Each Zodiac Sign and What Thanksgiving Food They Are

A picture of a Thanksgiving Spread, featuring a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and casserole.

Fall Foods and You

Autumn officially begins in September, bringing plenty of delicious food with it, from warm cider to apple crisps. The fall season also plays host to Halloween, giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy all sorts of candy and treats. And soon after Halloween, Thanksgiving arrives — perhaps the holiday most well-known for its delicious, enriching food. Each famous Thanksgiving dish (main course or side) has its own personality, just like the people who are gathered around the table and the signs that circle the zodiac.

Are you like warm biscuits and gravy, or are you more like the hearty turkey? Let’s find out.


Your fiery color is represented by the candied yams and carrots that are so popular during the holiday season. This dish is set apart from the mostly earthy colors that dominate the rest of the meal, just like your outgoing personality shines through in almost every situation that you find yourself in.


You are grounded and predictable, just like the green bean casserole that sits to the left of the huge turkey at most Thanksgiving tables. While these green beans are a time-honored tradition for many homes, everyone has their own special recipe for this delicious dish — and you are just as special and unique.


Oh, Gemini. Sometimes, you struggle with making decisions. That’s why you, my friend, are symbolized by a tough dilemma: biscuits with gravy…or fresh honey butter. Do you go savory or sweet? Or perhaps you should split the difference and do half of each? The choice is definitely a hard one!


You pull the entire feast together, dear Cancer. That’s why you are the delicious homemade gravy that people use to drench everything on their plates. You are the glue that binds the meal and the family itself together!


Considering how brilliantly you shine in the spotlight, there’s no denying that you’re the main dish of this meal — the turkey. Sitting on the table with all eyes upon it, this traditional mainstay of the Thanksgiving feast embodies your love for being the center of attention.


What would Thanksgiving dinner be without the mashed potatoes? Some like them smashed, others like them whipped. Regardless of how you prepare them, you know that you better make twice as much as you think you need, because they’re beloved by everyone — not unlike you!


Balance is so important to you, Libra…and after a delicious meal, it’s important to have an equally enjoyable dessert! Whether you prefer apple pie, pumpkin bread pudding with fresh whipped cream, or orange-cranberry cookies, you know how to end a meal in style.


You are known for putting a zing into things, whether it be any group gatherings or simply life as a whole. As such, you’re best represented by the sharp taste of cranberry sauce. Whether you like jellied or whole berry sauce, you can’t go wrong with a serving of this sweet and tangy side.


You love to mix the traditions of the past with new ideas and fresh flavors, so a side of mac and cheese is your representative at the Thanksgiving potluck! A favorite at any time of year, mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food and the perfect addition to any meal.


What would a Thanksgiving feast be without the stuffing? This is as necessary and traditional as the holiday turkey itself! Capricorns love history and tradition, and although they may sometimes do things that are a bit out of the box, they always come back to what’s tried and true. 


You are unique, and you approach life from a different perspective than many other people. Most families enjoy some corn with their dinner, but you do it with a twist. Corn pudding is your contribution to the table, and what a wonderful contribution it is!


You may be last on this list, but you are represented by sweet potato casserole, which will be first on everyone’s plate! Its sweet taste, mixed with the crunch of pecans, is sure to delight everyone at the table, just like you do!

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