particular article just touches on the topic and the related information doesn’t tell us much of anything.

    All I felt from the article was frustration over wanting to know more, because it didn’t say enough.

  3. Kimiko Simpson

    I finally had a 3rd medium reading and the challenges with my Mom (deceased 7 yrs) finally has become clear to me. I know understand the lessons I needed to learn from my Mom (whom I never really got along with). so, yes, we DO choose our family members…now, if I could have known this years and years ago, it might have made for a less rocky relationship. If you can get this information thru astrology or a good medium, DO might make your life a bit easier.

  4. Quinn ext.5484quinn

    thank you Phillip, wonderful information. very interesting and profound. it raises so many questions i might have to give you a call.
    -quinn ext. 5484

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Phillip,

    Great article !!!!

    I asked Phillip to do my grand daughters chart awhile back……and YES, for those of you who read this article…..the 3 year old child mentioned is MY grand daughter…..

    Phillip, you did a brilliant job writing this article about my grand daughter, Ariel…..I thank you.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    I HIGHLY recommend a reading with Phillip highly…….his knowledge of astrology is EXCEPTIONAL.

  6. misskrystal

    What an interesting and unique article. Thanks, Phillip. I am in my parents chart and vice versa.
    Miss Krystal


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