Happy Winter Solstice!

If you’re not interested in celebrating Christmas, cheer up, the Winter Solstice occurred earlier this week. December 21st was the longest night of the year. Each solstice falls upon the ecliptic midway between the equinoxes.

Native Americans have celebrated Winter Solstice for thousands of years…it is one of the oldest holidays celebrated. It welcomes the rebirth of the sun and is a time for reevaluating your life, bringing families together, praying for someone who is struggling with a health issue, coming together and creating your new year.

It is said that by burning a log, a Yule log, we are encouraging winter to pass quickly and the sun to return soon. The winter months sometimes were very long and many Native Americans died because of lack of food and illness so the returning of the sun was greatly welcomed.

While sitting around the fire as the log is being burned and listening to Bear Dance music being played, it is said that the ancient ones, the “Dancers,” will come and dance around the circle. On many occasions you will hear the dancing, the scuffing of the feet, the energy and vibration so intense it will carry you for days. It has been known on occasion that if a picture is taken, you sometimes can see them dance.

Happy Winter Solstice!

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