Your Weekend Forecast for November 9 – 11, 2012

The Virgo Moon is Playing Tricks

The Scorpio Sun is holding down the fort on our emotional well-being, while the Virgo Moon tries to play little tricks on our minds making us second-guess our love lives. Then we get the creative vibrations of the Libra Moon (Saturday morning) as it embraces us while knowing that our love life is on track. I’m okay, you’re okay, we’re all okay…


Digging deep down into your bag of tricks reveals that you have so much to offer, making a remark that a co-worker said easy to dismiss. This weekend, you should be doing all you can to reinforce your confidence. You know you’re the best. No ego here, just facts.


Nothing slips by you this weekend, although a few friends try to hide a surprise for your own good. If you find out, don’t spoil it by telling them you caught on. Just accept the surprise graciously. It will prove to be very satisfying.


The feeling of stability allows you to take a chance on a lover that has been out of the picture for some time now. This vibration is a test of your ability to forgive and forget. The good news, there is no passing or failing, just an enlightening experience.


Having a case of grumpiness from a long, hard emotionally detailed workweek makes the weekend one of welcomed joy as the five o’clock hour strikes on Friday. Your plans are all set, your attitude is splendid and love is in the air.


As much as you love games and competition, it has been a real race to the finish line in an on-going event. This is the last leg of this challenge, and you’re ready for the grand finally. This has been an amazing race in your personal life.


Let the games begin! One of your favorite things to do is play a good mentally stimulating game like chess. You’re invited to an event that allows for these types of pleasures. The combination of details mixed with the love energy brings this weekend home with a splash of excitement.


A very moving experience that you hear from a loved one starts the weekend by giving an offering of gratitude to the universe. Appreciation and determination stir you awake to new horizons. You take an offer to expand your knowledge base into consideration.


Mindfully balanced and emotionally charged, you’re ready for a rock and roll weekend. Attending an evening party where great food and spirits are being served is just what you need to cap off the week. There is new love or renewed love peeking around the corner.


Plugging along in your love life has become frustrating, and you’re ready for a change. Before you call it quits, have a sit down and air out the issues. If nothing else, the frustrated energy will be put to rest and your peace of mind will be restored.


You have been pulled in two different directions for longer than you needed to be. It’s time to make the decision—are you in or are you out? Go ahead and ask the question; the results will be positive.


The holiday season is coming up fast. This is a great time of year for you. Loving to entertain gives way to putting your best foot forward as you start to make the lists of guests and the menus for the occasions you will be hosting.


Getting your creative groove on spurs interest from people who have just entered your life. They’re amazed with your talents, and ask if you would like to be part of a big event in your area. It will be very rewarding, so do it!

16 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for November 9 – 11, 2012

  1. Marsha

    Good evening dear god I hope u are right ? Im seeing a big change in my hubby in the last year , he the love of my life , so renewed love is what I’m praying for ! I love my husband with all my heart ! We have been married 17 years but lived apart for the last 3 and half !!!

  2. Alexandra

    hi: strange I was thinking about you today…had not seen any posting from you recently…
    on the statement…how is your love life..I thought “what love life?” hm..will be contacting
    you soon about that…glad to see you back…Blessings.

  3. shankar

    i am facing big money problems frm past one year.This is my second job and i got pramotion too here compare to prviose job but still my condition is not good due to raise of expences after my wedding.

  4. ReikiGirl

    Ruma ~ Having a baby with a man so that you will be connected with him for the rest of your life is the worst reason to have a baby with a man, especially for the baby. Please. If you two were meant to be, you’d be together…but right now you’re not. You are suffering from an insecurity right now, yes, but you can change that at any time. If you don’t know where you stand in his life, it’s because you aren’t really in his life. Let go! Work to empower yourself and find another that loves you. You won’t have to wait and wonder if they’ll come around. Someone that truly loves you will never keep you waiting around. May you be blessed, protected and comforted at all times.

  5. ReikiGirl

    Mary…if he says he’s not coming back, change the locks, find a decent lawyer and get on with your life. Likely he is carrying on his life with another, so let him go. Take care of yourself in every way possible. You did the best you could. It should be all about you now and those that love and support you. Let everything else go. God bless you and may you be protected and comforted at all times.

  6. -quinn ext.5484

    hello weekend warriors,
    good to see you all – (faith xoxox)
    as always i will be keeping you all who need prayers on my special “to do” list of wellness and positive energy.
    i forgot it is a three day weekend. more fun for all.
    hugs my dear ones,

  7. Randy

    Thank you for the insight, I think what I need is a little peace and quit. I havbe health issues that need to come to and end are a medium. I’m not hard to please a fun loving person but real love has eluded me for most my life 2 failed marriages and I really want to be alone now.

  8. bella

    Dear ms quinn,
    Lord how mercy, U were right about all the positive energy & changes 4 the better, people did & are listening 2 me . People are making plans for me 2 run for office in 2014 , also i want to thank U , YES my health is a lot better now, yes ms quinn I”M cancer free so thank U for UR positive energy, & for UR prayers . I have had several mini good celebrations , however where is my mr. RIGHT with the “M” initial who will love me for my true self its been 9 months , soon U said , well ms quinn WHERE IN THE HECK IS HE @ I’V been good, LOL . 1 last thing , FYI U were right about jc to COMING BACK IN HIS OWN sweet TIME , YES he came back & i did what i said I would DO, however he is being stubborn & persistence LOL . I about fell out of my chair when i read UR weekend forecast for US capricorn’s . so ‘ SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO ‘ ?? once again thank U for UR positive & healing energy & i wish U many blessings 2 U & yours, thank U again, bella ( :

  9. LJ

    hey i’m not grumpy – okay just a little LOL – nice to know I’ll be smiling later – your forecasts are always on target and they’re just another reason to look forward to the friday and the weekend. thanx for another great article.

  10. mary

    my husband is no longer leaving with me in the house should i accept that we will no longer be together again.or must i wait for him to come to his senses and come back home as he is saying will not come back.

  11. ruma chatterjee

    i have met someone 1and 1/2 years back, we met and it was love at first sight. we both felt the soul-connection very deeply. he did splendid things for me. when i was away he kept on waiting for me, but i always pushed him towards his girlfriend. now i dont know where i stand in his life. things got very complicated. i shared all my secrets, my sorrows, my joys with him. and its is very hard for me to forget him. it is true love of my life. it is still unfulfilled and there is a strong desire burning. so i cant let him go. but he is playful but loyal, a man of values and commitments. i am someone who is always suffering from insecurities but i feel protected and confident with him, i can see a husband material in him, if not at least having a baby with him to be connected with him for the rest of my life. please tell me what will happen to us


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