Date and Love a Libra

Are You a Match for Libra?

Finding balance in love relationships will always be a work in progress as Libras tend to take a day-by-day approach to most situations. Charming, partnership-oriented Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice. For Libra the scales lean to one side or the other more often than they are balanced. If you date and love a Libra, finding balance and beauty in your differences and similarities will be the key to a blissful existence.


The cosmic couple Mars and Venus have differing approaches to life. In the best light, they are able to not only appreciate the differences, but take on some of their partner’s best qualities.


You and Libra share Venus as your ruler and therefore you both appreciate nice things. You can meld your basic qualities to form a strong couple if you stay focused on your similarities.


You are both air signs—sociable and fun-loving. This could be a whirlwind romance where you share travel, parties and expressions of love. It’s not easy for two air sign lovers to stay grounded, so attention to practical matters is needed.


Airy Libra and watery Cancer can make one loveable couple. You should both allow and compensate for your different needs which should always be considered and all will be well. Your home is a beautiful environment filled with love.


You and Libra make the kind of romance novels are written about. Vibrant energies and unbridled passions are your anchor. The only rough patch is that neither of you likes to handle the more mundane side of life.


Like any astrological match, there are both similarities and challenges. You are both intelligent and appreciate beauty, but your social approaches differ. Try to meet in the middle and it can work.


Two Librans together make a social, fun-loving pair. You share a love of beauty and connectivity. However, avoidance of more practical matters might tip the scales too far to one side.


Libra can tap into your underlying need for companionship, making you quite a sexually-intense couple. A lot of one-on-one time is a good balance between Libra’s social side and Scorpio’s need to be alone with their thoughts.


You independent nature may lead Libra to seek social outlets. But you both always return to where you can be loved and appreciated, so this match can thrive with a little balance applied on both sides. Need a little balance in your relationship? Psychic Shamira ext. 5125 has the tips to make you feel like an equal in your romantic relationship!


Capricorn is earthy and focused, while Libra is airy and social. You bring out the best in each other if you take time to meet your basic challenges as a couple. This can be a sensual bond.


Aquarius and Libra share the element of air. Both of you can breathe new life into each other’s existence. Have appreciation for your different social styles.


When Pisces’ artistic nature meets Libra’s appreciation for beauty, love and inspiration can flourish. This match can have its challenges in other areas, but you can make it work.

3 thoughts on “Date and Love a Libra

  1. LJ

    Happy Birthday Libras! Thanks Quinn – that’s always a welcome compliment coming from you especially. (Cardinal signs rock!) LOL

  2. -quinn ext.5484

    happy birthday libras –
    Libras are the only sign in the zodiac that are represented by an inanimate object “the scales”. They are the yin yang and the yoga energy of the twelve signs. It is their gift to be balanced, yet as karma has it, they struggle with finding their balance and often have a hard time making decisions. They are so talented and smart that the decision making process is happily helped by their loved one.
    Wonderful article LJ –


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