Your 30-Day Money Forecast

Your Forecast From November 10 to December 10, 2012

This period contains a few financial twists and turns to look out for. For example:

• November 6 – 26:  Mercury will be retrograde so buying holiday gifts, even on Black Friday (11/23) and Cyber Monday (11/26), the two busiest shopping days of the year, is best left until the end of November.
• November 13: A New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio
November 28: A Full Moon lunar eclipse in Gemini

Find out how your Sun sign and rising sign fare in the days ahead:


You have luck in the area of shared resources due in part to the solar eclipse on November 13 as well as Venus’ transit of Scorpio beginning November 21 through December 15.


The November 13 solar eclipse brings you luck in business and partnerships, and the November 28 lunar eclipse takes place in your second house sending positive news to your financial sector. Opportunities abound.


You have expansive Jupiter in your sign until next June, and that’s helping you in many ways including financially. On November 16 when Mars moves into your shared resource area, you could reap the rewards of a partner’s hard work.


The solar eclipse on November 13 takes place in your fellow water sign, Scorpio. If you work in a creative field, this could bode well for your pocketbook. Resist the urge to splurge. Do you feel your money just slipping through your fingers? Get some insight into how to stop the flow by talking with Psychic Marilyn ext. 5364.


Venus transits partnership-oriented Libra until November 21. This means a friend could be instrumental in helping you get a job or land a financial deal. Just wait to sign agreements until after the retrograde is over.


Expect new opportunities with the solar eclipse on November 13. Venus in Libra will also be a boost to your finances through the 21st. Be careful though–Venus attracts money, but she also likes to spend it.


With Venus in your sign through the 21st and the double luck of the New Moon and Saturn in your second house of income, you’re in store for a lot of surprises when it comes to money. Even if you have to sacrifice something small, the rewards will be worth it.


The Mercury retrograde starts in your money house and ends in your sign. Get your books in order before it comes. Both eclipses (one in your sign) bring unexpected opportunities to earn.


You will have the ability to earn more money thanks to Mars in your second house after November 16. You may have to spend money to make money. Just keep track of expenses.


Except for the Mercury retrograde, this period is financially uneventful. Mars will be your champion. After December 10 more will happen in your financial area, so for now, relax a little. Feeling financially tense? Talk with Psychic Penelope ext. 5340 to see when things will relax more for you.


Your money forecast focuses on career earnings. You have the luck of a New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio on the 13th where Venus will also be after the 21st.


The solar eclipse in your fellow water sign, Scorpio, looks good for you and all water signs. After Mercury goes direct on November 26, things look even better.

11 thoughts on “Your 30-Day Money Forecast

  1. Marieme

    I am keeping my fingers crossed because of these hopeful predictions for Gemini. I am waiting for lots of money anyways. Thanks for your beautiful predictions!

  2. rossette

    am very happy becuse of forcast love, guidence may God bless you all .and am waitting four that money i will be happeist in africa

  3. Roxanne

    I am amazed at times for the reading. I am getting my horoscope daily.I hope things this month come true. I am a Libra and the money forecast has a lot of surprises and I hope one of the surpises is having the opportuitie to sell my bussness. thanks !

  4. sathya

    I am amazed at times at the forecast and predictions i am getting from you, daily i follow the guidance and i feel safe in steps i take on daily basis., thanks.


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