Discover Your Spirit Animals

Your Spirit Animals Guide You

If you have been lucky enough to be visited by a spirit animal (possibly in a dream, during meditation or on a nature walk) you know what an inspired experience this can be. People have been having these encounters since ancient times and across cultures. Spirit animals often appear at crucial times in your life for healing and revelations.

If you haven’t had a spirit animal experience recently or haven’t recognized it, astrological signs can help you find your spirit animal. You can also consult our regular articles on your Chinese animal year for clues.

In Western Astrology, you are likely aware of your Sun Sign guide if it’s an animal. But what do you watch for if your sign isn’t an animal or doesn’t appear to you? There are many other animals in our skies guiding us, and you can relate them to particular astrological signs.

Check out your Sun Sign below to find your spirit animals. Then get further guidance during an astrology reading!


In addition to the ram or lamb, Cetus the whale also raises his head at your sign. Your creative nature or warnings may arise from whales. The symbol of the ram ruled during the height of the spectacular Egyptian New Kingdom and for the ancient Hebrews. The Lamb of God is a great Christian symbol, so either animal may guide you.

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The bull is a strong, masculine symbol, but for women, the beautiful Egyptian cow goddess, Hathor, may be a gentle, nurturing guide. The mystical Pleiades’ flock of doves is also the bird of Venus, your sign ruler. Another strong symbol of wealth for you is the pig portrayed by the irresistible sorceress Circe, or glamorous “Miss Piggy!”


You are not only symbolized by the twins, but by the “dog star” Sirius. So dogs are important to Gemini in their symbolism of loyalty and partnership. The charming unicorn is also a symbol for Gemini along with graceful animals such as spotted cats and rabbits.


While the crab and other shell animals express Cancer energy, so does the sacred Egyptian scarab beetle. Cancer shares the unicorn with Gemini as well as small dogs as guides. The ancient great protector Mother Bear also speaks through this sign along with the old goddess symbol of the bee.


You have cats, both big and small smiling on your Sun Sign as well as the ancient snake symbol of the goddess. Cats were so revered in ancient times that you see goddesses from India (Durgha), Mesopotamia (Inanna/Ishtar) and Egypt (the Sphinx and Sekhmet) represented with or by big cats. The domestic cat, Bastet, was associated with joyous celebrations. The hawk as a sun god is the ruler of Leo.


Virgo is the constellation of the harvest goddess so both the highly intelligent crow and dove may come to you. Also dreams of the “smart pig” are important to Virgo. The Earth-Mother Bear and snake goddess touch this sign. The healing horse/Centaur also appears to you, helping your focus on hygiene and health.

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Like Taurus, your sign is ruled by Venus so the dove is also an important totem to you. The snake may also appear to Libras as an ancient goddess guide. The organized, cooperative bee and its hive are sacred to Libra along with the creator of beautiful webs, the spider. The claws of the Scorpion were the old designation of Libra.


Both the sea snake and the scorpion appear as signs of healing to Scorpios. The shamanic symbol of the swan can guide you too. Butterflies and vultures both show the transformative side of your sign. The wolf with his beautiful, piercing eyes is associated with your sign’s quality of seeing into another’s soul.


The powerful horse/centaur associated with Sagittarius can appear for your sign. The eagle is likely to show up as a totem on a number of levels, as it’s associated with both your constellation and your ruler, Jupiter. Many birds can speak to this sign of flight, so pay attention to dreams about birds or any unusual appearances by them.


The sure-footed goat is an obvious guide to Capricorn, but it should also be noted that the ancient sea-goat is the true ruler, so amphibious animals such as frogs and salamanders relate to this sign. The dolphin is also a wonderful omen of luck to Capricorn.

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In this watery part of the sky, you often receive omens from fishes or dolphins about the perfect timing for blessings or taking care of matters in your life. The flying horse is also associated with your sign as a symbol of seeking and providing higher wisdom.


An older symbol for Pisces included both fishes and swallows, so these and other beautiful birds may come to you as important guides. Sea mammals often reveal important secrets to you with Cetus the whale tied to your sign. Flying horses are also important to you.

If you have had a vivid experience or dream with an animal that isn’t reflected here, you can speak with one of our psychics for guidance in the meaning of your magical encounter.

9 thoughts on “Discover Your Spirit Animals

  1. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Loved this article… we can learn so much from animals if we pay mindful attention to their messages.

    A decade or so ago, I was fortunate enough to live in a small village that was literally surrounded by German forest. It was my habit to go walking in the forest daily, no matter the weather.

    The first few months I was there we had a bitterly cold winter but I loved how the snow made everything sparkle and shine.

    Winter gave way to Spring, which brought with it not only rains and renewal of all of the greenery, but also the birth of many animals.

    One rainy Spring afternoon, I was walking in a particularly quiet part of the forest and heard rustling in the undergrowth next to the path on which I was walking. I stopped to listen for a minute and the rustling stopped, so I continued on my way, only to have it start again after a few steps. This went on for several minutes until I reached the tip of the verge and out walked a Momma Wild Boar!

    She looked at me and I looked at her… then I quietly reassured her that I had no intention of harming her babies and that, if she would go back the way she had come, so would I. No harm, no foul on either side.

    We communed for another bit of time and then, with a lift of her snout, she went back into the underbrush and I returned back along the path I had followed, thus keeping my word.

    Wild boars are powerful, dangerous animals who signify courage, ferocity, assertiveness, fertility, and a fierce protectiveness. They are also associated with the Fae Realm and so I felt truly blessed by our encounter and thankful that she trusted me enough to let me leave in peace.

    Brightest blessings,

  2. paula

    I’m Pisces. Neptune is my ruler. Neptune rules cats. I always have had cats. Even the feral cats come up to me as do birds and some snakes. But the animal I dream about the most is cats and on occasion owls.

  3. Debster

    @ Prawin – I’ve worked overseas many times. One thing I have found, while you make more money, it costs more money. It costs us to fly home to see our families, or to maintain family relationships while we are abroad. The biggest question to ask yourself is, “am I running away FROM something, or am I running TO something…” For many years I have seen coworkers with me abroad, their stories are almost always the same. They are there for one of three reasons: Financial (they need the money), Marital/Relationship (they are either almost going to go through a divorce or have just went through one), Addictions (they believe that by changing their environment, the addiction will go away). Going abroad and coming out financially ahead when you are done requires significant discipline. It becomes very easy to “help,” this one and that one, you think to yourself, “it’s okay because now I’m making all this money!” Most return as penniless as they were when they left.

  4. blackie

    I know my spirit animal of change. I know spirit animal of piece. It is amazing how I found these animals but have always been in tune with animals so much as they know not to be afraid of me or I them. One I never understood, why a wild doe came to me and I petted her. I felt as if god had joined us for a moment.

  5. linda

    i alway enjoy readingwhat it say it put i smill on my face and give me something to look for to for the next day 🙂

  6. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    love this article. over the years I have discovered a few of my spirit animals, building a totem of spirit animals in my heart.
    not to mention all the pieces of jewelry and statues that grace my life.

    I have asked friends and family what there favorite animal is other than their sun sign and Chinese sign – this gives me great gift giving ideas.

    happy favorite animal-day.

  7. Snothi

    I really enjoyed this topic about spirit animal. I would like to find out what mine’s are.My date of birth is 02/09/1979.If you can, I would like you to interpret my dream about animals.Last year around year end in my dream, was me trying to go and see a lady whom I have been long ago trying to create a relationship with her.Just nearby her house I saw two that looked like a snake and then it released something out of itself that I did not understand what it was.Then later something that looked like a black flying dragon or those small flying dinosaurs with wings.Its leg was tied with a chain or rope.And then suddenly it got released from chain /rope.I think there were two types of animals.I would like you to tell me what was happening here if rules allow you to share such information here online.


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