Looking for Jewelry by Astrology Sign

Trying to find the best jewelry for your style and personality can be tough. A little help from our astrological guide can help you get started.

Adorn Yourself According to Astrology

Looking for that perfect piece… the bauble that will suit your style and reflect your soul? Well look no further. Here are some ideas for adornment taken from astrology!


Tough as nails, hot as fire, the Ram will be well suited to combine leather and metal for chokers, arm bands and cuffs. Think biker chic… whether or not you’re a biker chick. You only look tough! Get a straightforward reading from Michelle ext. 5396 and find out why you’re putting up such a front.


Earthy and sensual, if ever a sign was meant to wear crystals (think the healing variety, not Swarovski), it’s you, Bull. Go for a pendant or anything that rests near your heart. Do you want to know what the best jewelry is for your sign, call us today!


Gemini needs jewelry that reflects their dualistic nature. Try something outwardly sexy, but displayed delicately, like a tiny gold handcuffs on a fragile necklace.


Gemstones, gemstones, gemstones—wear pearls or rubies, depending on which month you were born (June or July, respectively). They should be set small, in rings.


Luxury is the order of the day for Leo and what else says luxury like a diamond? Nothing, as far as you’re concerned.


Virgo is precise. A well-cut bangle in your metal of choice makes a great signature piece for this stylish Earth sign.


Lovers of beauty, you’re drawn to sparkly things, and  you should be. Just balance the bling with an understated outfit. This way, it truly shines!


You may not need reminding of your sensuality, but you like it! Anything that graces your nether regions (from mid-chest, down) will tickle your fancy and ignite your imagination!


Chunky, silver chain links are especially Archer-like. It’s something about how you break free from them that makes you so sexy.


Understated but strong and especially luxurious, platinum is a very Capricorn metal. A simple ring or small pair of hoops make for a solid signature selection.


It should come as no surprise that one-of-a-kind pieces are the order of the day for you, Water Bearer. Design it yourself, perhaps inspired by a favorite work of art or experience. What inspires you? If you can’t think of anything, perhaps a chat with Hayden ext. 5424 could change all that.


A delicate, nautical-themed pendant, ring or earrings will remind you of your ability to swim, no matter how stormy the waters. Here’s to smooth sailing!

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  1. motuchotu58

    Whoever wrote this article regarding jewelry by astro signs read the other signs they don’t even mention the gem stones w.so how is anyone supposed to go buy and wear that jewelry


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