Your Numerology Forecast for April 4-10, 2011

Break Through Your Obstacles

April, which is a Universal 8 Month, holds the year’s greatest potential for major achievement.

People with an 8 Destiny/Power Number are, along with Master Number 22/4 (2+2=4), the ones most likely to be heads of corporations or governments, because 8 lets nothing stand in the way of its goals… well, almost nothing. The month’s possibilities of high achievement are destined to hit a few potholes, however… so pay close attention to the timing hints in all four of this month’s numerology forecasts, beginning today!

The pothole-producing astrological phenomenon, known as a Void of Course moon, can whisk away your best efforts and deposit them permanently in a distant black hole. Happily, this is easy to avoid. Just don’t start, buy or sign anything important while the moon’s Void of Course (V/C). Normally this is easy to do, because V/C moons are infrequent and usually of short duration. But this month, because there are no planets in the later degrees of any signs, V/C moons are frequent and long-lasting. So check these forecasts, mark your calendars, and plan to focus on maintenance rather than startup during the V/C days… especially until the 25th, when Mercury retrograde’s influence finally passes.

Also dreamy Neptune enters its home sign of Pisces Monday for a four-month visit, and transformational Pluto turns retrograde Friday, encouraging deep inner processing till September.

Monday – It’s a good thing that sociable, fun-loving 3 rules today, because you might as well throw an all-day party to welcome in your first encounter with the month’s many Void of Course (V/C) Moons (see intro). This one lasts from 3:04 am to 4:42 pm PDT, so this Monday should be spent on upkeep rather than new projects.

Tuesday – Let this practical, goal-oriented Universal 4 Day support you as you get busy buying, signing or presenting new projects, but plan to be finished by 4:02 pm PDT, when a 36-hour V/C Moon (intro) steps in to interrupt the productive flow of work until Thursday at 4:22 am PDT.

Wednesday – You’ll probably feel very lucky during this Universal 5 Day, and excited about exploring new horizons while the Sun (self) is having its close encounter with expansive Jupiter. Just remember this day is best spent focusing inward rather than outward.

Thursday – When you combine this Universal 6’s Day’s natural sense of purpose with April’s 8-ruled executive abilities, it should be easy to make up for earlier detours.

Friday – While 8 would rather be doing, it’s no stranger to productive thinking, and today’s Universal 7 influence means an outstanding opportunity for planning.

Saturday – With the day’s double 8 influence, you’re going to want to accomplish a lot. The day’s V/C Moon means save your startup efforts till after 2:02 PDT.

Sunday – The effect of aggressive Mars facing off with intense Pluto tomorrow may distract you a bit from today’s best opportunity, which is to let compassionate 9 inspire spiritual and humanitarian thinking.

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