It’s Okay to be Angry!

Healthy Ways to Cope When You Feel Angry

Many people think that anger should be tucked away or buried deep down inside a person, but that’s not healthy. Anger is a healthy emotion and it should be expressed, but only in a safe way that isn’t harmful to you or others.  For one thing, bottled up anger makes people physically and emotionally sick. Instead of keeping your anger to yourself and letting it fester, why not try these healthy alternatives for healing anger?

Vent, Cry or Shout

When you feel angry, vent your emotions to someone you trust, whether it be a friend, family member, psychic, partner or counselor. Don’t take your anger out on strangers or random people. People who you know and trust will have compassion for your situation. They will respect your feelings and let you get whatever you need to off your chest without judgement. They can help you feel free once again.

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Don’t be afraid to cry. Crying is an extremely healthy way of releasing emotion. It’s something you can do on your own, or in front of someone you love or trust. Don’t view crying as a sign of weakness, because it isn’t!

Shout it out! Don’t shout at random strangers in public places though. Instead, go to a quiet place where you know you’re alone, like among tress in a forest or on a deserted beach at sunrise. Yell at the top of your lungs and say exactly what’s on your mind. You’ll feel great afterwards and an amazing weight will have been lifted off your shoulders.

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If your anger is making you feel aggressive, take it out on a workout. Go running, hop on a bike or take a kickboxing class. Concentrate all your negative, strong feelings on making yourself sweat. Exercise until you’re too tired to be angry anymore. Not only is exercise physically therapeutic, it also does wonders for your mental and emotional health as well. It’s great for those who don’t feel like talking.

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Learn to Let Go

As I said before, holding on to anger is not healthy and it can even make you sick. You need to learn to let go of the anger. If you don’t let it go, you’ll never be at peace. You’ll always feel haunted. In order to let go of the anger, you need to reflect on it and you can do this with professional help, whether it be a therapist, religious leader, or your trusted psychic. You can also try meditation and journaling.

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It’s perfectly okay to be angry. When someone wrongs you or when things don’t go your way, you have a right to be mad. But what you do with that anger is what’s most important. Don’t ignore or suppress your feelings. Don’t worry about making others happy. Express your anger and do it in a healthy way in order to have your inner peace restored.

15 thoughts on “It’s Okay to be Angry!

  1. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Natasha, you are so right on in advising people to give themselves permission to feel their feelings, even if that feeling is anger, but to channel that anger in a positive way.

    While it is NEVER ok to harm or abuse another living being (whether human or animal) as a way to process our anger, it is ok to feel it, recognize it for what it really is, take positive, healthy approaches to dispelling it, and then moving forward to a more balanced state of being.

    Thanks for a great article!

    Brightest blessings,

  2. Jenni

    I have to say this came right at the perfect moment! My ex is taking me to court for the 4th time because he is in trouble for not paying support payments (in debt with the ministry big time!) I have been angry and worried and scared and doubtful for the last 5 years. I have just realized how much negative energy I am using, no wonder I am so tired and down all of the time!!!! Well, I cried, yelled and screamed at the top of my lungs and I have to say, I feel much better!!! Positive energy only….that’s my motto from now on! Thanks for the most important piece of information I have received in awhile!!!! 🙂

  3. blackie

    well that is all well understood but what happens when you lost some one 30 something yes ago and was killed on a motor cycle 6 yrs. ago now there is nothing le you can do to forget. This is the only thing that will be accomplished after I am dead. You are smart so tell me.

  4. naamkaam

    trying to learn something from text and blogs like this one. its really easy to get lessons, but too difficult to implement. please tell more about how to implement. permanent solutions are most awaited. regards

  5. sherpeace

    What if a family member continues to hurt you and make you feel bad no matter how much you do for the family? I try to be the best daughter,sister & aunt that I can, but my sister makes up lies about me and blames me for things that aren’t my fault. My hubby thinks she is jealous of me as I finally have a great life and she is still struggling.
    It hurts when I spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to be with my family and two or three of them turn around and talk about me like I am evil. I am planning another trip to visit them, but this time, I will have my husband and an exit plan. If anyone starts stuff about me, we will just go to a hotel and rent a car for the rest of the stay. We may just go our merry way, sightseeing around Upstate NY or even going to PA.

  6. connie


  7. Lynne

    If a person puts energy into being angry it is only going to grow. So instead of yelling, etc. it is best to find what the message is in the anger. If a person goes to a restaurant & they overcharge for their healthy vegetable dish, instead of yelling it is best to find a way to have what they want instead & make a change. So if they learn how to make that dish & stop going to the restaurant the anger will have served it’s purpose The purpose of anger is to show us something has to change.

  8. Sibila

    Dear Natasha,

    I have learned so far in life that it’s ok to
    be and feel whatever we are and feel.
    How we deal with it is, as you noted so
    accuratelly an entirely different story.
    However, again, as with feeling and being
    ourselves how we deal with it should be
    up to us.
    I do think that people, for instance, when
    wronged and furious tend also to burn
    bridges once it has come to a point when
    they can’t take certain situations any longer.
    At the same time, they lose the confidence and
    courage to move on in life when thinking about
    the interests and perhaps benefits they might be
    losing igf breaking up certain relationships.
    Therefor I sometimes wonder if people are more
    sincere, honest and acting out of real motivations
    when angry, frustrated, hurt and so on?
    In the end if we compromise who we really are, aren’t we
    in the end actually really angry at ourselves?!

    Love to you,


  9. Mary

    yes U feel awful I am living in a place that I dont like/ But I cannot mobe because I dont have good credit . And I dont have alot of money and I dont Have a Car. I feel loke a am a prosonor I can not walk any where because I am living not in a good area at all. And I can not get a reading because I have a state phone with minutes on it.

  10. Johnnie M. Palmer

    I’ve been angry for awhile because of the betrayal that Ive received from those I loved and shared everything I had with them. Now, I’m being betrayed again because of my helping someone when they were physically abused I put my neck on the line to help them maintain a place to live only to have that person betray me and have the person that’s now her boyfriend put me out of the house I’ve lived in for the past 2 years. Also, her boyfriend who i helped by making his house livable and become a home is evicting me because I no longer have any more money and had to get some help from our local county office that took approximately 45 days because I wasn’t given the right papers by him. I was told by his girlfriend that she was putting pills into his drink and taking his medication and replacing with some other pills. I told him because I didn’t want anything to happen to him and I would be blamed. She persuaded him I was not telling the truth but I have nothing to gain by lying to him because I’ve always paid my own bills. She was the one sleeping in the park and had nowhere for her daughter to live. She has no income and need someone to take care of her. So, I’m dealing with this anger and don’t know where or what to do with the anger I have inside of me. I need someone to help me but I don’t have anything now. Why? Why?

  11. lilb

    Sorry, I’m not Angry! That was from the past, I will try not to react negative. I read everything, u r exactly rt ,what u posted. Lol, funny!! I eat n eat junk food when I really angry,.lol


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