Your Weekly Career Forecast for September 24 – 30, 2012

Your Week in Work

This workweek comes in like a raging lion and ends like the lion lying peacefully with the lamb. This is a period of exciting energy, creativity and resolution of conflicts in the workplace. Amidst all of this will be amazing creativity and the ability to actually accomplish a lot before everyone is distracted on Friday by the promise of music and fine wine.


After a dramatic weekend you are ready for everyone to be a bit calmer during the week of September 24 so that you can get something done. You will accomplish a lot by listening while interacting with friends. You actually will get a lot done on Wednesday, September 26. You are on fire over the weekend and no one can stop you. Just keep that energy focused and you’ll have perfected the idea into some real innovations by next week.


Balance romance and your work life on Tuesday, September 25 by communicating clearly. You have everything to gain, including some financial benefits or other gifts at work if you apply yourself in spite of all of your conflicting demands. Things will be far more pleasant by Friday. Having a hard time balancing work and romance? Get tips from Psychic Teagan ext. 5318!


Career-related travel or studies could be very beneficial on Tuesday, September 25, or a legal issue could be settled in your favor at that time. Wednesday, September 26 brings inspired form to your work. Sharing this on Friday could have a magical, mystical effect on others as long as they aren’t too preoccupied with other pleasures.


At last! That workload that looked like it would never be managed is finally taking real shape and being completed. While you have been contending with partnership issues that have conflicted with your career goals for some time, you find relief by Thursday and Friday. Use this time wisely and you’ll be in a better position to discuss these issues with your partner over the weekend.


Changes have been going your way during the month of September for the most part in spite of a rather chaotic environment at work. Sexual tension is high on Friday, September 28 and you’ll be thinking of home instead of work. Do your best to use your energy level to be creative until it’s time to go home.


Your powerful and clever manager or client might get on your nerves sometimes, but they could actually be generous this week. While you’ll be working hard (So what else is new?) you could find both financial gain and possibly even some pleasant travel by the end of the week.


Last week when the Sun entered Libra it opened a whole new area for you to shine. Your communications will also become clearer this week through the rest of the month in spite of co-workers’ bewilderment at everything around them. Your generosity with them should bring reciprocation on Tuesday, September 25.


Digging deep for your thoughts (something very natural to you) over the past weekend will free you for a breakthrough in recognition of your work this week. Your research lays the foundation for others, so gently remind them of this to be certain you are rewarded for all of that extra thought and effort.


Tuesday brings an opportunity for social networking to benefit your career. Your teaching and training skills along with your wise and positive outlook can also serve you for promotion. Travel is also possible that could bring new friendship, financial gain and creative satisfaction. Wondering if your travel dreams will be realized before the year is over? Anya Dawn ext. 9179 has the answer!


You know that the news at work at the end of last week was long overdue, but others don’t see as clearly as you when you return to work on Monday. You have what it takes to make others see how your ideas can work to rebuild a method or project so that it is much more effective.


On Tuesday you could save the day for both management and a partner. You are highly intuitive on this day, so trust your hunches. Wednesday is extremely productive and your energy is good. Your focus is on finances on Thursday and Friday but you can still take time to enjoy yourself.


Wednesday night will be filled with inspiration and art, bringing you real revelations. On Thursday and Friday you’ll please others and yourself through teaching and healing opportunities. You will find that you can really connect with co-workers, or if you are in an artistic career, you’ll truly reach your audience.

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