Your Weekend Horoscope for April 11 – 13, 2014

Weekend Horoscope: Precision is the Name of the Game

The vibration of free-falling allows us to let go of our inhibitions and embrace what the universe has to offer in the most detailed way. With a Virgo Moon making its way through Saturday until Sunday morning, precision is the name of the game. Pinpointing what you want emotionally and having it come to pass is good. Sunday we find happiness in the balance as the moon moves into Libra. If you define what you want, meditate about it and take action, you will find this to be a very productive weekend. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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Look, listen and then make your move. There is a lot to get done this weekend and you are ready for the decisions that come into play. Many changes are going to transpire over the next few weeks so make sure you are grounded.


With events and activities coming at you from all sides, you are sure to feel a tad confused as you try to focus. This is where your strength and determination help to get things done. Loved ones are on your side so do not give them a hard time.


So many thoughts and so many feelings—use them or write about them. You have catching up to do and it feels like there is an empty space in your life. Know that it is not empty or void, just invisible to the eye. Love surrounds you, bringing your creative nature to new heights.


Your inner vision is greater than ever, because you are able to see into the future. Make sure you take notes about your dreams, even if they come while you are awake. This is a milestone weekend for you so get together with some friends and enjoy.


Weekends are always fun for you, even if you have a job to do. Over the next two days you’ll take activities to a higher level. Coaching is one of your best qualities and you get to show off your skills.


A spiritual vibration rings in your heart and you are compelled to do something generous for a charity that is close to your current situation. It will be a busy weekend as one day runs into the next, but it ends in a state of balance just in time for the workweek ahead.


Sunday cannot come fast enough for you. People are asking you to do way too much and you are uncomfortable saying no. It is okay to express your dissatisfaction. Just keep it simple and the complications will dissipate by Saturday night.


Mysterious energy runs through you, detailing your emotional needs. Of course, you are not going to talk about them. Maybe this weekend you take a chance and voice your feelings/emotions. It will feel good to tell your lover how you feel and in turn the relationship will strengthen.


You are in your wheelhouse, according to your Weekend Horoscope, expounding upon your wisdom and intelligence. What fun it will be educating others with new ideas that empowered you over the years. This is a time to bring it all together and share.


Business is booming! You are working more, loving it more, and finding a place within your environment that you can call you work place. It has grown so much over the past year and expanding is only the tip of the iceberg. Magic happens as you and your partner hit the jackpot and are able to finally relax.


The future never looked so good. You have planned and, with painstaking artisanship, finished a major project. It was worth the time and effort and this weekend you are revered by your peers and social circle. Enjoy this experience because it was indeed earned.


Possessing the ability to create an illusion makes you a mysterious person. What you see is not always what you get! This week, you’ll prove this without a doubt. In the most quiet and unassuming way you help fix a situation and them slip away like magic.

14 thoughts on “Your Weekend Horoscope for April 11 – 13, 2014

  1. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hi Adriana,
    jobs are in abundance and you will find one that is a perfect fit before this month is over…


  2. shaunita

    Am i going to be doing alot of time and will me and jose ever come to a level of compromise for our daughters sake?

  3. LJ

    You’re like my own personal Dr. Quinn – I have had dreams of the future (both asleep and awake) and setting a new path – AND – I do plan on getting together with friends on Sunday to enjoy the better weather outdoors. Thanks for your inspiration and insight as always.


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