Numerology: The Mystery and Magic of 919

Mystery and Magic of 919

 Numerology and You

Discovering the magic and mystery surrounding numbers and numerology is like learning a new language that also expands your consciousness. Numerology provides awareness, like decoding a dream or lifting a veil. In this article we will explore the meaning(s) behind the number 919.

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Numerology: The Process

When a numerologist looks at a number, there are basically three things they see. The first is the number as a whole—in this case the number 919. Secondly, they look at the individual numbers within the whole number—in this case the numbers 9 and 1. And lastly (although there is no particular order to doing this) a numerologist would add the individual numbers and work the total into the lowest possible single digit. Here’s how that works:

9+1+9 = 19 It’s not a single digit, so now we’ll add …
1+9 = 10 It’s still not a single digit, so now we’ll add …
1+0 = 1

Single Digits and the Master Numbers

In numerology, each number has an individual meaning. The base numbers in most numerological equations (the single digit numbers) are 1 through 9 and they basically signify the beginning (1) and the end (9). Sometimes “master numbers” (11, 22 and even 33) are used in numerology. It depends on the answers you’re looking for. Sometimes those master numbers are broken down to the lowest single digit and sometimes they are not, but that’s a lesson for another time.

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The Beginning and the End

In numerology the number 1 symbolizes the beginning of something. A number 1 personal year, for instance, would signify a fresh start and a year when you begin new adventures, projects and even relationships. The number 9 basically symbolizes the end of something or completion. When you’re in a number 9 personal year for instance, it is the culmination of all the years prior, and it is a year to wind up unfinished business. Every ending is followed by a new beginning and every new beginning will inevitably come to an end.

A Deeper Look at 919

When 919 comes to your attention, it can be considered a sign that where there are endings in your life (whether expected or unexpected), there will also be hopeful new beginnings. Life itself is a progression of beginnings (1) and endings (9), and 919 is basically saying you should prepare for changes to occur in your life soon. It is wise to view all change as necessary and positive. Good things often come out of even the most unwanted changes.

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The Astrological-Numerological Connection

In September of this year, we will experience two eclipses (they always travel in pairs):
1. A partial New Moon eclipse in Virgo which occurs on September 12. New Moons symbolize beginnings (like the number 1).

2. A Full Moon total lunar eclipse in Aries which occurs on September 27. Full Moons symbolize endings (like the number 9).

Life-Changing Events

Eclipses themselves are known to signal life-changing events. So, if you’re seeing 919 as a signal or message in your life, you should look to the time between September 19 (9+1+9, or 1) and September 27 (9+2+7 or 9) as the most likely time for this event to take place.

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All you have to do to receive the wisdom of the universe is to be energetically open to the message, and it wouldn’t hurt to thank the universe for the heads-up.

11 thoughts on “Numerology: The Mystery and Magic of 919

  1. LJ

    Dear Psychic Quinn:
    I feel blessed to have such a talented psychic like my work – writing is a passion and being able to share my knowledge of these subjects is fulfilling for me. You’re a wonderful writer as well. I love your articles!

  2. LJ

    Hello Marc from the UK:
    Don’t be silly Marc, you know you’ve got this. Your understanding is growing and expanding. Just take what you understand already and apply it here. 1s are beginnings; 9s are endings – it’s the cycle of all life and all things. Stay tuned, keep learning and don’t doubt your understanding. Read and digest. Thanks for your comment(s).

  3. LJ

    Dear Jan: A very good question. Why not talk to a numerologist/psychic and pose the question. The California Psychics are the best in the world.

  4. LJ

    Dear Frank: As we are beings of both light and Earth, I feel we all have abilities – they may differ, but they exist. Some choose to ignore it; some choose to explore it, but certainly if you’re open to learning about and understanding your own abilities you can tap into that wonderful energy and enhance it if you choose. I wish you luck on your journey. (I love moonstones!)


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