The Law of Attraction Has its Limits

The Law of Attraction Has its Limits

Have You Used the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction was the key teaching in the book and movie “The Secret” that has become a popular way of understanding how to manifest the things you want in your life. Parts of it have merit. For example, focusing your attention on what you want, rather than what you lack, can create the choices, environments and opportunities for those things to come into your life. There is definitely a common sense to it.

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You Don’t Always Get What You Want

At the same time, many people feel frustrated as they apply the principles of the Law of Attraction yet seem unable to manifest what they want. It’s here that the Law of Attraction has it limits and has the potential to hold people back rather than help move them forward. Take wanting a new relationship, for example. What part of that desire is coming from feelings of emptiness and insecurity? Are you hoping a new relationship will fill a void? Will finding new love really assuage that anxiety? If you use the Law of Attraction to try and make a relationship happen, and it doesn’t, perhaps there is a deeper message. Maybe life is saying that although this may be what you want, it may not be what you need.

Subconscious vs. Conscious

The truth is we are multilayered beings and our subconscious minds play a huge influence in what happens in our lives. No woman walks down the aisle thinking, “Wow, I’m marrying the archetype of my dysfunctional father who will eventually abandon me and validate my low self-worth,” yet in reality that’s exactly what they may do. Such is the power of our hidden complexes and issues. If a conscious mind wants a thing (a loving relationship), but the subconscious mind doesn’t (a deep belief that they are not worthy of being loved), then this person could become very frustrated. So without an imitate understanding of what patterns and agendas our subconscious is in service to, the Law of Attraction could be an exercise in despondency more than anything else.

Too Focused on the Future

Another potential issue with the Law of Attraction is that it directs our minds and thinking towards the future. Even though you are supposed to imagine your desired outcome to be present now, it’s still a future-focused thinking. If we put energy into creating things we are yet to have, we are projecting ourselves into the future. This mental fast-forward works on the assumption that once the power of the Law of Attraction is harnessed and we attract it into our life, we will then be somehow happier or more content. Yet as many people experience, having their focus on getting what they want, even if accomplished, often fails to bring the feeling and security expected. Rather a new list of things we must have appears to keep us moving on the hamster wheel.

Be Content With What You Have

Instead of focusing on what we want in the future, why not work on being content with what we already have? One of the major challenges to our self-improvement is learning to accept ourselves for who we are. Since the Law of Attraction focuses on manifesting someone or something else, we are indirectly affirming that everything isn’t okay, must change and must be different. Use the Law of Attraction with the awareness that often the greatest treasures in life arrive in packages we first think we don’t want or don’t need.

Embrace Spontaneity and the Unexpected

When you reflect on the most profound moment in your life, you’ll probably find that peace and serenity aren’t actually attached to something you wanted, but when you made peace with what you already had. And some of the greatest events and connections in life haven’t come about because we have been working hard to get them. Rather, they came about spontaneously and unexpectedly. If we allow it to, life is pretty awesome in how it can continue to surprise us.

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18 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction Has its Limits

  1. Dawn 9777

    Thanks Gina Rose! <3

    For Dan: pessimism is a choice. Feel free to ditch it. We've all had some hard knocks. No one escapes life's journey unscathed. If you let your heart become bitter, happiness can't possibly find it's way in.

    Actively seek joy.

    No matter what your life experiences are, choose to see the glass as half full. Pessimism and negativity are a habit forming. And we can all choose to make changes in our habits. I will if you will! I'm on your side!

    Best Wishes,


  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Be mindful of the PRESENT moment….for the present moment will make your future. In other words, be present in the moment and aware of your ACTIONS.

    Too many people get WAY too far out there ahead of themselves….this was a brilliant article by Archer…and I loved Dawn’s comment as well.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  3. sanjuana

    so true ive noticed that when i forget what i really wanted for sometime and dedicate myself to the now and to those that surround me with love and devotion everything else comes freely into my life when i lease expected. after reading this article i understood it more, visualize let it into the universe freeely and if it is for you , on its own time it will come to you.

  4. chin

    I thank you, I felt like it was true, the sub-conscious stores so much that I feel it will hold you back…I also feel through meditation you get to connect with ones self so that you can understand what you have right now.:) @ steve we may not have much BUT if you have shelter a job a car a companion good health some money:) we may have much more than someone else..i think practicing being grateful ….will bring more…LETs GET OUT OF OUR SUB-CONSCIOUS WAY OF THINKING…cause ur right you wont have anything:)

  5. Dawn 9777

    In my humble opinion, both The Secret, and The Law of Attraction teachings both have some positive thoughts and affirmations in them that can help us harness our own energy and create positive change in our lives. But what I see missing in both of them, and this is critical, is that neither one of these addresses the Karmic issues that we come into this life with. We carry Karma with us from lifetime to lifetime. Our responsibility is to uncover what that Karma is, (by being awake, aware, noticing patterns repeating themselves in our lives, over and over, until you get that “AHA!” moment) and to overcome those patterns. When you overcome them, that Karmic lesson will end.

  6. Dan

    I just feel there is something wrong with the last sentcence in the second to last paragraph and the last paragraph. What’s useful about something you don’t think you want or need, showing up when you least desire it? There is that fear of passing it up and missing out. I have been in a relationship when I didn’t care to have one. It wasn’t good. I wasn’t feeling loving and affectionate.
    I come from the pessimistic ideas that I must work for it since all my issues and flaws will never be resolved, so try to block them out and find someone to bestow positive energy upon.
    I guess I feel the need to actively search for my lover or they will never know I exist, until they do when I’m on my death bed, about to flatliine. Or no one comes.

  7. Sasha

    This article is both seredipitous and creepy, as I have been feeling this way- and do right now, as a matter of a fact. Hmmm.
    It makes sense, using my head versus my heart and emotions.
    Have been in a very dark place due to the very bad actions of another person. Instead of focusing on what happened and why, I chose to focus on attracting the good=
    But, it just has not been happening, and I become quite frustrated with no outcome. And yes, I am not living and appreciating the present because of it.
    A wake up call.

  8. Marit

    This, I have been waiting for… Finally somebody saying out loud what I have been thinking for years. Subconscious thoughts can and do hold you back from what you believe you want. You don’t always get what you want but rather what you need. So also with wanting to know your future, you don’t have a future… So instead I focus on trusting that I get what I do need at any given time…

  9. Debbie

    Great article. Very thorough and well thought out especially the sub conscience vs the conscience. It’s so true and most likely, without therapy, your sub-conscience can win!

  10. Steve

    Very good article but its incredibly difficult, for some people, to be content with what we already have, when we have nothing, and we have nothing but constant suffering every single day. I hate to be negative, I really Do, but… :0( So sad…


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