Your Weekend Horoscope: Hypercritical Blindness

Hypercritical Blindness

Your Weekend Horoscope

An opposition between exacting Jupiter in Virgo and fantasy-oriented Neptune in Pisces makes people hypercritical and, at the same time, blind to what is really going on. Check your sign to find out how this exasperating energy is likely to play out in your life this weekend. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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You are working pretty hard at a particular task, but no matter what you do or how much effort you put in, you just can’t seem to achieve the desired results. The problem is not in your performance, but in your perception. You need to recognize when it is good enough.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you are all about pleasure. Chances are that you will enjoy yourself until you allow a friend to throw shade on your sunshine. Be mindful that someone’s opinion doesn’t alter your experience. Remember that everything was fine before you gave this person’s viewpoint more importance than your own.


Your home and family are big areas of focus, so you are making a number of improvements in your domestic life. This may affect choices that you are making in your career. Be careful not to make sweeping changes in your work life now, as they might not bring the desired result.


You are pretty talkative and you are revealing more to others than you should. This is especially problematic when it reveals a lack of knowledge about the topic at hand. Don’t be surprised if someone calls you out on your faux pas. It pays to check your facts.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates an urge to splurge. Your spending spree could spell big trouble, especially if you are racking up credit card bills instead of paying in cash. Murky terms could mean that you ultimately end up paying a lot more than you had expected.


In your interactions with others, everything is exaggerated. Your best qualities appear better while your negative traits come across as even worse. These personality extremes can wreak havoc in your relationships and make it challenging for you to get along. Strive for balance in your dealings with partners and friends.


You have really big hopes and dreams, but the efforts that you are making to realize them pale in comparison. Consider this an opportunity to evaluate your persistence and your strategies for getting things done. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big. You just need to back it up with action.


You feel that you can make a big contribution to any collaborations that you are involved in, so go all out. The problem is that you give so much to others that you fail to develop your own creative ideas and interests. Find a way to get back to doing your own thing.


You are eager to explore new career opportunities, so you are casting your net far and wide. The more time you spend on professional pursuits, the more neglectful you become regarding home and family issues. Things may not be as bad as someone wants you to believe, but domestic matters still demand your attention.


When it comes to adventure, you just can’t get enough. Any activity that offers a broader experience of life has a big appeal. It’s only a problem when this becomes an unhealthy escape from your day-to-day life. Don’t zone out on the details. Strive to cultivate a well-rounded life.


Between assistance from partners and loved ones and increased credit lines, you have a lot of financial support. This cushion can give you the kind of false security that lures you into greater spending. Your own financial state can probably not sustain this habit. Curb the urge to splurge.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that placing too much faith in others can diminish your own sense of self-worth. It is great if there is someone in your life whom you admire, but don’t forget your own positive traits. Even the best person in your life still possesses human foibles and shortcomings.

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